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The wait is over! NJ legal weed officially for sale at 12 medical marijuana dispensaries – Cannabis Business Executive

When it comes to legal weedthe waiting was always the hardest part.

There were the hours spent queuing, through a cold night that turned chilly but pleasant after sunrise – just to be lucky enough to be one of the first customers.

“I thought maybe I got there too soon,” said Daniel Garcia, first in line at the RISE clinic in Paterson at 3:30 a.m.

There were the 14 months of waiting for the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission to finally give the green light (pun intended entirely), and the months before that as lawmakers bickered over the nuances of the laws. weed laws demanded by more than two-thirds of New Jersey voters.

There were three years of “will they or won’t they” even before that, not to mention the years spent in courtrooms, jails and jails fighting charges of possession and distribution of marijuana.

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