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Tips for Keeping Your Weed Stash Away from Pets and Kids

We all like to take our time to choose the best possible grass products we can. Whether you are looking for leisure or medical cannabis online or visit a dispensary near you or your work, it is essential to buy quality products, tested appropriately and sold at a reasonable price. You can head to a page like to compare retailers in Massachusetts, for example, and find the best outlets and some products for your needs.

However, the care you take in sourcing your weed must also be invested in keeping it safe once you bring it home. If you have pets or children in the house, take steps to keep them away from cannabis to protect not only your stash, but their health as well. Children and pets can become very sick if they ingest marijuana. In particular, keep edible away from them as these may have a more appealing look, feel, taste and smell which is attractive to pets and small children.

It is useful to know some tips to protect your marijuana from prying eyes, hands and mouth. Here are some ideas to consider today, as well as some steps to take if a loved one is consuming something they shouldn’t be consuming.

Tips for keeping marijuana away from pets and children

Keep the grass high

The first thing you can do to protect your stock and those you care about is to put your grass up high where children and pets can’t reach it. Place it on the top shelf of a closet or on high shelves that cannot be easily climbed. Don’t make the product visible either, as you don’t want to encourage children, in particular, to climb and investigate. It’s better to put the goods in a plain, boring container than something shiny and eye-catching that will catch the eye of those you don’t want to see.

Use a locked box or safe

However, your cannabis will be even more out of reach if you store it in a locked box or safe. It is advantageous to place the product in a fireproof box, like the type you can buy to store important documents. Just make sure you remember the combination of padlock or safe etc so you can access your weed whenever you want!

Hide the smell

It’s also wise to try to mask the smell of your marijuana products so they don’t attract pets, especially pets who have a keen sense of smell and may scavenge for the items. to the scent of earth they pick up. An empty coffee can, for example, can work well.

Do not expose children or pets to grass

If your kids and pets never see you using or handling your weed, they’re much less likely to be interested in it. As such, try to keep all of your marijuana time to times when your loved ones aren’t around and may not have any ideas or curiosity about it.

What to do if pets or children eat some of your weed

Unfortunately, no matter how vigilant you are, one of your children or pets could enter your stash and become ill from consuming some or all of it. If this happens, you need to know what to do.

Understand the symptoms to watch out for

Keep an eye out for common signs of poisoning. For example, pets may exhibit dilated pupils, drooling, impaired balance, or uncoordinated movements. They may seem disoriented or hyperactive, vocalize more than usual, drool, or feel hotter or colder than usual. Also beware of heartbeat changes, tremors, seizures, coma, etc.

As for children, take note if you see them experiencing overdose symptoms such as panic attacks, anxiety, paranoia, dizziness or intoxication. They might experience dizziness, have altered perception, or start having heart problems as well. Pets and children may also seem extremely sleepy and begin to breathe rapidly or vomit. Either way, a quick diagnosis can save the life of your pet or child or at least prevent them from getting as seriously ill.

Take action

If you are concerned that a pet or child has ingested cannabis, take them to the vet, hospital or doctor as soon as possible. You can also call the poison control center for advice and help. Don’t delay or provide only half-truths because you fear getting into trouble or being frowned upon, etc. The sooner a specialist examines your loved one and understands what happened, the sooner he can start treatment if necessary.

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