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Thrive CBD Brand Review – Hail Mary Jane ®

Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the CBD industry knows that it is positively saturated. The 2018 Farm Bill – which federally legalized hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC – resulted in a tsunami of brands flooding the market, eager to cash in on the latest Green Rush. While the legislation provided the framework for farmers to grow an agricultural product that dates back to before America’s founding colonies, it did not necessarily put in place the regulatory framework that would allow for consistency across different states and brands. . This is something we have definitely noticed at
Hail Mary Jane when we were ‘accidentally’ baked by (supposedly) low THC CBD chocolate. It’s not like we’re complaining or anything, but being unexpectedly baked on a deadline doesn’t exactly do wonders for productivity.

The quality of their products is what makes the brand Thrive Flower so refreshing. We’ve tried a ton of their products and they’re consistent, high quality, and beautifully packaged.

What we like Thrive Flower is that it’s a brand that doesn’t rely on white-label manufacturing partnerships (and clinging to the cloaks of someone else’s COA or Certificate of Analysis). These guys are transparent and test every batch of product they make. The other great thing about Thrive Flower is that they go so far as to have their Certificates of Authenticity verified by Real Tested CBD, a platform designed to bring transparency to a growing industry. CBD tested real is a California-based company doing the work the rest of the market should be doing for the regulation of CBD products. They independently lab test a company’s CBD products and give them a brand review score against other brands on the market.

We also love that Thrive Flower is focused on supporting local organic farmers. Based in Philadelphia, the brand sources its flowers exclusively from farms in Bucks and Lancaster counties that grow their hemp, as well as other products, using organic and sustainable methods. Their products are all made in small batches to ensure the quality, integrity, and love of each item.

Jake Wolff founded the company with his brother Judd and their friends Colby Mills and Curtis Matthias after discovering a shared passion for the benefits of CBD long before it exploded in national popularity. “Our biggest goal for the brand is to continue to grow within our local community in Philadelphia,” says Wolff. “We pride ourselves on educating our local community about the incredible benefits cannabis has to offer. We also focus on connecting with local retailers in the community and developing a personal rapport with business owners. »

We at Hail Mary Jane have had the chance to try out some of Thrive Flower’s most popular products and wanted to share what we found.

A beautiful, high quality CBD flower with wonderful shades of purple and a slightly sweet aroma. The packaging is a tasteful glass jar with a bamboo lid and logo inlay on top. Overall a good smoke with a very smooth lemony flavor and a focused, relaxed buzz. One of our fantastic editors shared that he used it to get through a mountain of content writing and was happy to report that it helped him stay on target. He also saw an improvement in his knee discomfort during intense workouts after using it. Overall, we would suggest this flower to anyone looking for something high quality, flavorful, and fast acting in the CBD flower sphere.

Indoor CBD Flower Strawberry Cake

It was another great performance from Thrive Flower. We’ve tried several varieties of their CBD flower and heard things like “this is the best CBD flower I’ve ever smoked” and “god, that stuff was good!” With the majority of us based in Colorado, that means something. The quality of the flower is even more evident when you look at the buds closely under a magnifying glass. The strawberry cake has gorgeous reddish orange threads all over it and smells like infused strawberry shortcake. Definitely worth a try.

CBD Drops for Pets – Natural Flavor – 750mg

We specifically asked to try this as some of the dogs in the Hail Mary Jane family have suffered from anxiety recently. This is not surprising, given that our pets have had almost full-time access to us for much of the pandemic, and are now adjusting to their humans returning to a somewhat more active. The brand offers a few varieties of pet products. Their CBD dog treats with 2mg of CBD per serving (30 servings per pack) are ideal for small dogs (under 40 lbs). Rosie, The Doog and Roger are all a bit bigger than that, so we opted for the pet drops. At 1500mg per bottle, a single serving contains 25mg of CBD, so it’s a better bet for large dogs or pets with high levels of anxiety. A dropper of this has worked wonders for our doggos and we’re definitely planning on having more to keep in the office.

Vegan CBD Gummies (35 mg per serving, 50 gummies per container)

One of Thrive Flower’s best sellers, and it’s easy to see why. These gummies don’t have the herbal undertaste of some CBD gummies that make you feel like you’re chewing weed, and a bottle of 50 gummies for $69.99 (or $55.99 if you’re using our code HailMary20) is a bargain. They look like sugar-dusted gummy bears and are both soothing and tasty.

1000 mg of CBD balm for pain relief

It might be a new favorite, and a little goes a long way. Here at Hail Mary Jane, like many people, we have elderly parents dealing with the aches and pains that are an inevitable part of the aging process. Arthritis. Sciatica. Old wounds where pain and discomfort have come back with a vengeance. CBD products can be a game changer when it comes to pain relief, and this product definitely delivers. Our folks loved it and we can definitely see this making an appearance in a CBD-themed Christmas box very soon.

500mg CBD Muscle Gel

In a lovely pale pink hue, this stuff works wonders for sore muscles after a vigorous hike or CrossFit session. With 500mg of CBD and Thrive’s glass and bamboo packaging, this is a product that not only looks great on your bathroom counter, but delivers on the promise of relieving sore muscles.

What we loved about this product is how incredibly refined it is. Loaded with the goodness of CBD, the tincture has a clarity that we don’t often see in this industry, as well as a very smooth flavor. A dropper of this product in the morning reduced stress, made us less prone to road rage, and certainly played a part in relieving pain.

Overall, we have been very pleased with the quality of Thrive Flower’s product line and identify strongly with their community-driven mission. Discover their full range of products and use code HailMary20 for 20% off from your friends at Hail Mary Jane.

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