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The Best Marijuana in Durango

It’s here at The Greenery. And I hope you already knew that; I’ve been telling you for years that we grow the best cannabis this side of the continental divide. However, let’s be honest: The Greenery Grow is great, but it’s not the biggest operation in the world because we’ve always taken the ‘quality over quantity’ route. Our mother tent is big enough for around 30 plants, which means we have around 30 different strains in our genetic library that we can rotate in our bloom rooms. We grow heavy hitters like Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze and Runtz, but variety is the spice of life, and there’s no way our customers will stay happy if they have to smoke the same 30 varietals for the rest. of their life. , so we also bring some of the best cannabis from all over Colorado to complement what comes out of our culture. This morning, as I sat at my desk in a daze wondering what I was going to write this week, I realized that I had never told you anything about the crops that produce some of the flowers that we bring to Durango specifically for the variety. , so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Here is:

Boulder builds is probably my favorite right now because to say their genetics are “rare and exotic” would be an understatement. This is the team that brought you strains like Mr. Nasty and Flavor Crystals (pictured above), the first of which is a cross between GMO and Grease Monkey; the latter is created by crossing Grape Pie with Legend Orange Apricot. Boulder Built puts time and science into their craft, and the buds that sprout from their cultivation are comically impressive: they’re huge and dense and covered in crystals that coat your hands as you play with your pot.

Silver Lake is another good one, and they’re shipping us four pounds of flowers (all of which test over 30% THC) as I type this. This place takes it a step further considering that they cure all of their cannabis in glass, which protects the flavor, but more importantly, they bring the variety. These guys grow about a billion different cultivars, so we’ll always bring their newest and best to keep our flower offerings fresh. And it’s not for nothing, 30% THC is impressive. This number literally means that a solid 30% of the flower’s weight comes from pure THC, so start slow and go slow with this product. He packs a punch.

Comes next In the Flo, which is a company that has been providing us with fire for a long time. I would say this crop is the best wholesale crop in the state, and they focus on lots of classics (like Lemon Skunk) while spicing up some exotics (like Don Shula). And if you pay attention and know your Colorado cannabis companies, you’ll notice that most of the brands I’m talking about are rooted in Boulder, which is no mistake. If you call yourself a real country/western singer, you played in Nashville. If you call yourself a true cannabis breeder/grower, you grew up in Boulder. That’s how it works, but the reason for that is the producers at OG Boulder who put Colorado on the map, including In The Flo.

Finally, by regular flower, anyway, comes Hummingbird brand. We haven’t ordered from these guys yet (we will shortly), but it’s exciting to add Hummingbird to our lineup. They too are from Boulder and are associated with The Farm family of dispensaries which is female owned and just awesome. These guys care about sustainability and organic practices, and they do everything right. Their buds are fluffy and bright and full of terpenes because they care more about flavor than potency, so it’s a win/win for everyone because we’ll be charging a little less for this stuff than for the stuff powerful and expensive. Specifically, I’m excited about Skinny Pineapple (one of the strains produced by Hummingbird) because the terp profile is insane: the flower smells like a bowl of fruit salad, the smoke tastes like cheesecake. pineapple and the high is downright tropical.

Now the reason I used “regular flower” as a condition at the beginning of the previous paragraph is that it would be inappropriate not to discuss the Sun Rocks which we recently started selling from Dadirri. A “Sun Rock” is a cannabis bud that has been coated in distillate and then topped with Bubble Hash, which is why this super potent smoker doesn’t count as a “regular flower” even if you smoke it as such. This stuff is great and deep depending on the flavor, and the potent high breaks down the barriers that those of us with high tolerances have between us and a good time, so I can’t tell you how much I love this stuff. . And really, it just goes to show that we really do everything we can to bring the best cannabis products, because Dadirri is a manufacturer of solvent-free concentrates, just like ours. hash plantbut we added them to the mix because their Sun Rocks are second to none, which you deserve.

And that’s it! Please keep checking back to learn all about recreational cannabis, and keep checking out our menu. HERE because we always bring new varieties of flowers. I promise I’ll do a better job of talking about all the exciting new flowers we’ll be sourcing in Colorado, and I promise The Greenery will stay focused on variety and quality when it comes to our weed, because we’ re your best friends!

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