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Super Skunk Grow Report & Strain Story

Super Skunk is the offspring of Skunk #1 and a powerful Afghan parent. She has genetics to brag about and has claimed her place among the most famous strains of all time. Her potency, yield and sheer pleasure in growing have won her numerous awards. Sensi Seeds is proud to present Super Skunk in regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds.

Of all the legendary strains that have undoubtedly formed the backbone of modern cannabis, super skunk is the epitome of the first wave of modern cannabis genetics.

If Super Skunk is anything, it’s an example of what’s possible in cannabis in the hands of talented breeders. Before indoor cannabis cultivation was one thing (back in the 70s), producers only dreamed of reaching THC levels above 20%. But here we are, celebrating one of the biggest and most stable strains in the world, often providing a THC content of over 20% and created with nothing but clever cultivation techniques.

Super Skunk is a descendant of Skunk #1 and an Afghan parent. For a strain with such high THC levels, Super Skunk is deliciously resistant to common grow mistakes and easy to grow. Its consistency is one of the many reasons Super Skunk has won numerous awards and accolades.

We therefore present here Super Skunk, a variety that Sensi Seeds is proud to offer in ordinary, feminizedand autoflowering varieties. For those on a budget, Sensi Seeds also offers Super Skunk seeds from sister company White Label, which are also available in ordinary, feminizedand autoflowering. In this strain article, we’ll go over some growing information, effects and flavors, and some of the awards our Super Skunk has won over the years.

Growing Super Skunk

If there’s one thing growers can agree on, it’s that Super Skunk, despite her overall magnificence, is ridiculously easy to grow. Producers talk about this “you can get all the ‘feeling that comes with growing Super Skunk. We at Sensi Seeds hear this and are happy to feel that we have accomplished our mission.

Despite its low-maintenance nature, Super Skunk can still handle a little love if you imagine yourself to be a genius. Feed it sensibly and it will thrive, give you dense, fragrant buds, and reward you with a large harvest.

Ellis D. puts Super Skunk Automatic to the test

Ellis D., after trying Skunk #1 from Sensi Seeds, couldn’t resist trying Super Skunk Automatic. Here is his culture report.

“I germinated two seeds, which came out of the blocks in a hurry. Much like their Skunk #1 Automatic siblings, they lifted their heads above the ground in less than three days. Pampered by the highly efficient photoperiod LED light Emitted by a 24W SANlight unit (20 hours a day), they developed into extremely bushy and heavily branched young plants. They had a strongly pronounced horizontal growth and dark green leaves.

After a while, one of the plants began to stretch more than the other, thus adopting a more open growth pattern. As expected (and described by Sensi Seeds), the beginning of flowering took longer than Skunk #1 Automatic plants. After just over 3.5 weeks, one of the plants started to pre-flower, while the other needed half a week more for this. At that time, they measured 34 cm and 44 cm in height.

A week later, flowering had fully settled in, with small gnarled “roses” having emerged all over the plants, promising buds aplenty.

After another two weeks, the plants were littered with clusters of white flowers from top to bottom. It was as if, with all their might, they were pursuing a plan called “blossom like hell!”.

During flowering, both plants gained a lot of height. At 63 cm and 80 cm, they had doubled in size by the end of the cycle. The cultivation time was 88 and 90 days respectively (as specified by Sensi Seeds, flowering was completed in 63-65 days).

They were two magnificent autoflowering cannabis specimens, with magnificent big buds and a multitude of thick side buds. Both plants had an identical, well-formed flower structure, with their dense, tight buds exhibiting a fairly high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Lots of resin too.

Just like with the Skunk #1 Automatic buds, most of the resin glands were very short, as if someone had sprayed them with countless tiny drops of resin. And then there was the smell, unusually heavy for an auto strain. It had a penetrating, pungent and sweet flavor with a savory background, straight from the Sensi Seeds manual. Luckily, my activated carbon filters work well, otherwise such a strong smell would get into people’s noses it shouldn’t.

After drying and curing, the total yields were amazing – 57 and 75 grams.

Super Skunk Tasting

Many people (including us!) say that Super Skunk may require more experience to consume than to grow. She is known to be an exceptionally potent strain. Inexperienced consumers may want to keep this in mind and regulate their portions accordingly.

The taste of Super Skunk is, of course, very skunky, with an earthy undertone. It’s also surprisingly sweet, making it a palatable experience. Ellis D. described it as a full-mouth flavor sensation with a sweet finish. It’s also hailed by our reviewers as having an old-school skunky scent and flavor, with some recalling their first trips to Amsterdam over 20 years ago.

As already said, novice consumers should beware: Super Skunk is extremely powerful, offering a characteristic indica sofa-lock which can be difficult to shake out. It would be celebrated by medicinal cannabis users for its full physical effects, relaxing muscles and induce sleep.

Super Skunk embodies indica power blended with just enough sativa to elevate your mood, sending almost anyone who tries it into a kind of blissful stupor. We’d love to say this strain has a place for all tolerance levels, but that’s probably not true. If you feel like a low-tolerance type of cannabis user, tread very lightly with Super Skunk.

Super Skunk Rewards and Prizes

Over the years, Super Skunk has been celebrated for its potency, yields, and distinctive flavors. Here we list some of the awards Super Skunk has won so far.

  • Super Skunk Automatic gains 1st prize in the autoflowering category at the Cannabis Highlife Cup 2014
  • Super Skunk Automatic gains 1st prize in the autoflowering category at the Cannabis Highlife Cup 2012
  • Super Skunk wins 2n/a prize in the organic cultivation category at the Cannabis Highlife Cup 2015

We think Super Skunk will forever remain at the top of the “must grow” list for both novice and seasoned growers. Have you ever tried growing Super Skunk? We want to hear from you! Leave us your grow story and opinions in the comments!

  • Warning:

    Laws and regulations regarding the cultivation of cannabis differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law.

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