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Purple Wookies Weed Strain Review & Information

Those special days when the Ontario Cannabis Store launches a new collection of new-to-market products that always feel like Christmas in January.

You never know what freebies you’re going to get and there are always a number of noteworthy items to pique the interest of even the most seasoned smokers.

During the last drop on January 25, the provincial cannabis retailer graced us with the presence of 240 exciting new releases, including infused pre-rolls, a CBD toothpaste, as well as powerful nuggets like moon rocks straight from the famous Okanagan region of British Columbia.

Scroll down for our top five picks from the latest release.

THC coffee pods

Cannabis coffee K-cups! (Courtesy of Steeprock Functional Coffee est. 420)

Brand: Steeprock Functional Coffee is. 420

Authorized Producer: CannMart

Dosage: THC, 10mg, CBC, 0mg

Did you ever imagine a world where your morning bevvy was soaked in weed? Well, in 2022, it finally happened.

Steeprock Functional Coffee is. 420, the creators of this unique new brew, is the very first company to combine two of the world’s greatest vices: cannabis and caffeine. Each pod is infused with 5mg of THC which is a hybrid and has been emulsified in ground coffee, then packaged in convenient K-cups.

Small disposable pods can be used with any single pod coffee maker that uses K-cups. Each pack comes with two cups for $10.95, which is a price more comparable to a big old Starbucks latte than your average coffee at home, but this cup of coffee will hit differently.

EaseWhite CBD Toothpaste (contains THC)

There is very little scientific evidence regarding CBD and oral hygiene, but that doesn’t make this product any less exciting! (Courtesy of Fresh Dayly)

Brand: Freshdayly

Authorized Producer: Lupos Biotechnology

Dosage: THC, 6.25mg, CBD, 125mg

Another notable lifestyle product from this most recent drop is a THC and CBD infused toothpaste.

the EaseWhite CBD Toothpaste contains 125 mg of CBD and 6.25 mg of THC and has been infused with peppermint and tea tree oil, as well as other aromatic essential oils which help to make your teeth, gums and your mouth fresh and clean.

It’s also free of all those nasty little buggers like parabens, silicones, and sulfates.

SeaWeed OG CBD Salt Dip

This is the first CBD soak to use Atlantic seaweed, which is excellent for skin hydration. (Courtesy of Stewart Farms)

Brand: Rebound by Stewart Farms

Authorized Producer: Aqualitas

Dosage: THC, 0mg, CBD, 250mg

Whether you’re into the bathing ritual or not, Stewart Farms’ latest offering is going to make you want to fill up the tub ASAP. The brand released a CBD Seaweed Salt Dip which helps to both hydrate and soothe.

Given that Stewart Farms is located near the Bay of Fundy in the Maritimes, it’s no surprise that Atlantic seaweed is the star of the show. The salts are also formulated with Dead Sea minerals, vegetable butters and botanical extracts.

Along with CBD, the salts are infused with eucalyptus essential oil to enhance the overall experience. It comes in a single-use package that contains 250mg of CBD and is produced in small quantities, too, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Okanagan moon rock

Moon Rocks were once made to hide the taste of weed, now it’s a handcrafted experience. (Courtesy of Moon Rock)

Brand: Moon Rock

Authorized Producer: Canngroup Development

Strength: THC, 39-47%, CBD, 0-10%

You don’t need a ticket for Elon’s SpaceX rocket to go to the moon. Okanagan moon rock by a BC-based company, aptly called Moon Rock, will take you there, and more.

These types make quality indica-dominant moon rocks that are deeply potent. The buds are first trimmed by hand, then rolled in full spectrum oil, then rolled a second time in high quality kief.

The end result is a beautiful nugget of perfection that delivers a high smoking experience with its 39-47% THC content and minimal CBD (only 0-10%).

Golden Spiceberry Kush Caviar Cones

Oil, hash and flower – oh my! (Courtesy of Top Leaf)

Brand: Top Leaf

Licensed Producer: Sundial Growers

Strength: THC, 31-37%, CBD, 0%

A new must for any experienced consumer is Albert’s Top Leaf and its Golden Spiceberry Kush Caviar Cones. Each cone is expertly stuffed with a unique hybrid blend of crushed flowers, dry-sifted hash and full-spectrum oil.

It’s a real heavy hitter with an unmistakable terp profile and one-of-a-kind flavor.

To achieve this unique blend, each cone combines the brand’s Headband flower with its super tangy and excellent Bubba x Strawberry Banana x LA Kush Cake dry sifted hash and what the brand has dubbed a “dessert-like” GSC Winterized oil.

Each box comes with four pre-rolled 0.5g cones for a total of 2g. This is an impressive product and best suited for smokers who are looking for something that packs a lot of punch.

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