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Seven In Ten Biden Voters Support National Marijuana Legalization, New Poll Finds

Another poll found that a strong majority of Americans of all political lines support either legalizing marijuana nationwide or allowing states to set their own cannabis policies. And seven out of 10 people who voted to elect President Joe Biden support nationwide legalization, despite the president’s continued opposition to the policy change.

YouGov’s survey highlights just how unpopular Prohibition is. Not a single demographic group surveyed showed majority or plural support for maintaining the status quo of federal cannabis prohibition.

Americans are more likely to say abortion, same-sex marriage and marijuana should be legalized nationally than to say they should be left to the states or banned nationally.

— YouGov America (@YouGovAmerica) May 12, 2022

Instead, he found that 45% of respondents believe cannabis should be legalized nationally, while an additional 25% said states should have autonomy to decide, for a sum of 70% who chose alternatives to prohibition . Only 17% said cannabis should remain illegal and 13% said they weren’t sure.

Although no demographic group came out in favor of the ban, there were common themes in which groups of people are most likely to favor legalization.

For example, 62% of Democrats said cannabis

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