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Recon strain Information & Review [Updated ]

Welcome to this Recon strain review, where we’ve done the acknowledgement for you.

The Recon strain is an excellent cannabis specimen developed by DNA Genetics. They created this hybrid by crossing LA Confidential with Cannadential.

Sativa/Indica Indoor performance Outdoor performance Flowering period
20%-80% 1 – 2 oz/ft² 19 ounces/plant 8-9 weeks

Following in the footsteps of parent LA Confidential, the Recon variety is award-winning, winning 2nd prize at the 2008 South African Cup and 3rd place at the 2010 Outdoor Spannabis.

But what makes it so great?

About Recon Cannabis Strain:

The Recon marijuana strain is indica-dominantmaking it ideal when you want to let go and relax.

According to DNA Genetics’ Recon strain information, its terpene profile includes Limonene, B-caryophyllene, myrcene, linalool and fenchol.

In addition to the strain’s therapeutic effects, these terpenes are also responsible for its unique flavor and aroma.

Seeds of the Recon marijuana strain grow into stunning plants sporting dense, light green buds with splashes of burnt orange pistils and a thick glaze of sticky white trichomes.

All in all, the Recon strain is a weed strain that will challenge (and please) just about anyone. consume cannabisfrom experienced users to beginners.

You will also find the Recon cannabis strain from ReCon, Recon Kush and Recon OG.

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Recon Strain Information

Origin LA Confidential, Cannadential
Plant type 20% Sativa, 80% Indica
THC 16%-23%
CBD 0.46 – 0.85%
Effects Tingling
Fragrance Fresh mint
spicy pepper
bitter coffee
The flavours Sweet lemon-lime
fresh herbs
Zesty citrus
Fresh mint
Undesirable effect Dizziness, cotton mouth, dry eyes
Flowering period 8-9 weeks
Yield 1-2 oz/ft² (indoor), 19 oz/plant (outdoor)
Increase the difficulty Hard

Recon Strain Yield

If you are looking to grow your own marijuanathe Recon strain is a weed strain that rewards your efforts.

It can be grown outdoors and indoors and responds well to most growing strategies.

He prefers a maritime or Mediterranean type climatewhere the summers are warm (but not scorching) with moderate humidity.

If you are growing outdoors, early summer, when temperatures are around 70°F – 80°F, is the best time to start.

You can expect average yields of 19oz/plant. Indoor yields are 1-2 oz/ft2. Refer to the Recon strain cultivation information in this review for advice on maximize your returns.

LA Confidential Strain

LA Confidential Feminized Seeds

  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • High THC levels of up to 25%
  • Easy to grow at high temperatures
  • Calms the mind and body

Recon Strain THC Content

The THC percentage of the Recon strain ranges from 16% to 23%, which puts it on the mid-high end of the scale.

Cultivation methods have an overall influence THCwhich explains why some information about the Recon strain notes strains with only 13%, while others claim it can be as high as 25%.

It’s quite a difference. You can ensure a THC content that you can manage by doing a little acknowledgement (the pun was too good to resist) before buy buds or seeds.

Recon Warp Effects

Recognition Constraint Effects

Weed lovers regularly report multiple positive effects from smoking this bud.

A review of the Recon Strain called it a excellent indica for pain relief, appetite stimulation, insomnia and relaxation.

Many have noted it as having little to no head height, with an intense body tingling effect.

It is also not uncommon to experience heightened arousalso keep Recon in mind for your next date.

The effects of Recon Constraint work to quiet the mind and slow racing thoughts, with many using it to combat symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADD and ADHD.

Recognize also increases creativitybut as you lose yourself in the warm embrace of full body effect, you will have little motivation to put your ideas into action.

You will also be too lost in euphoria to care about, so maybe save it for late afternoon, early evening, or when you have nothing else to do.

He knows what you need, is there for you, and wastes no time getting you high. The price of the Recon strain will vary from retailer to retailer.

Recon Strain Perfume
Recon Strain Perfume

Recon Strain Perfume

Weed from the Recon strain has a considerably pungent aroma, but that doesn’t mean it’s unappealing.

On the contrary, its blend of rich, refreshing flavors, sweetand spicy the land is deliciously good.

Its flavor profile is quite kushy. It is carried by a mixture of sweet and spicy fruit and topped off with fresh mint, spicy pepper and cloves, and hot, bitter coffee.

One puff, and it’s clear why many call it the Recon Kush strain.

Recon Strain Flavors

If the scent makes you imagine the taste of this unique blend, you won’t be disappointed.

The sweet lemon– Lime and fresh herbs from Fenchol control the zesty citrus and fresh mint from Limonene.

The sweet sweetness of myrcene contrasts with the peppery spiciness of B-caryophyllene and the musky notes present in both terpenes bind the flavors together.

Linalool, a blend of tropical fruit and spicy wood, rounds out the flavor.

The terpene blend of the Recon strain culminates in a delicious smoke that will have you exploding cut.

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Recon Strain Adverse Effects

The Recon Kush strain starts out with a creep before suddenly settling down, so take it easy (especially if it’s your first time or your THC tolerance is low).

While couchlock is almost inevitable, the amount you consume determines whether you’ll melt or happily fall like a lead stone.

You might also feel dizzy. Plus, the sedative effect of the Recon strain lasts longer than your usual indica, so think about that before you get greedy.

Recognition can be delicious on the burn, but it’s not as pleasant on the eyes, which can become dry, itchy and irritated.

It’s uncomfortable enough to notice, but it won’t spoil the experience – like traveling through an enchanted forest haunted by a ghost. The Recon strain also causes cottonmouth and food cravings.

Fill with water and snacksand you’ll do just fine.

Recognition Strain Growth
Recognition Strain Growth

Recognition Strain Growth

Sourcing seeds from the Recon strain is quite simple, but growing them can be moderately difficult. Luckily, Recon strain grow information is relatively easy to find.

Thanks to her ultra-sticky trichomes, this strain is a grower’s dream, but nugs this dense can be a nightmare to manage.

When preparing your installation – indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse – watch your humidity level. Too moist, and the nuggets become susceptible to mold.

Too dry, and the plants could wilt. Another factor to pay attention to is the temperature, which should be warm and sunny, but not scorching. Between 70°F and 80°F is your sweet spot.

Outdoor grows can be more difficult to managebut if you have the will, we know the way.

In addition to tightly packed nugs, the plant has large, fan-shaped leaves that can reduce the buds’ access to air and light.

Trim, trimand cut help increase airflow and light exposure, especially to the middle and lower nuggets.

These techniques also prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold, moldand even root rot.

You will also need a good set of scissors designed to handle such a resinous variety.

Flowering period of the Recon variety

Flowering period of the Recon variety

In an area with June summers, your crop will be ready in early to mid-autumn (late September – early October).

Flowering indoors takes 8-9 weeks, which is considerably longer than the flowering period of the LA Confidential parent strain (6-8 weeks).

Recon produces dense, round buds typical of an indica.

Genetics Recon

LA Confidential is a hybrid strain with an indica dominance of up to 95% and an average THC of 16%-26%.

His parents understand OG LA Affiliate and Afghan Indica, a 100% indica landrace strain.

Cannadential is a balanced hybrid with an average THC content of 22%. His parents are LA Confidential and Cannalope.

There isn’t much information on Cannalope, and most web searches will direct you to Cannalope Haze In place.

Some sources say Cannalope is no longer available and Cannalope Haze is its replacement.

However, many believe these are simply two names for the same strain.

This debate extends to the LA Cannalope strain, which crosses LA Confidential and Cannalope Haze.

Is it an alias for Cannadential? Or is it the stump replacement? It depends on what sources you believe.

Recon Marijuana Strain FAQs

What is the dominant strain in Recon?

Cannadential is an offspring of LA Confidential. These two strains are then mated to bring us ReCon. Essentially, LA Confidential acts as both parent and grandparent of the Recon strain. So, naturally, LA Confidential dominates its genetic heritage.

What is Recon OG?

The Recon OG strain is a descendant of the Recon strain, created by crossing Recon with OG Kush. The Recon OG strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with THC levels ranging from 16% to 25%

How is Ghost OG similar to Recon?

They share the same flavor profile and the effects of the Recon strain are similar to Ghost OG. However, Recon focuses more on the body, while Ghost OG seems to have a greater influence on the mind. Although users were happy with Recon, Ghost OG left them much more uplifted. The strains, while similar, are just different enough to warrant spawning a Ghost Recon strain…

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