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Weed editor’s pick: Phoenix’s best marijuana for 420 2022

Happy 420, weed smokers from Phoenix!

You will have come so far in such a short time: from a fairly tightly controlled medical marijuana state to a stronghold of full legalization starting in 2021. Today, all adults 21 and older have all types of cannabis modality – flower, extracts, edibles, even hot sauce.

California’s best ideas rolled east. Big brands like Alien Labs, Wyld, and Kiva have branches in Arizona. Arizona has world-class indoor growers and its extract makers make the latest living rosins, just like Cali buds. Prices for Phoenix jars can get competitive, especially for edibles.

by Phoenix dozens of world-class dispensaries get ready for 420 with designer blooms, solvent-free carts, trendy edibles and outrageous infused pre-rolls. Avoid the queues with delivery or in store Retrieve for these editors’ choices.

Hot Flowers at Harvest HOC

Alien Labs Atomic Apple.  (David Downs/Leafly)
Alien Labs Atomic Apple. (David Downs/Leafly)

Collect Phoenix’s HOC might be one of the best-stocked stores in Phoenix, with 1,180 items, including 267 flowers to choose from.

You don’t see this very often – walk out with a $240 eight ounce freeze-dried rosin from Drip. It’s 3.5 grams of fresh frozen Strawberry Shortcake x Snoopdawg who obtained chopped ice water and pressed rosin into an extract worth more than gold.

For flowers, on the top shelf is Alien Labs’ xeno eighth at $70, or the stump Atomic Apple. If you want to taste the flavors of 2022, you have to pay.

Get all connected gelonade goodness in a smaller value format with $110 small quarter ounce. 22Red’s Donny Burger is a good splurge at $60. Shango’s Gelatti eighth at $55 also looks nice.


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Sour Diesel fem Seeds from I Love Growing

Sour Diesel seeds are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a ready-made cultivar to their gardens. The sativa-leaning hybrid is known for her energetic, fun, and psychedelic high with an energetic kick that will have you clearing the day’s to-do list in no time. Just want to have a fun day feeling good? The funky, energy-guzzling variety is also ideal for this. The seed smiths at I Love Growing Marijuana are celebrating the season with their biggest sale ever, so right now you can buy ten seeds and get ten seeds free from Sour Diesel fems and a huge selection of other strains.

Edible adventures at JARS

More than Cannabis POTsample edibles with 123 different options.

Check solvent free the edible rosin craze with Grow Sciences Hash Rosin Gummies sour strawberry.

A classic game would be Kiva Terra chocolate blueberries. Or go exotic with Alien Labs erasers in cosmic cherry.

Can’t take THC? Wyld 20:1 CBD Strawberry gummies are delicious.

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Vital Sensi Stripes

Lightly sour and fully infused, these tasty Vital Sensi Stripes deliver 10mg of THC with a rapid onset of effect thanks to nanoemulsification, a process that makes cannabinoids tiny and water soluble so they can be absorbed more quickly than with traditional foods. The sweet coating and texture are meant to take you right back to your favorite gummy worm, and you can expect quality from scratch and natural flavor. Vital is sweetening the deal this 420 with BOGO sales on all German-style Vital Sensi Stripes and Gummies at Zen Leaf Dispensaries in Arizona on 04/20/2022.

Nirvana basket found

This is the golden age of cannabis vaping. More than Nirvana Center in West Phoenix, there are only 179 cartridges. We gravitate towards the high end, such as the high-quality AZ sauce cart in White Tahoe Cookies. Sauce trolleys have more terpenes, and therefore flavor and effects than a regular distillate cart.

Or go solvent-free in a cart format with DRIP Oils Live Rosin Gelato 41 Bacio Cart. Live rosin is extracted from freshly frozen buds and washed in ice water; other strains include cookies and cream.

If you are going to vape distillate, watch the Lemon fondue from Timeless, or the Select Elite SuperJack for classic daytime effects, or the salty Clean Cart strain meat breath for something really weird and different.

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five Daily Buzz Gummies

The hottest product in the line of five CBD + THC gummies and tinctures, Daily Buzz Gummies makes it easy to get your daily dose of relief. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD, 5mg of THC and the highest concentration of minor cannabinoids. Turn to these full-spectrum wonders whenever you need a happy lift. As a big 420 bonus you can get 40% off + free shipping sitewide from five on 4/20-4/21.

Tracking offers at Tru|Med

(Courtesy of Kiva Confections)
(Courtesy of Kiva Confections)

At Tru|Med, staff recommend the Rainbow Belts flower or the Apple Doughnuts DRIP kief for $20.26

Starting at the lowest prices, we love these $3 packs of Alien Labs Galactic Gummies in Bluto, cosmic cherry and atomic apple—10 mg each; or the Alien Labs 10-pack Melonade erasers at $20.87.

mints for the face pre-rolls start at $12.

And you can get 100mg of THC sour cherry gummy drops for $13.64 from Uncle Herbs

In the world of infused condiments, we’d try the Angry Errl Hot Sauce in Sriracha flavor for $18.46, or treat yourself to the Kiva Camino Watermelon lemonade erasers for $20.06.

Finally, carts start at $35.31 for a DRIP candy apple half gram or Mimosa.

Highest THC at HWC, or Marigold

Packwoods blunts (courtesy of Packwoods)

More at herbal wellness center (with 268 items on the menu), the fanciest dabs are $45 a gram for Farm Fresh Coffee cake x OG18 live rosin, other strains include Tang Cake, Coffeeor Tang OG.

More than Worry, search by highest THC level and note the range of infused pre-rolls. Some contain 46% THC, such as the Melted brand Lemon Vuittontempered infused tiger pre-roll, 2 grams for $60, or lava cake.

Even better, the infused Item 9 Batter Up GMO x GMO—3.5g for $75, or the Packwoods OG Kush Blunt—2.5g for $59.

We would also burn the Tryke Anti-Gravity pre-roll into Khalifa Kush for—$28 for 1.2g, or Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock brand Peanut butter soufflé for $32. Also, where in the world will you ever see something as wildly named as Core Concentrates Batter Blunt 2×1 OG#19—2g for $42. These are all wild joints for 4/20.

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Dr Dabber Boost Evo

420 is the perfect time to treat yourself to a hardware upgrade. For the ultimate dabbing experience, look no further than Dr. Dabber’s Boost Evo. Evo’s patented temperature-controlled heating element lets you dial in your experience to get the best possible flavor from your favorite concentrates. With new features that take Evo’s ease of use to the next level, it’s ready to be your everyday device.

These are just a few of our editor’s picks for Phoenix this 420. Enjoy the festivities, and if you’re not sure where to party, check out our events guide.

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