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Supreme Ruckus Grassroots

MEDIUM: Flower
TCa 30.03%
THC 0.60%
GBC 0.16%

CBGA 0.54%
Batch #”50894
Exp. Date: 01/27/2023

PRODUCER: Base ~ Curaleaf
TO CLASSIFY: Sativa / Indica hybrid (Nature’s Heritage says “Sativa-dominant hybrid”
BOUGHT: Ethos Dispensary (formerly Mission Catonsville)

LINE: Garlic X Acai Berry Gelato Cookies

Garlic cookies= Chemdog aka Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies aka GSC.
Bred exclusively in Maryland by Grassroots, Garlic Cookies has become an old-line favorite that, to most, is synonymous with high-potency cannabis consistently commanding top-end THC content and harboring a robust gassy aroma and flavor. that hit as hard as its effects.

Acai Berry Gelato = Pink Panties x Sunset Sherbert. Originally bred by the infamous Sherbinskis, Açaí Berry Gelato is structurally sativa-dominant (70/30) and comes from the Gelato cultivar family.

Well if you don’t know. Our beloved Grassroots has been acquired by Vireo Health. It doesn’t seem to matter, as the quality of Grassroots shines through the pursuit of excellence in cultivating and curing GR favourites, as well as breathing new life into old bloodlines…
GR is still pending.


Supreme Ruckus demands your full attention as it instantly releases a flood of brain stimulation and greater awareness of external stimuli.
Its potency seems to accelerate as it begins to permeate throughout the body, melting stress and tension into oblivion. As the high builds, the physical and mental effects become interchangeable and nearly indistinguishable over successive sessions. Supreme Ruckus supports the senses, sharpening focus and motivating high-level cognition as it hits the body with waves of serene mobility; stimulate the appetite towards the end.
Supreme Ruckus in small to medium doses can be both creatively stimulating and concentration enhancing. High levels of ingestion and/or repeated sessions will release a steady stream of physically numbing euphoria. Supreme Ruckus’ mental effects appear to stem from a complex and varied genetic background; from Cherry Pie to durban poison to GSC as well as the infamous full-bodied Chemdog.
Some may enjoy the more cerebrally nimble side of Supreme Ruckus in small to medium doses in the morning or afternoon to ease anxiety, increase focus, and boost creativity; The more euphoric body effects of Supreme Ruckus ultimately relax the body and, depending on initial energy levels and intake levels, may facilitate drowsiness and sleep.


Immediate brain lift +/++
* increased ability to focus on detailed, repetitive tasks for long periods of time+/++/+++
* Stimulates creativity and creative impulses+/++/
*Potentially motivating in conjunction with its body buzz++/
* Heightened sense of awareness and heightened perception (especially auditory)+/++
* Time dilation/distortion +/++/+++
* Tangential but cyclical thought patterns that can lead to some self-awareness +/++/+++
* A minor potential for paranoia depending on the individual and setting maybe +++
* Can be socially lubricating/conversationally stimulating +/++

+ mic 1 breath
++ medium dose 2-3 deep breaths
+++successive sessions over 6-12 hours great inspirations


* Sensation of interior heat mainly at chest level +/++/+++
* mild to moderate cranial and facial pressure++
* some potential for dry mouth + dry eyes ++
* mild to medium appetite stimulation +++
* Slight potential for sedation and sleep induction +++

+ mic 1 breath
++ medium dose 2-3 deep breaths
+++successive sessions over 6-12 hours great inspirations

Bird's eye view of the eighth of the supreme ruckus with text deeply live on the top of the dram on the right

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