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Purple Moon Rocks a Cannabis Gem

juicy purple moon rock

If you’re a seasoned smoker who wants to try something fun and exciting, we have great news for you. Purple moonrock weed isn’t just an average cannabis bud; instead, it’s an innovative combination of bud, hash oil, and kief.

Keep reading to find out interesting facts about this cannabis gem and how to make one for yourself and your friends.

What are Purple Moon Rocks?

Purple moonrocks are a combination of purple weed, hash oil, and kief to deliver an exceptional 51.2 percent THC content. This is why purple moonrock is very effective in reducing pain, stimulating appetite and reducing nausea.

In addition to higher THC levels, purple moon rocks also contain 0.15% CBDincreasing overall effectiveness in fighting pain.

You can call purple mook rocks the caviar of cannabis thanks to their extra potency and THC levels. It usually contains the innermost layer of a purple strain.

The bud is then soaked in cannabis oil with a final coating of kief. As a result, purple moonrocks are incredibly pleasant and soothing, providing an exceptional cannabis experience.

We say that Kuruptrapper and businessman, along with fellow rapper Dr. Zodiak, developed and promoted moon rocks.

Purple moonrock marijuana can be either indica indica-only or indica-dominant hybrid, depending on your selected ingredients. Purple weed is found in the cooler parts of Asia, where the climate is conducive to growing small, bushy indica herbs.

You must be wondering whether purple moonrocks and other moonrocks are the same or not. The only difference between these high potency marijuana products is that purple moonrock uses a purple weed stumplike purple mist or grape monkey.

On the other hand, regular Moon Rocks marijuana is green in color and uses Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) as its preferred strain.

Still, these two moonrocks have the same physical appearance because of the kief coating. However, you cannot see the deeper nuggets covered in kief dust.

Composition of Purple Moonrocks – Not an average cannabis bud

The main difference between purple moonrocks and other cannabis flowers is the layering of hash oil and kief.

From the top layer to the bottom bug, purple moonrocks include the following:

  • Kief – Is the outermost layer of purple moon rocks. It is basically pollen dust or a powdery substance that growers harvest from the crystalline trichomes of the buds.
  • Hash Oil – Serves as a middle layer to bind the kief and bud together. You should be aware that THC levels in CBD concentrate or oil can reach a maximum of 90%.
  • Bud – This is the middle part of the purple moonrocks and it’s the least potent of the rest of the layers. Typically, an average bud has peak THC levels of 25-30%.

purple moon rocks bud

Benefits of Purple Moon Rock Weed

Seasoned smokers can use one of the most potent cannabis products for recreational purposes. Alternatively, higher potency makes purple moonrocks online great for treating other medical conditions like nausea, stress, insomnia, depression, and pain.

medical marijuana is legal in the United States; however, you cannot easily find purple moon rock at every dispensary. Do not worry; you will find the method to create your own purple moonstones online in the next section.

How to make purple moonstones?

The overall potency of purple moon rocks depends on the bud, oil, and kief used. Almost all moon rocks have an average THC level of 50%, which is undoubtedly relatively high.

Ingredients required

  • Purple Cannabis Strain – Purple Haze, Sour Grape, Purple Urkle
  • Hash oil
  • Purple Kief – From a licensed dispensary or your own grinder


Steps to Make Purple Moon Rocks

  • It is entirely up to your preference to select purple strains. For example, sour grape is one of the dense and heavy indica buds.
  • The next step is a bit tricky. Instead of dipping the nugget in hash oil, it’s best to use an eye dropper to apply the sticky oil evenly all over the bud.
  • Finally, you can grab the nugget with your tongs and roll it over the kief until it creates the outer shell of the moon rock. Then it’s up to you to repeat the process to increase the kief coating.
  • You should place the coated nuggets on a flat, dry surface at room temperature, allowing them to dry. The drying process can take hours or days, depending on the total amount of hash oil you use.
  • If you don’t want to make this gem of cannabis yourself, you can always buy purple moonstones online.

Hash oil extraction

Let us briefly understand the hash oil extraction process as it is one of the biggest health concerns.

Initially, you need a solvent, such as butane, to extract the hash oil. However, butane is one of the most toxic solvents, which can be deadly if not prepared correctly.

This is why you need to pay special attention to the extraction process, such as CO2 extraction, which is an industrial standard process that guarantees pure and clean hash oil.

Finally, if you want to make your own hash oil, you can use the solvent-free option like ice and grain alcohol.

Effects of purple moon rocks

Purple moon rock is not dangerous compared to other cannabis products available on the market based on potency and THC level. Nevertheless, you need to be very careful when consuming purple weed as it can increase the heart rate.

For example, if a person has anxiety issues, consuming purple moonstones can affect cardiovascular or mental health.

Additionally, an overdose of THC certainly causes severe reactions, such as nausea, dizziness, and acute paranoia.

Smoking purple moonstones

It is a crime in the cannabis community to crack moonstones or handcrafted purple buds with a grinder. So instead, you can use your fingers to carefully crack the crushed bud or flower into a deep hash bowl.

Alternatively, you can use a hash pipe to smoke and enjoy purple moonrocks.

You should know that purple moon rocks burn slowly, allowing you to enjoy a combination of the best taste and smoke of kief, hash oil and, finally, bud.

The effects of smoking purple moonstones range from mind expanding to therapeutic, mindless, blissfully blissful and mind-numbing.

Conclusion with the Purple Moon Rocks

Think of purple moon rock weed as high-resin treats that pack a significant punch. This potent herb offers a delicious, rich flavor with calming and relaxing effects at the end of a hectic day.

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