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Top 5 Best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona for 2022

A city with so much to offer, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that Barcelona has recently become one of the top cannabis destinations in the world. These days, Barcelona has over 250 cannabis clubs, which can make things difficult for people who don’t know about them or how things work; and that’s why we at Cannabis Barcelona have compiled a list of the best cannabis clubs located in Barcelona.

1. Dragon Club

A cannabis club that is very familiar with being #1 in cannabis club rankings, the Dragon Club has a beautiful space that hosts arguably the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff in town. And that’s not to mention their supreme quality available at the club. Truly a legend among Barcelona clubs!

Follow their Instagram here dragonclubbarcelona

What we like: The genuine kindness and professionalism of the budtenders!
What we really really Like: The crazy strain they have, along with pretty much every cannabis item you can think of!

Address: Carrer del Bruc, 60, 08009 Barcelona

2. Barcelona Coffeeshop

In other words, a sophisticated club without a sophisticated atmosphere. The Barcelona coffeeshop really surprised us with how interactive their budtenders are and how committed they are to giving their members the best possible experience. Just walking around the club and admiring the attention to detail that goes hand in hand with the ideal service provided makes Barcelona Coffeeshop one of the most reputable clubs in Barcelona!

Follow their Instagram here Barcelona.coffeeshop

What we like: The elegance and comfort of the decor offered by the club.
What we really really Like: The personalized attention to each member they have is amazing! Truly 5 star service!

Address: C/ d’Aragó, 60, 08015 Barcelona

3. MBC Cannabis Barcelona Club

Who would have thought that a comfortable, high-quality club would find its place in the modern district of Diagonal Mar? Situated amongst modern structures and a few minutes walk from the beach, Marijuana Barcelona Club has proven to be one of the strongest performers by having a beautifully designed club that functions to perfection!

What we like: The surprising variety of different products they have and the way they explain them.
What we really really Like: The superb location of the club and its proximity to some of Barcelona’s top destinations.

Address: Carrer de Josep Pla, 31, 08019 Barcelona

4. Zkittlez Weed Club Barcelona

Our experience there was as colorful as a bag of Skittles candy! Great club vibes and an amazing collection of cannabis products for every taste! The staff was super friendly and accommodating even to some of our inexperienced consumers who followed!

What we like: The super friendly and welcoming staff.
What we really really Like: Attention to weed quality is very important at Zkittlez Weed Club, so much so that some of the best joints we’ve had were there.

Address: C/ d’Aragó, 209, 08011 Barcelona

5. G13 Cannabis Club

A club renowned for its music and lifestyle culture, G13 offers much more than a typical cannabis club in the city center. This club has become one of the classic and most reliable clubs in Barcelona. The vibes there are perfect for anyone looking to have a good time while enjoying their marijuana, listening to some of the hottest music in the business, and meeting the coolest crowd.

What we like: The high quality varieties they have in their pharmacy.
What we really really Like: The club’s events and live musical performances have made this club a lifestyle icon in Barcelona and Europe.

Address: C. de Nàpols, 187, Bajo, 08013 Barcelona

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