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The Best Autoflower Seeds of Marijuana » How to Grow Weed Indoors

It is becoming more and more common to consume cannabis, whether for medical reasons, recommended by a professional or for recreational purposes. It should be noted that there is not only marijuana with THC, but also with CBD, which does not have the same effects or properties as the marijuana plant that causes the famous “high”. There are a multitude of varieties with different characteristics that meet the preferences and needs of each customer.

Bulk autoflower seeds are very popular among smokers and cannabis users, since it should be noted that marijuana can be consumed not only inhaled, but also in ointments, oils, creams, etc. Yet the best seeds can be found in grow shops dedicated to cannabis growers.

A good example of this is GB (the green mark) founded in 2011. It all started as a small store called The Seeds Grow Shop with its own website. Online sales have always been much higher and this has led to the opening of stores throughout Spain.

You can always visit their website for more information on how to order and which strain is best for what you are looking for. In this sense, in this article we will show you 3 of the best current autoflowering marijuana strains.

1. Auto White CBG 100% Feminized

This autoflowering variety is a hybrid mix and combines the characteristics of High GBC which offers multiple medicinal benefits without altering consciousness. And as pointed out in the previous paragraphs, there are strains of marijuana that don’t get high and instead offer other types of benefits that are relaxing, against insomnia, against muscle aches, help reduce stress, have antibacterial and antifungal properties, etc. you can find different packs, from the pack of 1 seed at €3.50, to the packs of 500 or 1000 seeds.

2. Auto Rubtz 100% Feminized

Second, there’s this well-bred autoflowering strain from one of the most renowned California varieties of the last decade, known for its balanced effect and its deep but balanced caramel aroma. It is a potent seed strain that does not needs 65-75 days mature fully. It is not complicated to grow or cultivate. She is perfect for beginners who are new to the world of growing and smoking marijuana without sacrificing her delicious taste.

3.Auto Original GB XXLL

Finally, it is worth mentioning this strain which is the result of planting after a selection process involving feminized Original Facebook in order to produce a high yielding autoflowering plant. Proper planting and proper care produce a type of buds covered with a resin which is perfect for homemade extracts. Its price is a little cheaper than the previous ones, since the pack of 1 seed costs 3 €. Its main characteristics are his flavor, reminiscent of red fruits, giving off sweet and earthy tones at the same time. Its effects are medicinal and some crops can produce high levels of CBD, making it a tasty, yet very relaxing seed.

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