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What to Expect From the Louisiana Marijuana Program & Southern States

The Bible Belt certainly isn’t known for being particularly cannabis-friendly, but opportunities are slowly starting to open up in certain areas. The Louisiana marijuana program is an example of a small but promising start, and a few other southern states also show limited potential.

While Southern states as a whole are often slow to accept cannabis as anything other than a drug, there have been significant changes. Florida, for example, was the first to legalize medical marijuana and open a (albeit extremely limited) cannabis program.

Here’s what you need to know about the state of cannabis in this region of the United States, from Texas’ minimal CBD allowances to Louisiana’s small but promising marijuana program.

Southern states with little to no movement

Marijuana programs in Florida, Texas, and Mississippi may have had decent beginnings, but they’ve since stalled for the foreseeable future — or at least the next few years. We’re keeping an eye on them for future developments, but don’t expect much movement at this time.


True to the common conception of Florida as a separate entity from the rest of the South, Florida’s marijuana program is very different from what we see in other states.

Initially, the Florida program published only five licenses, although he later opened a few more. However, the Florida program is not an open application track, so no one is currently able to compete for in-state licenses.

Although Florida’s legalization moves helped trigger a domino effect to get other Southern states moving, it will likely be a few years before Florida’s own agenda gains momentum.


Texas has a medical marijuana program, but the state allows only 1% THC in their medical marijuana products. At such a low THC level, it’s basically a CBD program. And it’s very minimal – just over 3,000 patients are registered, and there’s not much movement in the state, overall.

If you want to enter the Texas market, be prepared to work exclusively with CBD and CBD-adjacent products for a while. Cultivation is another option to consider, but the market is saturated. While we wouldn’t recommend starting in Texas at this time, if you’re so inclined, crafting will be your best bet.


At the start of 2021, Mississippi appeared to be following in Oklahoma’s footsteps in terms of abundant and accessible license availability. Unfortunately, however, governmental and legislative matters suspended the program for the next two or three years.

If you are interested in starting a cannabis business in one of the Southern states, we suggest exploring opportunities in the marijuana markets of Arkansas, Alabama, and Louisiana instead.

Southern states with some opportunities

The marijuana programs in Arkansas, Alabama, and Louisiana offer a few additional opportunities, especially if you establish the right relationships before entering the market there.


Arkansas is currently legal for medical cannabis and the application window is open. However, the state also has a high barrier to entry. you will need expensive sureties and adhere to strict zoning boundaries. Once an area has filled its number of dispensaries, no more dispensaries will be allowed to open in that area.

Higher Yields Consultation What to Expect from the Louisiana Marijuana Program and Other Southern States

While you can certainly apply for a license under the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Program, be aware that it will be an expensive endeavor and you may have better luck with the Alabama or New Zealand marijuana markets. Louisiana.


from Alabama act of compassion will likely resemble Florida’s cannabis program. While there likely isn’t a low THC cap, it appears operators are only allowed to sell manufactured goods – no raw herbs, smoking or vaping products, or baked goods.

The law also has a significant residency requirement – 51% of all licensees must be Alabama residents – as well as huge capital requirements, making the barrier to entry extremely high.

If you’re considering entering the Alabama marijuana market, you’ll want to get started as soon as possible. find real estate and establish yourself as a local team. MSOs are already moving in, but they need to work with local teams, and it will take time to make those connections.


the Louisiana Marijuana Program started in 2018 with a total of nine licenses. But although it is a small program, it has been well implemented and there are many lobbying efforts to grow cannabis retail.

However, growth within the Louisiana marijuana program is still slow. Louisiana law only allowed agricultural centers at Louisiana State University and Southern University to cultivate medical cannabis. You will therefore need to contact the Board of Pharmacy regarding authorization to distribute medical cannabis.

As is the case in any Southern state, entering the marijuana market in Louisiana depends on who you know and how locally you advocate for cannabis. You cannot just show up and submit an application; you need to take an active role in educating the community and helping write prescriptions that just don’t exist yet.

That’s where HYC comes in. We can help you make important local connections and build the knowledge base needed to educate your community. There will always be local political challenges, but with the right knowledge and connections – and an early start – you have the opportunity to affect change.

Get your foot in the door with Louisiana marijuana

Louisiana’s marijuana program offers a fairly typical example of what to expect in southern states – slow movement, small programs, and the importance of making the right connections. But if you can get your foot in the door early and overcome political and local delays, the opportunity is there.

Working with an experienced cannabis consultant can give you the credibility, connections, and partners you need to succeed. Don’t miss your chance to enter the Louisiana marijuana market early! contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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