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The Different Ways to Consume CBD: A Patient Guide

CBD cigarettes are not as popular as most other methods of consumption. Indeed, smoking cannabis is primarily associated with THC. However, hemp flowers can also be smoked. Joints are a popular way to smoke CBD. The hemp flower is crushed and rolled into a joint that looks like a tobacco cigarette. The wrapper can be infused with additional flavors to enhance the smoking experience. Joints usually have a filter at the end that allows you to smoke the joint all the way through without burning your fingers.

Why would anyone choose a CBD joint?

Joints are preferred by those who want immediate relief from pain or anxiety. CBD joints are also relatively inexpensive.

How it works

CBD joints are very similar to normal tobacco cigarettes. The joint is held between the two fingers and turned on. The CBD flower burns and releases smoke which is inhaled into the lungs and ends up in the bloodstream. Effects are usually felt within five minutes of inhalation. However, this process introduces contaminants into the body as the CBD is burned.


  • Provides instant relief
  • Easy to use for those used to smoking
  • Cheap
  • Some people may find this method cool

The inconvenients

  • Combustion products are introduced into the lungs. Although CBD itself is not harmful to the lungs, the chemicals released during combustion can be harmful. Therefore, prolonged use of CBD cigarettes is strongly discouraged.
  • Not a discreet way to consume CBD

Tips for getting the most out of a joint

It is important to learn the correct smoking technique in order to get the most out of the experience. Improper technique will cause bouts of coughing. Also avoid sharing joints from person to person.

CBD transdermal patches

Transdermal patches are a new method of consumption that is effective in delivering dosed doses of CBD topically. The CBD is infused into adhesive patches which are applied to the skin. The patches deliver specific doses of CBD into the bloodstream at fixed durations.

Why are CBD transdermal patches popular?

CBD transdermal patches are popular because they deliver specific doses of CBD into the bloodstream and at specific intervals. They are also very easy to use; once the patch is applied, the user does not need to exert any more effort. This makes it a fantastic option for those who easily forget to take medication.

How they work:

The skin must first be cleaned and dried. The patch is then applied to the recommended part of the skin and nowhere else. The area must be well vascularized to increase the absorption of CBD.


  • Easy to use
  • Once applied, the CBD is continuously released
  • Provides dosed dosage
  • Superior bioavailability

The inconvenients

  • Not ideal for those with super sensitive skin
  • Patches can be expensive

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Cannabis Patches

To get the most out of CBD patches, be sure to apply the patch to a sufficiently clean skin surface free of excessive hair. You need to target a well-vascularized area to ensure the CBD is easily absorbed. Avoid oily areas of skin as this will reduce absorption.

CBD suppositories

CBD suppositories are consumed by inserting the CBD-infused medication into the rectum, vagina, or urethra. The CBD is then broken down and absorbed by the body. Although this is an unconventional method of consuming CBD, it is ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing or those in need of immediate relief.

How they work:

CBD suppositories come in the form of a small, cylindrical-shaped medicine. Once inserted into the rectum or vagina, the suppository is broken down to release CBD which is absorbed through the tissue walls and absorbed into the bloodstream. The effect is almost immediate and the bioavailability is high since this method bypasses degradation in the liver.


  • Ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing
  • Effects kick in quickly and last longer
  • Ideal for treating vaginal or rectal problems

The inconvenients

  • May be difficult to administer
  • Can be annoying

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Cannabis Suppositories

Always use gloves when inserting the suppository. Once you have inserted the suppository into the rectum, squeeze the sphincter muscles for a few minutes before releasing. This accelerates the breakdown of the suppository.

What are the healthiest methods of consuming CBD?

Cannabidiol, on its own, is very safe even when consumed in high doses. Healthy ways to consume CBD should not introduce any contaminants into the CBD. Most of the consumption methods mentioned above are healthy and safe. However, smoking CBD may not be completely safe. The combustion process introduces harmful “combustion products” which are inhaled into the lungs. Over time, they cause progressive damage to the lungs. A safe way to smoke CBD is through electronic cartridges. However, you will still need to ensure that the cartridges are not contaminated.


In summary, CBD can be consumed in different ways. When choosing the best method, it is important to consider your personal preferences, lifestyle, and the effectiveness of the method. Before embarking on a CBD journey, be sure to start with a high-quality CBD product.

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