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Will Mississippi’s Governor Sign Medical Marijuana Bill? Does It Even Matter?

While federal prohibition may prevent millions of Americans from legally buying and consuming cannabis, the same cannot be said for Congress.

There are many opportunities for members of Congress to purchase cannabis legally. However, there are different rules and regulations to follow depending on where they’re trying to buy their marijuana, and ignoring them can lead to an arrest that could land them in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Here are the rules for buying cannabis in each of the states surrounding Congress.

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District of Columbia Cannabis Laws

The rules regarding cannabis purchases in the District of Columbia can be confusing. Marijuana is legalized for both medical and recreational use in DC, but while the latter exists, there are no recreational marijuana dispensaries to purchase it from.

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There are, however, seven medical marijuana dispensaries that sell cannabis to those with a card that allows them to purchase it, leaving members of Congress with two options for buying cannabis in DC: qualify for medical weed or l buy elsewhere.

Maryland Cannabis Laws

Cannabis laws in Maryland are simpler than in neighboring DC. In Maryland, the use of cannabis for medical purposes is legal, but recreational use is another story. Possession of marijuana under 10 grams is decriminalized, but comes with a costly $100 fine. Anything over 14 grams could result in a prison sentence of up to a year or a fine of up to $1,000. It is safe to say that Maryland is not the best option for members of Congress who intend to purchase marijuana.

Cannabis laws in Virginia

Cannabis laws in Virginia are both simple and quite progressive. In 2021, Virginia became the first southern state to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Growing up to four plants is allowed, which means members of Congress who have an affinity for cannabis can benefit from settling down with a home and land in Virginia. This would allow them to consume cannabis both legally and conveniently.

Virginia legalizes adult use, but delays until 2024
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Unfortunately, leisure Sales cannabis in Virginia is not expected to begin until 2024. However, medical marijuana is legal in the state. In fact, laws allowing the use of medical marijuana for conditions such as chemotherapy side effects and glaucoma were in effect as early as 1979. Medical marijuana dispensaries, on the other hand, were not available until 2020. There are several medical dispensaries in the state. where legal citizens can purchase their medical marijuana products. This is another opportunity for members of Congress to buy cannabis.

Given that cannabis has been legalized for recreational use, but sales are explicitly prohibited, it seems like this isn’t the best place for members of Congress to try to buy it. Since it is illegal to use for recreational purposes in Maryland, this is also not a good option. The best bet for members of Congress hoping to obtain and consume cannabis appears to be to grow it in Virginia until the state allows it to be sold in dispensaries.

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