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We’re checking in to HiBnb, a getaway gamechanger where every stay is 420 friendly. – HeyHelloHigh

Imagine this; you’re on vacation with your best friends to a destination with legal cannabis (What a coincidence! It’s definitely not planned that way. No, not at all).

You stop at the dispensary, stock up for the weekend and return to your vacation rental. “Can we smoke here?” someone asks the team.

You check the listing and no, smoking is not allowed. What a major buzz!

Now you have to wake up and cook in the garden, snuggle up on the patio, or take your weed somewhere else. UNCOOL.

Well, everything is about to change. HiBnb entered the chat. Think of it like that other “BnB” site, but for cannabis-friendly hotels and unique staycations paired with local cannabis-related events, activities, and adventures.

For more, we meet HiBnb founder Elizabeth Becker for a quick chat.

Hello, Elizabeth! Tell us a bit about HiBnB and what inspired you to start the business?

I was inspired to start HiBnb because i saw there was a gap to fill – while cannabis is legal to buy, in many areas it is illegal to use cannabis in public, so where is the traveler supposed to consume after purchasing? Something had to be done so that cannabis consumers could step out of the shadows and not have to sneak in or feel ashamed or judged because of their lifestyle choices. Also – I made it as a sort of gift to the cannabis community. The community is kind, compassionate and non-judgmental. I treasure the feeling of connection I have with other people when I share cannabis and honestly wanted to pass that on so that others can enjoy life without stigma or judgment, surrounded and accepted by people who are compassionate and sharing the same ideas. I have a film and television background. I’ve always been drawn to reaching out to a large audience – to say something that resonated with people. But I also always wanted to exploit my abilities as an entrepreneur. Having grown up working for my family’s sales and marketing company, I know I have an affinity for business. HiBnb gives me the opportunity to hit all the notes – to give back, to say something and to tap into my potential. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Elizabeth Becker, founder of HiBnb.

Thanks for sharing this. We would like to know – What is the big win you celebrated at HiBnb in 2021?

There were a lot of wins for HiBnb in 2021. We opened in the US and also expanded the site so anyone from any country in the world can add a listing. AND, we have incorporated a screening and verification of each accommodation guest, and in doing so, we are able to guarantee each accommodation host $1.5 million in the event of property damage. This was a game-changer for us, as many hosts only think of the negative stereotype of cannabis consumers and the guarantee helps address their concerns. AND…. I was voted and awarded the 2021 Innovator/Disruptor in the Short Term Rental Industry. That’s an incredible congratulations. It is a crown that I am very proud to wear.

This dream sesh place is brought to you by a HiBnB host who I really want to be a best friend with.

Congratulation! It’s fantastic. Are there any women in the cannabis industry that you consider mentors or who inspire you?

Cannabis is a big industry for women because there is so much value in the feminine – given that only female plants flower. I find that when I meet other women in the industry they go out of their way to support me but I have to admit the men do the same. There is a lot of support as a female entrepreneur – from accelerator programs to fundraising groups. There have been a number of women in corporate finance and capital markets who have helped me connect with others and educate me to increase my learning curve. Reverend Kelly Addison was an incredible inspiration. And Tracy Lamourie of Lamourie PR. They are so attached to the positive and healing qualities of the plant.

Whatever your stoner style, HiBnb has a place to match your aesthetic.

Incredible. Now say you can choose a celebrity to work on your team at HiBnb. Who do you hire?

I think Seth Rogen could do a lot for us – to help create awareness and let people know that we exist.

What music do you play to when you really need to do some major work?

I listened to heavy rap, actually. I align with attitude and it helps me put my head down and get all the work done.

HiBnb hosts open their amazing cannabis-friendly homes to guests from all over the world.

Shit yeah. It is awesome. Look forward – Where do you see HiBnb in five years?

I see HiBnb as a community of compassionate, positive and non-judgmental individuals and would like to see HiBnb grow across North America, Europe and Australia within five years. There is a negative stigma associated with cannabis use and I hope HiBnb can help influence a change in global perspective.

What is your favorite way to consume cannabis? What strain do you currently like?

I like to microdose edibles. I also like drinks, mints and vapes. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good joint once in a while but it’s not that discreet. And honestly, there’s still a lot of stigma.

These ashtrays are the international symbol of “put your feet up and take a puff”.

Does HiBnb render? How? ‘Or’ What?

I have always viewed HiBnb as my gift to the cannabis community – because we provide the average person with the opportunity to earn money. There are so many people who have made a lot of money renting short term rentals. Well, at HiBnb you don’t have to be a landlord. Anyone can become a HiBnb Adventure Host and host a social gathering in their private residence or backyard, where cannabis use is legal. Thus, everyone can take advantage of the new market opened up by cannabis tourism.

Sesh with a view like this? YES.

last Q; Tell us something we should know about HiBnb (that we may not be able to find on your website).

Most people don’t realize that we are so much more than just cannabis-friendly accommodations and the cutting edge of cannabis. Our three pillars are “Stay Hi” (accommodation), “Play Hi” (adventures) and “Get Hi” (advertising). And we add a fourth pillar called “Read Hi”. Our editor was previously deputy editor of Rolling Stone magazine, so we will soon be generating a lot of content – celebrity interviews, as well as articles on cannabis news and cannabis-focused experiences. We’re also working on strategic partnerships, but mom is the word until the ink is dry.

Thanks for chatting with us, Elizabeth! If you are looking for 420 friendly accommodations, check out HiBnb and support this fantastic female entrepreneur.

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