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Top 5 cutting-edge dabbing accessories

Terp Pearls, also known as dab beads, are small balls that can be placed inside a banger. The balls are mainly made of ruby, sapphire, glass, ceramic or quartz. Quartz Terp beads are the most preferred as the material they are made from has great heat retention as well as flavor preservation. The Terp beads are placed inside the banger and you will need to spin them. They will help distribute and evenly disperse the heat during the spin cycle. As a result, it gives you the most robust and flavorful hits, as the concentrate retains most of its terpenes.

How to Use Terp Pearls

You need to use terp beads correctly to get most of their function. Terp beads can be added to the banger before or after heating the banger. If the terp beads are made of glass or any other material other than quartz, it is best to add them after the banger has been heated. It is recommended to add only two terp beads as one may not work effectively and more than two may be too much.

A pick up the receiver is a piece of glass that is added to a dab rig to capture the condensed, unvaporized black oil, also known as scavenge, that forms during dabbing. As a result, it functions as an ash catcher and can also be used to hold a quartz banger on a rig. A recovery catcher makes it easier for you to clean your platform. There are four types of recuperators.

  1. a) Reclaim Catcher having a silicone cup.
  2. b) Reclaim Catcher having a stamped nail
  3. c) Reclaim Catcher with drop down list
  4. d) Reclaim Catcher with nectar collectors.

Things like size, angles, and types of joints should be considered when choosing a recuperator.

A carb cap is a piece of equipment that covers the nail of the dab rig. It features a bottle cap shaped dome at the end with a long stem. The top is designed to fit above the nail of the rig, while the stem can serve as a useful dabbing device. It contains a hole in the side that directs the airflow from the banger and serves as a cover for the dab rig. The airflow control feature becomes more pronounced when a carb cap is used with a quartz banger.

What Makes a Good Carb Cap

  1. a) Material: Carburetor caps are mainly made of glass and titanium. Neither of them is superior to the other. Grade two or grade three titanium carb caps, and those made of borosilicate glass, are the most recommended carb caps to use.
  2. b) Size: You must choose a carb cap that matches the size of the fingernail.
  3. c) Shape: You need to determine if your dab rig has a honey hole, a dab nail or a banger nail, then choose the shape of your carb cap correctly.

A dab the torch is an accessory containing propane or butane used to heat the banger of the dab rig. Dabbing is not possible without a torch.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dab Torch

  1. a) Fuel: Butane is generally considered superior to propane, but it is more expensive.

Propane burns hotter, causing a titanium banger to oxidize.

  1. b) Torch size: A smaller torch is considered to heat a smaller dabbing device. For a larger rig, a large torch works best.
  2. c) Size of the flame: The nail is evenly heated with a torch having a larger flame. For a pointed flame, you have to move it to get the same effect.

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