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Premium Cannabis Packaging: Branding, Marketing, and Packaging Tips

premium cbd packaging

Premium CBD products are taking the market by storm. Cannabidiol is one of 113 active cannabinoids within cannabis plants, and while THC gets most of the attention, its CBD has exploded for consumers looking to get many of its benefits without any psychoactive effects.

Some people think that medical marijuana treatment plans are just about smoking weed. But there are other ways. We can take it by mouth, put it on our skin, or use something that is like an electronic cigarette. We will get different benefits from each one. The last thing you want to do is have bad packaging for your products. It can give customers a bad experience.

Packaging for CBD is important. There are good practices to follow to make sure that your product does not come across as confusing or disjointed.

1) Use High-Quality Packaging Materials

Harsh chemical treatments can often be used during the creation of plastic, which could end up tainting the quality of your products. Make sure any plastic you purchase is “Phthalate free” so that it won’t leech anything dangerous into your CBD oils or other items.

Custom cut windows are easy to incorporate into your premium cbd packaging designs, offering optimal space for showcasing beautiful product photography while also protecting its inner contents from exposure to ultraviolet light and damages caused by spills. This helps allow retailers to take full advantage of the various elements that affect product discoverability, including product page design, store merchandising, and photography.

2) Use Aesthetic Adornments for Unique Packaging Designs

The right color treatments can make your brand different from others. A new way to build brand awareness with consumers is the use of gold lettering. This is a new thing that can help people know your company better.

This gives you a way to make your products look different. You can use metallic shimmers for the label, box cover, or even the cardboard box.

3) Incorporate Slick Market Labels

A high-quality label will help elevate your CBD oil products above the competition by providing clean, easy-to-understand labeling that denotes the product’s name, its ingredients, nutritional value, and other relevant information. You can even design them to look like prescription bottles for a more professional appearance.

4) Add Special Touches to Cartridges

When you make your CBD oil products stand out, you can dress them up as vape pens. They are what people call e-cigarettes. If you replace the cartridge that was used for oil with one designed for CBD, you will be able to sell more of your product. People will be attracted to it and want it. This approach will naturally attract people who vape regularly. It might even lead to them buying other products in the future.

5) Custom Packaging for CBD Gummies

If you sell CBD gummies, then proactive custom packaging will be essential to stand out from the competition while also protecting your products. To accomplish this goal, consider investing in tamper-evident shrink sleeves.

In addition, you can make your brand look more professional by tying ribbons around the tops of the bottles. This will look nicer than just putting them in bags. However, don’t forget about branding! Custom labels are good for gummy bottles. They make the information on the label look neat and easy to read.

6) Consider Multi-Pack Discounts

Individual consumers make up the largest share of CBD oil customers. So, they want to buy a little bit before they know if they like it. In addition, Mintel’s 2018 Global New Product Database reports that only 5% of edible and topical cannabis products were purchased as a single unit in 2016. So, this means that CBD oil brands should consider creating discounted bundles to attract customers looking for a true sample.

7) Start Selling Online

While it might be tempting to sell exclusively at dispensaries or health food stores, online sales can help grow your brand—and customer base—faster than ever before. When producing hemp oil infusions, one popular option is turning the jars into tinctures (liquid-based infusions). You will see that each of these product uses premium quality custom kraft box to protect the product and to market them easily

So, to accomplish this task, simply replace the oil with high-proof alcohol like Ever clear; then, drip the infusion onto a cotton ball and stick it in the fridge for four hours. The alcohol will separate from the oil, and you can use a dropper to fill your jar with as many tinctures as you want—a much more economical method than filling each container by hand.

8) Offer On-Site Samples

To grow sales, brands should consider giving out free samples at vegan events, health food trade shows, and other CBD-friendly gatherings (and even farmers markets!). If done correctly, this strategy can introduce customers to your products and help increase both direct-to-consumer and infused product revenue.  

9) Find New Customers with Influencers and Celebrities

People listen closely when celebrities speak about their favorite cannabis brands. Whether you’re looking to find your first celebrity endorser or want to increase engagement with existing fans, there are many ways for brands to connect with celebrities. Search the internet using phrases like “CBD products” or “CBD gummies” and make a list of influencers, brands, and companies that might be interested in your product. Then reach out!    

10) Get Creative with Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to engage with customers and potential customers. Comment on relevant posts, engage with people who mention your brand and post unique content that will create organic buzz about your company. Use hashtags like #CBD or #cbdoil to be seen by new audiences.

Final Words

A company must understand what they’re selling and how it will benefit the customer. It is important for marketers to carefully choose which companies they work with, as well as find out what other companies in the industry are doing.

Doctors should educate patients about CBD’s benefits and effects. People will be more open-minded about trying it themselves if they know more. This article just touched on some basic methods for marketing your CBD products. Marketing methods for CBD businesses need continuous evaluation because there’s always room for improvement when seeking new ways to effectively reach a larger audience.

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