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Weed Mama’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s been a tough year for many of us, the gift of cannabis will help your loved ones end this year on a high. This list gives you a variety of gift ideas for the cannabis lover or some options for the cannabis curious.

Drink gift ideas (all drinks are fast acting)

Instead of alcohol, give cannabis drinks as a gift, there are many types to choose from, here are some suggestions for great cannabis drinks:

Sweet Justice OG Cola

Cola Sweet Justice OG

Cola Sweet Justice OG contains 3.5 mg of THC and tastes like a good craft cola. There is no cannabis taste and the dose is the perfect amount to get a light buzz. It contains natural ingredients and 100 calories per box.

Root Root Keef Bubba Kush

Root Root Keef Bubba Kush

Root Root Keef Bubba Kush contains 10mg of THC, the highest dose you can buy on the edibles market, if you’re looking for a little more pleasure. This rootbeer does not taste like cannabis and tastes like a good craft root beer. This root beer won the High Times Cannabis Cup Best Edible in 2015. They make other flavors such as Orange Kush and Blue Razz (if you can find them) buy a few to put under the hood. ‘tree.

Impromptu CBD Goji Grapefruit Kombucha

Impromptu Kombucha

CBD Goji Grapefruit Kombucha contains 20 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC, which gives you a good dose of CBD and a light THC effect. The flavor of this drink is different from other Kombucha drinks because it doesn’t have that strong vinegar taste that many other brands have, this one is smooth and flavorful! This would make a great gift for anyone more health conscious.

Cannabis tea

TGOD Happy Hibiscus Tea

There are several brands on the market that offer teas such as TGOD, Haven St., and Everie. I have found these are all lovely teas and buying a mix of different brands would make a great gift for the tea lovers on your list. You can get CBD-only or high-THC teas, there’s a dose and a flavor for everyone.

Edible gift ideas

There are so many edibles on the market now that you have several options for anyone on your list. Browse through the edibles review section to see which ones might be a good choice, here are some standout items I picked for 2021:

White Rabbit OG

White Rabbit OG Chews

White Rabbit OG the chews all work fast using their own “Eat Me” technology which uses no additives or synthetic ingredients. It’s a local BC company and their chews offer a unique taste experience, made with whole fruit puree.

It is one of the best chews on the market and you can buy them in different THC and CBD ratios. I recommend you buy a few different types for a great gift under the tree this year.

Chocolates Foray

Incursion of chocolates

Incursion makes a wonderful assortment of chocolates that I highly recommend to the chocolate lovers on your list. They use Barry-Callebaut chocolate and all of their chocolates taste premium. They make several different types, including a new to the market white chocolate Strawberry Milkshake that tastes like a strawberry milkshake.

I recommend buying a few different types for under the tree. Keep in mind that most of their chocolate products come in a 10mg square, so they are more dosed, but can be reduced by half for those who need less THC.

Thematic gift ideas

Topicals are a great gift for anyone on your list, they offer the healing benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects, making them a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to get high. Here are my top picks for 2021:

Noon and Night Lavender Fizz Bath Bomb

Noon and Night bath bomb

Bath bombs are always a welcome gift for anyone who regularly takes baths. Lavender Fizz by Noon and Night offers a relaxing soak with 100mg of CBD and 10mg of THC.

Nuance CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bomb by Nuance
Nuance bath bombs

Nuance bath bombs are nice and big with 100mg of CBD per bath bomb. They come in grapefruit and eucalyptus, I like both and recommend you buy one of each for a gift this year.

Dosecann Daily Relief Cream

Dosecann CBD Cream

dosecann the products in general are great, this daily relief cream stands out for several reasons. It is currently the highest dosed CBD cream on the market with 1200mg of CBD per jar. It has a light teak and bamboo scent which is quite pleasant and it is a luxurious cream which would make a lovely gift for men or women as the scent is neutral.

Cannabis Accessory Gift Ideas

There are many different cannabis accessories you can buy, I’ve picked out a few products that would make a great gift for anyone on your list who uses cannabis.

Ardent FX Decarboxylator

Ardent FX Decarboxylator

I have not used this product myself but the Ardent FX Decarboxylator really high rates as an all-in-one brewer. Dubbed the “Easy Cooking Device for Homemade Edibles,” this device infuses, cooks, and cooks inside, making it a versatile product. You can infuse all kinds of products with the Ardent FX, including oils, butter, creams and more.

If you’re looking to spoil someone who likes to make their own edibles and topicals this year, this will make a great gift. You can buy the Ardent FX on their official website.

Davinci IQ2 Dry Herb Vaporizer

Davinci IQ2

I own both the Davinci IQ2 and the Davinci IQC which is their most economical model. Both are good dry herb vaporizers, but the Davinci IQ2 is the one I use the most. It has a ceramic oven, adjustable airflow, and plenty of features you can use to customize and track your usage.

This is a great dry herb vaporizer for anyone who likes to inhale cannabis as it’s small and sleek but still manages to lock in flavor without being hot. It comes with a 10-year warranty and has removable batteries, making them easy to replace. You can buy the Davinci IQ2 on their official website.

Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer

Shatterizer Vape Pen

This is another product that I haven’t used myself but is on my wishlist! The Breaker is highly regarded and very popular in the cannabis community for concentrate lovers. It creates big clouds and is smooth with 3 temperature settings to choose from – low, medium or high. They are also compatible with 510 thread vape carts.

My bud vase

My “Vamp” bud vase

My bud vase makes absolutely gorgeous bongs that double as a vase. When you’re not using your bong, you can feel good leaving it out because it looks like part of your decor. They come in a variety of styles to choose from and they are selling out fast! My Bud Vase would be a great gift for the cannabis smoker on your list who loves pretty yet functional bongs.

weed mom book

weed mom book
Mom Weed Book

“Weed Mom: the canna-curious woman’s guide to healthy relaxation, happy parenting and chilling TF out” by Danielle Simone Brand is a great book for the mom on your list who is either curious about cannabis or already using it. This book is packed with great information on how to get started with cannabis, how it works in your body, and more.

You can buy weed mom from amazon

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