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Tips and tricks for getting the best flavour from your dry herb vaporizer

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One of the biggest complaints I hear from people about vaping dry herb is that it tastes awful. On the contrary, you get the best flavor of dry herb vapingthis article will tell you how to really take advantage of these terpenes while vaping cannabis.

It’s all about these terpenes!

Terpenes are the essential oils of the plant, they give each cultivar its unique flavor and smell. Some cannabis cultivars can taste amazing, especially an aromatic sativa-leaning cultivar like Blue Dream. With the right vaporizer, you get all the wonderful blueberry, lavender and citrus notes of a good Blue Dream.

That’s what makes vaporization of dry herbs so awesome, the amazing flavor you get when done right. Smoking cannabis destroys terpenes, so you don’t get the delicate flavor you get when vaping cannabis.

With vaping, you never achieve combustion, so you never inhale smoke, but rather a vapor that contains the cannabinoids and other properties of the plant. Terpenes give you a rich taste experience and here’s how to get the most out of their flavor…

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You need a good dry herb vaporizer

This is the most important advice I can give you, it really matters which vaporizer you buy. Some are badly designed and will taste bad and burn your throat. Even some of the higher end models can lack flavor due to the way they are made.

When buying a dry herb vaporizer, look for one that has a long vapor path or a cooling unit like the Clever + and other models from Storz and Beckel that all have superior flavor.

If you are a terpene connoisseur and looking for the best flavor from a dry herb vaporizer, there are 2 that I recommend which are the best I have tried for truly outstanding flavor and they are:

Arizer Air 2 with a long stem

arizer air 2
Arizer Air 2 with curved stem

Hands down the Arizer Air 2 with the curved rod attachment gives you the best flavor. You can also use the long glass rod for the Solo 2, the glass rods for Arizers are interchangeable.

We found that the flavor of the Arizer Air 2 with a longer stem always gave us the best flavor and it is cheaper than other vaporizers on the market. It has removable batteries so you never have to worry about the battery running out.

Crafty+ by Storz and Bickel

clever more
Crafty+ by Storz and Bickel

I did not try the mighty of Storz and Bickel but from what I’ve heard it’s just as good if not better than the Crafty+ but it comes at a much higher price. The Crafty+ is also a premium vaporizer that offers superior flavor and a smooth draw.

Storz and Bickel products are pretty much the gold standard for dry herb vaporizers, but they are expensive. The downside is that they don’t have a removable battery, so if the battery fails outside of its warranty, you’ll lose your vaporizer. So far our Crafty+ has been good and we’ve had it for 2 years now.

Cold vapor gives better flavor

Cool vapor is the key to great flavor. With any dry herb vaporizer, the temperature for taste is 356f or 180c. This temperature will give you maximum flavor.

I recommend starting at this temperature so you can get a few hits with the rich flavor of the terpenes, then increasing the temperature if you want to release more cannabis properties, that way you get the best vaping experience.

Use a bubbler

Most dry herb vaporizers can be modified to attach a bubbler. First you get the right adapter piece, then the bubbler sits on top. (watch the video above as I demonstrate a bubbler for the Arizer).

Bubblers cool the vapor and give you a much smoother draw. Bubblers also give you great flavor, but you may need to turn up the heat with a bubbler, depending on its size. Play around with different temperature settings to see which one gives you rich vapor with great flavor.

Even a crappy vaporizer can be turned into a good vaporizer with a bubbler. Research the options for the model you have to enhance the flavor of your vaporizer.

Clean your vaporizer regularly

A dirty, grimy vaporizer will taste like crap. Vaporizers should be cleaned once every two weeks, but once a week is ideal.

You can use 90%+ isopropyl to clean most parts of the vaporizer, just make sure you don’t get any liquid inside the oven or other mechanical parts of the vaporizer. One tip is to use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol (excess of which has been squeezed out), tip your spray bottle upside down and clean the inside of the oven while it’s upside down, this will prevent the liquid from getting inside the device.

The glass parts are easily cleaned with isopropyl, just soak them for a few minutes and use hot water and a paper towel to dry them afterwards.

Each unit will have its own way of cleaning them properly, check the manual to find out which parts need to be cleaned. (I have a demo of the Davinci iQ2 in the video above).

Eat something minty!

This is my bonus tip for getting the best flavor from your dry herb vaporizer and it’s mint! It’s something I discovered years ago and it’s amazing the flavor you can get from eating something minty.

Suck on a mint, brush your teeth, or use a mint mouthwash before vaping and you’ll be amazed at how it brings out the flavor of the terpenes!

You don’t want to eat anything too minty because you don’t want it to overpower the flavor, you want enough of it to enhance the terpenes. This can give some cultivars a candy taste.

Give it a try, then leave a comment below and tell me what you thought of using mint first.

Vaporizing dry herbs is for terpene connoisseurs

Vaporizing dry herbs is the best way to take advantage of all the delicate notes of each terpene present in a cultivar. However, you must have a good vaporizer with a long vapor path, cool the vapor by lowering the temperature, using a bubbler and keeping your device clean.

Eating a mint first will also enhance the flavor.

Preserving terpenes with dry herb vaping not only gives you superior flavor, but gives you a personalized experience because you can release the cannabinoids and terpenes you want by changing the temperature. Check out Weed Mama’s temperature guide to learn more.

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