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Why do you need to experience psilocybin at least once…

This blog is about finding ways for you to escape stress and find a moment of true peace and calm that is not only safe, but beneficial to your well-being. Let me introduce you to psilocybin, the most peaceful and uplifting feeling of floating in the air you can get in these dark times.

With the world in turmoil, years of a raging pandemic, and the daily stresses we all experience, life has been difficult for many of us. Especially for parents as we struggle to raise happy, healthy children despite so much uncertainty. Taking a break from the intensity of it all, if only for a few hours, does a lot of good for your mental and physical health.

Psilocybin (like cannabis) has no lethal dose, so you can take large amounts of this substance without risking death or organ damage, it’s really safe, more than that, psilocybin is healing.

Let me throw you some science on psilocybin

Johns Hopkins University paved the way in psychedelic research and is the reason why mushrooms are experiencing a moment of rebirth. Science shows us the profound benefits that psychedelics can bring to severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

“A recent small study published in JAMA Psychiatry found that patients with major depressive disorder experienced significant improvement after being treated with psilocybin in combination with psychotherapy, and more than half were in remission four weeks later. “The most advanced work is in patients with life-threatening cancer, where we saw dramatic reductions in depression and anxiety that showed persistent benefits six months later, which is extremely atypical,” says Dr. Johnson. is%20a%20very%20good%20case,depression%20and%20death%20anxiety.

Science is beginning to uncover how psilocybin works in the brain and why psilocybin benefits can last so long. “It could be that these kinds of changes are happening in the days and weeks following a psilocybin session, and they represent a kind of fluidity and plasticity in the system,” he explains. “It’s like a plastic that has been heated and becomes malleable enough to reshape. Eventually it will calm down, but you have established a new normal during this time. Dr Johnson.

Perhaps no region of the brain has a more appropriate name than the claustrum, taken from the Latin word for “hidden or enclosed.” The claustrum is an extremely thin sheet of neurons located deep within the cortex, but it extends to all other regions of the brain. Its true purpose also remains “hidden”, with researchers speculating about many functions. For example, Francis Crick, famous for the discovery of DNA, believed that the claustrum is the seat of consciousness, responsible for consciousness and a sense of self.

Scans after psilocybin use showed the claustrum to be less active, meaning the area of ​​the brain thought to be responsible for attention and task switching is disabled when taking the drug. Researchers say this matches what people report as typical effects of psychedelic drugs, including a feeling of being connected to everything and a reduced sense of self or ego.

This reduced sense of self or ego is where the magic is with psychedelics. It’s like all the bullshit disappears and you can connect to something bigger than yourself.

Recommended reading before using psilocybin (this article contains information on dosage):
Q&A with herbal expert Sarah Lovegrove on how to get started with psilocybin

Set and setting

Using psilocybin as a parent is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, but it doesn’t matter how or when you take a psychedelic trip.

Some parents microdose psilocybin to help them feel more relaxed with their children. Personally, I prefer using psilocybin on my own because it facilitates a deeper connection with myself and the natural world.

When using psilocybin, the way to get the best experience is to consider set and setting. It refers to your state of mind and the place you choose to have your experience.

Psilocybin is a mind-expanding experience and the wonderful feeling of floating in the air you can get is made possible by entering it with the right mindset and making sure you are in a place where you feel comfortable and safe.

Preparing for your trip with psilocybin

First, it’s important to know that psilocybin is not a sleeping pill, be prepared to stay awake for hours.


the effects of psilocybin can be felt in half an hour however the most intense part of your experience will likely occur approximately 3 to 4 hours after taking psilocybin and the effects Last 6 hours or morer, depending on your dose.

I took 500mg of psilocybin (which is considered a mini dose) around 8pm and it was 3am before I could finally sleep but wow what a trip it was! Even though I was tired, the next day I felt so good and this feeling of peace lasted for a few days.

About an hour after taking psilocybin, I took a hot bath followed by intimacy with my husband. After a good massage and an orgasm, I was fine and relaxed before the stronger effects of the psilocybin kicked in.

I strongly suggest you connect with your partner while on psilocybin and release tension through intimacy. Even if you’re alone and don’t have a partner, releasing the tension will help enhance the effects of psilocybin.

Expect to feel the strongest effects after a few hours

After about 3 hours, I was resting in bed with headphones playing music meant for a psilocybin trip, while my brain put on a show.

It’s as if I was able to separate my consciousness from the workings of my own brain. I saw the complex thought patterns as enlightened pathways that were all the experiences, teachings and influences that shaped my worldview over the years.

I was able to step back from the noise for this period of introspection with a feeling of true peace. This feeling of getting away from the tangle of my thoughts is indescribable. I felt whole, like I belonged here, life is good and a deep sense of peace came over me. I felt this calm in my mind that wasn’t there before. and that was just by taking a mini dose of psilocybin.

My husband also had a profound experience. He wears glasses and needs a new prescription and he said on psilocybin his vision became sharp, everything was sharper and clearer. He watched a movie and said he saw it in 3D. Even the next day, his vision improved.

Both of our experiences were so transformative that we decided every Saturday to take psilocybin to see how it affects our lives and well-being. I will document this, so if you want to know how it goes for us, subscribe to the Weed Mama newsletter as I will be sending updates via my monthly email to my subscribers.

Dosage and side effects

Just like with cannabis, the dose is everything. I was able to find the perfect dose as I had been microdosing psilocybin for several months prior. I took between 50mg and 300mg during the day and felt functional and well. I knew 500mg would be a good dose for me for the evening. However my husband found 500mg a bit too strong, everyone is different so will have to experiment to get the right dose.

I recommend experimenting with microdosing during the day when the kids aren’t around so you get a good idea of ​​how psilocybin will work for you. It is also useful for anyone feeling nervous about psilocybin, starting with a microdose will help you to use higher doses of psilocybin.

Side effects of magic mushrooms

the Side effects will be different for everyone, but the most common side effect is distortion of vision (at higher doses). This means things in your surroundings will change a bit, your curtains may seem to move, a blanket draped over a chair may look like a cat.

Hallucinations are common with a higher dose of psilocybin, but you probably won’t see things that aren’t there unless you take a large amount. Most of the time, your vision is impaired and things in your surroundings seem to shift slightly. Don’t worry, it’s actually quite fun, especially in nature.

Other side effects you may experience are nausea and dizziness. My husband usually feels nauseous after about 3 hours, but it doesn’t last too long. For me, I hardly feel any appetite and that’s fine with me. You may also feel a little dizzy, similar to THC.

Pick a good day and time to use psilocybin

The best way to use psilocybin is during the day so that it wears off well before bedtime. Choose a time when the children are with their grandparents or you are on vacation, so that you have a day to yourself where you will not be disturbed.

Being in nature is a great way to experience psilocybin, walking through a forest, sitting by the beach, gardening, or anything that allows you to connect with the natural world, will bring you a wonderful sense of well-being. to be. At home, plan to be creative, watch a nature program, listen to peaceful music, and meditate.

John Hopkins created a music playlist specifically for psilocbyin use.

meditative mind has a great library of music and videos to watch on your psilocybin journey and I highly recommend it, here’s an example:

If You’re Nervous About Taking Psilocbyin, Don’t Be, and Here’s Why

I can’t stress enough, with all my heart, how much I want you to feel what I felt, that sense of serenity and introspection. There’s so much you can learn about yourself and the world around you just by changing your perspective with the help of a little mushroom. No hangovers, no damage to your brain and few side effects.

However, society stigmatized psychedelics so much because of their popularity in the 1960s that many people are now wary of them. Instead, society embraced alcohol, arguably the worst mind-altering substance you can take. Alcohol is known to be toxic and new studies reveal it’s a leading cause of cancer.

If you’re okay with getting drunk or even having a good buzz with alcohol, then take comfort in knowing that psilocybin is non-toxic even in high doses and does not cause cancer.

Psilocybin is safe – you won’t lose your mind and you won’t go crazy or addicted. The key is to take the right dose of psilocybin at the right time with the right attitude.. Put all of these things together and you can experience true peace in these dystopian times.

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