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We Tried It: Laurie + Mary Jane Edibles Review

Founded by prolific cannabis advocate, writer and cookbook author Laurie Wolf and her daughter-in-law Mary, Laurie + Mary Jane is a Portland-based edibles company with a distinct food-centric point of view. Its award-winning truffles, cookies, fudges and savory crackers are ubiquitous on Oregon dispensary shelves and available in a variety of flavors.

Laurie + Mary Jane’s line includes a number of full-spectrum staples like chewy chocolate chip cookies and bite-sized brownies, as well as signature items like “Cake Party” fudge and crispy cheese crackers. . While other edibles tend to deliver cannabis purely for the purpose of getting high, Laurie + Mary Jane’s edibles are thoughtful confections that would feel just as right behind an elegant bakery glass as they do behind the counters of a coffee shop. a dispensary.

We had the opportunity to audition a curated selection of edibles from Laurie + Mary Jane: classic fudge, award-winning truffles, and fragrant almond cake bites.

Over a weekend of weird adventures in suburban malls, drag queen parties, and the everyday chaos of parenthood, here’s what I thought of Laurie + Mary Jane edibles.

First impressions

The cylindrical containers that house Laurie + Mary Jane’s cake bites, truffles and crackers look like oversized weed canisters. They opened with a super heady exhale of amaretto in the almond bites and rich dark chocolate with the brownie truffles. Both items retained a fresh bakery scent that literally made my mouth water.

The ingredient lists for each product support the claim that the brand’s sensibility is to first create something deliciously decadent and then curate it. The content reads like a grandma’s recipe cards, which goes without saying, considering Wolf is a recipe wizard whose contributions have been featured in publications coast to coast.

The formulations are simple, familiar, clean, and just specific enough to set them apart from their shelf mates. Bonus: the brand is bright, easy to understand and easily recognizable.

Almond cake bites

Potency: 10 milligrams of THC per bite of cake, 50 milligrams of THC per packet

Sweet amaretto lovers will be delighted that these chewy cake bites offer a super luscious bite of almond essence. The texture of this confectionery is fair crumbly enough to escape a definition of cake pop, and yet tender enough to melt against the tongue. The almond slivers scattered throughout are more decorative than contributing, flavor-wise, but they add a much-needed kick to an otherwise velvety bite.

I brought my tube of almond cake bites to my team’s weekly RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing party and – although the 10 milligram dosage per bite of cake seemed a little sweet for our tolerances – we all loved the delicate pastry arrangement of butter and amaretto.

The whole package made the experience more about sharing a delicacy with friends than inhaling an edible in an effort to get high. I would snack on them even if they weren’t medicated, which frankly is how I want to feel about all my edibles.

For high-tolerance consumers, the buzz from these bites was relaxed and friendly, eventually turning into epic snacks and, in my case, a good siesta.

Find Laurie + Mary Jane Almond Cake Bites

Brownie Truffle Bites

Potency: 10 milligrams of THC per truffle, 50 milligrams of THC per pack

Having auditioned all kinds of medicated chocolates over the past few years, I can honestly say that whether it’s dispensary fare or trendy bakery vittles, Laurie + Mary Jane’s brownie truffle bites are premium chocolates.

The aroma, mouthfeel and density of these truffles made them more satisfying and substantial than other artisanal edibles – as if they were meant to be savored rather than passively munched. To that end, eating just one or two satisfies a sweet tooth like a bakery item for a special occasion.

Each brownie truffle is set in chocolate jimmies, a throwback for sure, but one that adds some much-needed texture to this otherwise gooey candy. I popped two of these truffles—20 milligrams of THC total—with my morning coffee in anticipation of a manic day of motherhood. Between the silky chocolate and the carefully applied cannabis infusion, it was a great way to start my day. And motherhood definitely felt a little easier as soon as the first pinch passed over my lips, but your experience may vary.

Find Laurie + Mary Jane Brownie Truffle Bites

Fudge Yourself: Double Chocolate Charge

Potency: 5 milligrams of THC per serving, 50 milligrams of THC per block

Laurie + Mary Jane produces a number of fudge flavors, some carnivalesque and some more mundane. I split the difference and auditioned the classic, simple chocolate fudge infused with a buzzing sativa hybrid on a day’s walk through a suburban mall with the family.

I split the 50 milligram block of fudge and munch on half as we approached the mall. Coming from a family of holiday fudge enthusiasts, I felt like I had filled my fudge quota very early in life. It’s not a confection I usually crave, but it wouldn’t take much persuading to hit the Fudge Yourself bar.

This block delivered exactly what I expected: a simple and carefully produced rich malleable chocolate brick. Plus, the size and shape make this unit super shareable.

The high arrived with the same smooth euphoria and giddiness that I had experienced with the other Laurie + Mary Jane products, but with a smooth, effervescent undertone. This bubbly little one had me running around the mall for over an hour with all the exuberance of an overly sweet student. It was sublime and while your experience may vary, I still highly recommend it.

Find Laurie + Mary Jane Fudge Yourself: Double Chocolate Charge

At the end of the line

The Laurie + Mary Jane brand uses simple formulations and high-quality ingredients to create edibles for people who love to consume cannabis, but not for their respect for culinary culture.

This brand gracefully bridges the gap between a devoted foodie and a contemporary smoker, offering premium edibles with long-lasting and manageable effects that even newcomers can enjoy.

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