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Rhode Island Lawmakers Unveil Revised Marijuana Legalization Bill, With Committee Votes Set For This Week

Rhode Island lawmakers have unveiled a new, revised proposal to legalize marijuana that is expected to go through two committees this week and then head to both chamber floors next week.

The legislation is the product of months of negotiations between lawmakers and the governor, who released its own legalization measure as part of a budget proposal in January.

Now the identical companion bills, which are sponsored by Sen. Joshua Miller (D) and Rep. Scott Slater (D), are ready for action. The Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Finance Committee are expected for vote on the measurements on Wednesday. Assuming they progress through those panels, floor votes are set for May 24.

“I’m proud that everyone involved – advocates, existing industry, patients, legislative leaders and the governor’s office – worked very cooperatively to iron out the bumps and create a proposal that works for all parties. stakeholders,” Miller said in a press release. Release. “We all wanted to do this in a way that was safe, maintaining revenue in Rhode Island and being as fair and just as possible.”

“The amended bill is a collaborative effort to address concerns about medical use protections, ensure fair governance

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