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What are Ear Seeds?

It’s normal to want to get the most out of anything you buy, especially if it’s a natural product like CBD oil. You want it to do what you’ve been told it has the potential to do, and you want to get what you pay for. If you’re looking for ways to maximize your CBD oil intake, these tips and techniques below may be helpful.

Try Nano CBD

Nano CBD from reputable manufacturers like Organic Joy can be one of the most effective ways to maximize your experience with CBD oil. The current problem we have with CBD oil is that, like most oils, it does not mix well with water.

The human body is approximately 60% water, which means it doesn’t always have the easiest time absorbing CBD into the bloodstream. Therefore, some of the CBD oil you consume does not end up entering your circulation and you do not always receive its full effects.

Vaping and smoking CBD generally has a much higher bioavailability than CBD oil, but CBD oil is a preferred option for many people because it is healthier than smoking and how convenient it is to consume in edibles, tea and other products.

This is where nanotechnology comes in. Nanotechnology allows manufacturers of CBD products to create smaller particles of CBD between 10 and 100 nanometers. Once it’s broken down into these smaller particles, it’s potentially easier for your body to absorb, which means it’s more suitable for use in products like CBD capsules.

Nano CBD has increased bioavailability, and can be mixed in beverages like coffee, water, and sports drinks, and can work faster than other CBD products due to its smaller particle size. Discuss nano CBD with your chosen product provider to see if it might be right for you.

To eat food

The instruction booklets of many medications state that you should consume it with food to reduce stomach irritation, but rarely will you see it mentioning that you should consume CBD oil with food.

However, some small studies in recent months have inferred that CBD oil absorption can be increased if you eat foods supplemented with CBD. A study in the journal Epilepsia with eight adults who were prescribed CBD for epilepsy-related seizures found that the total volume of CBD in their bodies quadrupled with a high-fat morning meal.

Half of the volunteers took their CBD in the morning before eating and had breakfast four hours later. The remaining volunteers ate a breakfast burrito with 52% fat and 850 calories within half an hour of taking CBD oil. The groups changed the following week.

The blood collected from each group throughout the to study found that those who ate the burrito had their maximum CBD levels increased 14 times on average, compared to those who took it without food. The study concluded that the researchers said high-fat meals may improve the absorption of CBD.

Try the bold

Following the study of high fat foods to increase CBD absorption, some companies are offering CBD liposomes to increase molecular bioavailability similar to the breakfast burrito.

Liposomes are not a new invention, with many medical professionals using and recommending them for fat-soluble drugs. These capsules or pockets of fat can allow your body to absorb CBD into the tissue systems and cells that need it most.

follow the instructions

When you buy CBD products from reputable manufacturers and suppliers, you get peace of mind knowing they only sell products they know, trust, test, and understand. The more they know about each product, the easier it is for them to recommend them to consumers and provide them with useful information.

When your goal is to maximize your intake and absorption, follow the instructions of the company you buy from and what’s on the package. The instructions are there to guide you and promote the best effects, so following them to the letter can ensure that you are in the best possible position to enjoy those maximum effects.

If you are unsure of dosages and how much to consume based on the fact that you have never used a particular product before, speak with your doctor or a healthcare professional who understands cannabis and cannabis. effects on the individual. Remember that cannabis/hemp is not a one-size-fits-all product. They can help you make the best decisions for your unique needs or diseases.

Choose Full Spectrum Over CBD Isolate

When shopping for CBD products, some of the main offerings are Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum, and CBD Isolate. Broad spectrum contains all components of the cannabis plant except THC, and full spectrum contains all components of the cannabis plant plus a small volume of federally legal THC (0.3%) . In contrast, CBD isolate does not contain any other cannabis plant compounds and instead is pure CBD.

You may assume that “pure” means better, but pure CBD may not help you maximize your CBD oil intake. The research seems to suggest that full-spectrum cannabis tinctures may be more effective with multiple compounds due to the “entourage effect”.

Other studies also determined that the combination of THC and CBD may provide better pain control compared to CBD isolate.

Add melatonin

Sleep is a big issue for many people. Adults need seven to nine hours each night, but nearly half of Americans told the Sleep Foundation that they slept less than seven hours per night, on average.

As a result, many people rely on various products to help them, CBD being one of them. Knowing that their customers rely on CBD, some companies have added the natural hormone melatonin to potentially maximize its effects.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by your brain when it sees darkness. Nighttime light can block your melatonin production, which means many people have trouble falling asleep at night. If your brain can’t produce as much as you need, you can turn to consumption to make up the difference.

As some people sleep better with CBD, the combination of these two ingredients can make a lot of sense for some people.

Maximizing your CBD oil intake is not about including more of it in your diet and seeing if it makes a difference. This can sometimes involve trying new recommended products and keeping up to date with the latest research. Take note of some of these tips above and talk to a trusted CBD product specialist about the options best suited to your needs.

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