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Top 10 Marijuana Hashtags for Social Media

Choosing the right marijuana hashtags can increase your reach and engagement. However, using the wrong ones can land you spam, get you punished by the platform’s algorithm, or worse, get your account terminated.

For use cannabis hashtags effectively, you need to understand the different types of hashtags, how much you can use per post, and how to find new ones to use for your content. Here’s our guide to the 10 best marijuana hashtags for social media.

Top 10 Marijuana Hashtags for Social Media

Selecting the best marijuana hashtags for you requires frequent research of popular and relevant hashtags used by your target audience. The following hashtags are some of the most used, with millions of posts searchable by hashtags.

Although these may be some of the most frequently used cannabis hashtags, you will have to compete with millions of other posts with the same hashtag. Instead, we recommend using these hashtags to find other hashtags that are more relevant and specific to your brand.

Here are the top 10 cannabis hashtags to use and research for your social media strategy.

1. #cannabiscommunity

2. #420

3. #cannabisculture

4. #medicalmarijuana

5. #maryjane

6. #weedlife

7. #CBD

8. #weedstagram

9. #highsociety

10. #mmd


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Popular hashtags vary by social media platform. For best results, find niche hashtags that relate to your brand instead of just using popular hashtags.

How to use hashtags for social media

Each social media network requires different strategies. Here are some tips and tricks to help you use hashtags for social media.


Use 1-2 hashtags in your Facebook post or in the comments. Hashtags can also be used to categorize content into private groups. Search for hashtags in Facebook’s search bar.


Use 5-10 hashtags after your caption, in the comments section, in the Instagram bio, or in your Instagram stories, although stories are not included on hashtag pages. Look for hashtags in the Explore section of Instagram.

Follow hashtags to see all posts tagged with the hashtag. Instagram’s Business account lets you see your impressions from the hashtags you use.


Use 1-2 hashtags anywhere in a tweet, tweet reply, twitter bio, and retweet comment. Search for new hashtags in the Twitter search bar.


Use 2-3 hashtags in the title or description of the video. Click on the hyperlinked hashtags to search for other videos with the same hashtag.


Use 2-5 hashtags in Pin descriptions. In the mobile version, Pinterest offers hashtag suggestions when creating a pin.


Use 1-2 hashtags in your posts. Search for hashtags using LinkedIn’s search bar. LinkedIn will offer hashtag suggestions as you type.

Avoid using banned hashtags

Instagram is known for close cannabis-related accounts for violating their terms of service. Certain hashtags are banned and hidden to prevent the dissemination of information about cannabis, a federally illegal substance.

Hashtags containing the words “cannabis” or “marijuana” are more likely to be banned or hidden and trigger penalties and account closures from platform administrators. Using the wrong hashtags can cause you to lose all followers and content.

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How to find the best weed hashtags for your brand

Hashtag research is essential to the effectiveness of your social media strategy. Here are some tips to help you find the best cannabis hashtags that will increase reach and engagement.

Research the competition

Competitive hashtag research lets you find new hashtags, learn which ones work, and decide which ones to avoid. You don’t have to copy the same weed hashtags, but you can use them as inspiration to create a relevant set for your social media posts.

Identify the hashtags your followers are using

Researching hashtags used by your followers is one of the best ways to find relevant hashtags for your cannabis brand. For example, Instagram’s mobile app lets you perform a hashtag search and shows you if someone you follow is following the hashtag.

Use branded hashtags

Creating your own branded hashtag may not initially increase reach, but it’s a great way to create user-generated content. Spread the word about the hashtag through your bio, captions, stories, and contests/giveaways. Follow the hashtag to find posts you can share.

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