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Product Review: VYBBA Delta-8 THC Oral Strips

Delta-8 THC edibles continue to take the market by storm, available in soft and chewy gummies, easy-to-swallow capsules, and even baked goods! But today we’re going to explore a whole new type of edible: Vybba’s Delta-8 Strips! As this is an entirely new type of product in the Delta-8 THC field, there are bound to be questions: how do tapes work? How long does it take to start? How do they taste? The answers to all your questions can be found in this in-depth review, along with a whole lot more information about these intriguing bands. Let’s go straight to the company itself, then dive into the actual product review. Let’s start!

At CBD Testers, we love products! We like to try them out and share what we’ve learned with our readers. These Delta-8 THC strips are truly a unique product, and we’re thrilled to be among the first to try them. For more product and article reviews, and for exclusive offers on all trending cannabinoid products, be sure to subscribe to The weekly THC newsletter. Also save big on delta 8, Delta 9 THC, Delta-10 THC, THCO, THCV, THCP & HHC products by consulting our “Best-of” lists!

The VYBBA brand

Vybba is a brand new company that launched in mid-2021, but was designed by engineers and scientists with decades of cannabinoid knowledge. This knowledge is shared via tabs on the company’s website, with titles such as “What is Delta-8?”, “How Delta 8 works” and “Legal” to keep users informed. Bright graphics and vibrant colors explain everything new users should expect to feel, the size and color of the product, and even a suggested timeline for when you feel the effects are starting to kick in. The website uses bright colors and beautiful graphics to provide both a professional and an informative feel for new customers and repeat customers.

I particularly liked the section on Vybba’s website that explained the potential effects, which many companies don’t go into detail about. Increased focus, renewed energy, relaxation and euphoria, and other effects are mentioned, along with the possibility of reduced stress, nausea, confusion, and many other unwanted emotions. Vybba also explains how its Delta-8 THC product can make everyday tasks easier, foster creativity, and even enhanced sexual experiences.

Vybba strips are unlike any other Delta-8 THC product on the market, but share a strong resemblance to a certain dissolvable oral strip in the dental industry. The strips are sold for just $45 in small pouches containing 20 strips each. For consumers who prefer to buy in bulk, there is also a 3-pack for $120 and a 6-pack option for $210. Vybba’s website focuses only on these oral strips and offers detailed information about their hemp cultivation, extraction process, and lab test results. Feel free to check out all the Vybba website has to offer, but for now, it’s time to check out the product itself, these unique Vybba Delta-8 THC-infused strips!

Delta-8 THC Infused Strips Product Review

Vybba’s Delta-8 THC Infused Strips provide a unique Delta-8 THC experience that eliminates many traditional issues with other edibles. Instead of having chunks of gum stuck in your teeth, an overwhelming hemp flavor during and after chewing, or a slimy coating left on your tongue and teeth, these strips come with simple instructions: just place the strip below your tongue and let it dissolve for about 20 seconds before swallowing. This is the part that surprised me the most, as I expected to place the strip on my tongue and let it dissolve completely. But since sublingual products are designed to enter the bloodstream faster, it makes sense that these oral strips are placed under the tongue for faster absorption.


The strips were sealed in a pouch that required scissors to be opened, although it was a resealable pouch. However, there were twenty small packets inside the pouch that had tear-off tabs. I detected a sweet mint and light hemp scent as soon as I opened the sachet, very similar to toothpaste or mint mouthwash. I carefully fished out the thin strip of tissue paper and admired the rich forest green color. I easily slid the strip under my tongue and marveled at the refreshing mint flavor. I was thrilled that despite a slight hemp smell, there was hardly any hemp flavor as the strip dissolved under my tongue or after swallowing it.

The strip stayed in place under my tongue and I noticed a menthol flavor that intensified the longer I held it under my tongue, as well as a delicious sweetness. After the strip was fully dissolved within twenty seconds, I detected a slight speck (similar to toothpaste) which stayed on my tongue for a few seconds. There was a slight burning sensation in the back of my throat after swallowing, but other than that there were no other discomforts. I was delighted with the ease of use and settled in to wait for the effects to kick in.

According to Vybba’s detailed timeline, it takes about 15 minutes for the tapes to start working. I kept a close eye on the clock and was impressed to feel a slight euphoria descend just at the quarter hour mark. After a few more minutes, I felt an enhanced sense of touch as well as peaceful relaxation. I felt my eyelids start to droop, but not an overwhelming feeling of drowsiness or weighted drowsiness.

Instead, I felt energized and creative, similar to the “something different” statement listed on the website. I tried the strips again the following night, only to experience the same effects. Despite waiting nearly two hours each time, I didn’t experience the traditional drowsiness, dizziness, heavy eyes, and dry mouth side effects that often come with traditional Delta-8 THC highs.

The website recommends doubling or tripling the strips if you want to experience a stronger high, especially if you have a higher tolerance to THC. But if you’re looking to gently introduce yourself to the world of Delta-8 THC, these oral strips from Vybba are a great way to start. I felt emboldened to do simple tasks like light housework and creative writing, making these talking tapes a great way to get rid of procrastination and mental blocks.


As one of the first reviewers of Vybba Infused Strips, I was truly impressed with the innovation behind such a product. The product was simple and discreet to consume, had an authentic mint flavor with no hemp aftertaste, came in beautiful product packaging, and much more. The strips were available on a professionally designed website that was packed with information for both beginners and advanced users, along with usage recommendations and an expected timeline for the strips to come into effect.

For users who want a more intense high, I strongly encourage you to “stack” the strips for stronger euphoria and an overall high experience. Keep in mind that since Delta-8 THC highs vary by age, gender, weight, and other user factors, you should start slow to see how the strips naturally react with your body. If you end up trying these delicious oral strips from Vybba, feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments below and be sure to check back with us soon for our next in-depth product review!

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