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Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights & Grow Tents [Reviewed]

spider breeder sf 2000

If you are a farming enthusiast, you must have struggled to keep farming profitable. This is a normal concern for farmers since most of them do not have the right resources for lighting and cultivation.

That’s why Spider Farmer eases the pain of every personal and commercial grower. The company provides a complete farming tent solution with powerful light output to make the process easier for every farmer.

This article will discuss the company and how it contributes to indoor growth.

Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights

It is not possible to meet the needs of billions of people with natural resources plant growth rate. Although the very rate is optimal for plant growth, the international market needs rapid cultivation progress. After all, various countries depend on agriculture to sustain their economies.

Now the only viable solution is to speed up the cultivation process without affecting the quality of the vegetation. That’s when Spider Farmer comes in to help indoor gardeners and the entire farming community.

Spider Farmer offers:

  • grow lights
  • Grow tents
  • Growkits
  • Ventilation systems

Grow lights are a catalyst for plants. These lights help farmers keep plants healthy from germination to harvest. Additionally, Farmer LED grow lights offer a targeted spectrum that keeps plants growing steadily through every phase of growth.

When you install the grow lights on your farm, you will see how the light spectrum converts energy into heat. The conversion is continuous and there will be no excess energy to harm plant growth.

That’s why Spider Farmer grow lights are energy efficient and provide a full spectrum of the energy required by plants. Moreover, they have almost 100,000 hours service life without any fluctuation in light intensity.

Here are the key features of the Spider Farmer grow lights:

  • Full Spectrum
  • Turn down the heat
  • More yield
  • Longer life expectancy

Now let’s talk about the different types of Spider Farmer grow lights.


Spider-Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow Light

spider breeder sf 1000

Next on the list we have the SF-1000 grow lights. This Spider Farmer light offers a sun-like spectrum for growing indoor plants. It uses Samsung LM301B diodes, which provide the highest LED light output on the market.

The best part is that it uses less energy while distributing light evenly throughout the canopy to ensure healthy plant growth. SF -1000 is made from reliable and durable materials which increase its lifespan compared to other similar lamps.

The design has no fan to keep the grow area quiet and peaceful. Moreover, it is ETL Certified (certification for grow light) as well as UL certified (certification for power cord).

SF -1000 is an amazing weed grow light and works well at all stages as you can adjust the height and light schedule to suit the plant’s needs.


  • Highly efficient grow light for small space like 2×2ft area
  • Secure design with waterproof and electric shock resistant parts
  • Noiseless operation
  • No assembly required


  • Brightness cannot be controlled

Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light

Like its smaller version featured above, the SF-2000 LED Grow Light is also a high output alternative that can cover an area of ​​2×4 feet. It has a light output and the light pattern is perfect for indoor plants. So if you have a larger growing area, this would be the right choice.

It comes with a dimmer option so you can adjust the brightness according to the plants needs. Plus, it provides even light coverage, which is one of the best attributes of Spider Farmer LED grow lights.

Like the SF-1000, this becomes light for the grass is also UL and ETL certified, which is a testament to the quality of the materials used.


The inconvenients

  • Gets hot during operation, so you need a fan to cool it
  • It arches in the middle because of the slim design

Spider-Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light

farmer spider SF 4000

Are you looking for a premium led grow light for your indoor plants? If yes, then SF-4000 is the best weed light. It only takes 450 watts and produces a bright output that is good enough to light up a 4×4 grow tent or larger spaces.

Additionally, the SF-4000 is a durable purchase as the lights can last for 50,000 hours. That means it should last about five years.

Like all the other products in this Spider Farmer lights review, this model also has a fanless design. Additionally, the grow light’s LED board is water resistant and the product has no exposed wiring.

In a nutshell, this powerful and easy-to-install light monster from Spider Farmer is a great long-term product.


  • Highly efficient Spider Farmer LED grow light for a brighter grow space
  • Has a sturdy and durable construction
  • An ideal choice for a large growing area
  • Delivers long-lasting performance

The inconvenients

  • 18-pound weight makes it a heavier alternative
  • Requires an external cooling source for heat dissipation


Spider Farmer grow tents and grow kits

Since Spider Farmer provides a complete farming solution, there are also grow tents and grow kits in their catalog. So, let’s take a look at the Spider Farmer grow tents and kits.

Spider Farmer Grow Tent

spider farmer grow tents

A grow tent allows you to create the best environment for your beloved plants. It’s like an incubator in which a plant can grow quickly.

The Spider Farmer grow tent is made of high quality canvas for vertical farming. Every inch of the canvas is durable and lightfast, letting only the amount of energy needed into the tent. This way your plants can feed inside the tent without inhibiting their growth.

There is also a window in the front of the grow tent. So you can easily check the plants at any time.

Spider Farmer indoor grow tents are available in different sizes. Some of the options can accommodate two plants. Both plants will get the same amount of power from the large light of the Spider Farmer LED grow lights inside the tent.

Spider Farmer grow kits

spider grow kits

The grow kits are able to grow plants without soil. This is why if you are a newbie to farming, Spider Farmer grow kits are the option you should go for.

The grow kit is a complete set of accessories for indoor gardening, including:

  • LED lights with dimmer button
  • Fan
  • Filtered
  • LED grow light controller

The Spider Farmer grow kit is cost effective for your entire farming run. You won’t need to install more expensive light as you grow more plants. The powerful LED grow lights will accompany your indoor garden longer than expected.

That’s why Spider Farmer’s Complete Farming Package allows novice farmers to farm on their own.

In addition, customers have applauded Spider Farmer’s after-sales service. You can get instant help from their support team especially when setting up the grow tent and lights. Remember that many lamps require critical inspection before installation. Thus, you can also contact their experts before taking any risk.


Spider-Farmer Lights Frequently Asked Questions

Are Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights Worth It?

The new Spider Farmer SF series has replaced the old “fuzzy” lights for farming. Although the combination of blue and purple (hence the fuzziness) worked for the grow lights, the spectrum was not intense enough to provide 24/7 power to the plants.

Also, those old purple lights worked with a noisy fan. So you can also reduce noise pollution by equipping the new LED grow lights for your indoor farm.

The Spider Farmer SF4000 is the most powerful LED grow light in the SF series. You can easily fit it in a 4ft x 4ft space. This is more than enough to grow the plants of your choice.

In addition, the SF series includes the following features:

  • Full spectrum (covers from seed to harvest)
  • Dim control (5% – 100% high output)
  • Samsung diodes
  • Daisy chain control

Each Spider Farmer SF Series LED grow light uses a quantum board with Samsung diodes and Meanwell drivers. This means that the power consumption is low.

Therefore, Spider Farmer LED grow lights are inexpensive and efficient for an indoor gardener.

Are Spider Farmer LED grow lights reasonably priced?

These LED grow lights are not the cheapest available on the market. But, considering their efficiency, long life, and ETL and UL certifications, they offer excellent value for money. They have no additional installation or maintenance costs, so purchasing them would help you save money in the long run.

Do Spider Farmers grow lights strong enough to grow weed?

The SF-1000 and SF-2000 offer a moderate yield of marijuana and are suitable for relatively smaller spaces. However, the SF-4000 gives maximum cannabis yield and is intended for large spaces.

Can I dim the Spider Farmer LED grow light?

Yes. There is a dimming button on the front and also on the back. When you turn on the switch on the back, you can dim the LED grow lights.

Does the powerful LED grow light harm the plants?

No. The grow tent is responsible for reflecting only the amount of light energy needed to reach the plants. Since the budding plant bud does not need much exposure to light intensity, the Spider Farmer grow tent ensures that only a particular amount of light energy enters the glass.


Final Thoughts

Spider Farmer is an economical solution for indoor gardening. You can produce maximum yields every year and also calculate plant growth rate.

Moreover, this company’s LED grow lights increase cultivation without damaging the plants.

So, get your grow tent and Spider Farmer kit today and boost the greenery inside your residential space.

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