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What’s the difference between the Davinci IQC & the IQ2? (and which is a better buy)

Davinci has released their latest dry herb vaporizer called IQC, it looks exactly like the Davinci IQ2 but with a few key differences.

Watch the video for a demo of each device

If this video is not showing it is because it was age restricted, you can see the video on this link. (be sure to change your settings to allow YouTube 18+ content)

Let’s look first what is the same with the two Davinci models

Both Davinci models, the IQC and the IQ2, have the same features:

  • Glazed and ceramic oven
  • Removable 18650 battery
  • Precise temperature control and smart paths
  • Zirconia/glass sealed vapor path
  • Dosage pods for concentrates or microdosing

Both models have the same features such as the long glass-lined vapor path, the ceramic oven and the removable battery. The removable battery is great because you can have multiple charges and just pop one out and replace it with a charged one, so you don’t have to wait for the device to charge with a USB cable.

let’s look at it differences with each model:

Davinci IQC Davinci IQ2
5 year warranty 10 year warranty
USB-C charging cable micro USB cable
Battery life is 2 hours Battery life is 1 hour
The heating time is 30 seconds The heating time is 40 seconds
Airflow control
Tighter antimicrobial silicone cap Zirconium ceramic plug
Vapor is random at lower temperatures Best vapor ever
Dose monitoring
Sells for US$229 or C$280 Sells for US$295 or C$385

Read the full review of Davinci IQ2 here

Davinci IQC Features

Davinci IQ2 Airflow Control

the biggest difference between their new model the Davinci IQC and the Davinci IQ2 is the price, warranty and the lack of airflow control. The Davinci IQC uses the USB-C cable for charging so you get faster charging and faster heat-up time.

They also tightened the cap and used an antimicrobial polymer material for added hygiene. The IQC is also slightly lighter and thinner than the IQ2, but the difference is barely noticeable.

Davinci IQ2 Airflow Control

The biggest difference for me is the airflow control on the IQ2. This allows you to increase or decrease the resistance as you draw. This is mostly a personal preference, but I find the ability to change the coil gives you better vapor quality overall. I find IQC to be hit or miss, especially at lower temperatures.

final verdict

It depends on price, warranty and vapor quality. The IQC is cheaper with a 5 year warranty instead of the 10 year warranty you get with the IQ2. The shorter warranty tells me the IQ2 is built to last longer than the IQC, but even a 5 year warranty is a great guarantee. Most dry herb vaporizers come with a 1-2 year warranty, so you always get a good warranty with the IQC.

Vapor quality is where the IQ2 beats the IQC, you get better cloud with the IQ2. I find that I use the IQ2 more than the IQC for this difference. Sometimes I don’t see any vapor with the IQC, especially at lower temperatures and the ability to adjust the airflow is a nice feature as it allows you to control the resistance when pulling. (Watch the video above for a demonstration of steam quality)

The price difference is around $50 in US dollars and around $100 in Canadian dollars, depending on where you buy your vaporizer. That’s a big difference when you’re on a tight budget.

Overall the Davinci IQ2 is a better dry herb vaporizer than the IQC but not so much that I recommend you buy that one on the IQC. If you’re on a budget and price is most important to you, the IQC is a great dry herb vaporizer that has all the best features of the IQ2 with a few small differences.

You can buy the Davinci IQC and IQ2 on their official website, with free shipping to Canada and the United States and they will match the prices.

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