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Podcast: James Lanthier – Patentability, Capitalism, and The Next Generation of Psychedelics

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In this episode of the podcast, Joe interviews Mindset Pharma CEO James Lanthier.

Mindset Pharma is a 3-year-old biotechnology company founded on the discovery and development of novel psychedelic compounds for use as medicine for a variety of indications. While the effectiveness of the psychedelics we know cannot be denied, the goal of science is to improve, and Lanthier believes that optimizing these drugs will make them safer, more predictable, and more palatable for a much larger portion of the population. He envisions these new molecules leading to a future of highly personalized medicine, where people who would never eat mushrooms would likely take a related drug prescribed by their doctor.

Lanthier discusses what’s going on at Mindset Pharma; why patents alone will not protect against competition; the long game of biotech and psychedelic stocks and the overreaction to slowing growth; the Nagoya Protocol; mescaline; the need for big pharma and capitalism; the art of formulating; and how microdosing could soon be revolutionized.

Notable Quotes

“I’ve had pretty well-known psychedelic investors say to me, ‘You’re just building a better mousetrap.’ And my reaction was, ‘Well, that’s the way science works. That’s what science is trying to do. Let’s take the example of what the German scientist [Felix Hoffman] did in the 19th century to go from willow bark, through a whole bunch of intermediate chemical steps to finally arrive at aspirin. Science is hopefully trying to make things better, and that’s what we’re trying to do.

“Big Pharma jumped right past psilocybin. Why? In my opinion, it would be because of the lack of strong intellectual property rights. They jumped straight to second and third generation drugs because they felt that even if you have the strongest intellectual property in the psilocybin space, you’re still pretty exposed, ultimately, to competition.

“I think if there’s a future where you have relatively low-cost conventional drugs potentially available alongside more optimized specific drugs that have the full support of the medical community, that would be a great place to go, I think – a really great place to get to. And I think we will only really get there with the machinery of capitalism moving forward.

Connections (Otsuka Pharmaceutical) Felix Hoffman

YouTube: Dr. Stanislav Grof, “Psychedelics and the Future of Humanity”, MAPS Psychedelic Science 2017

Protests for the right to try (sent to us by Kathryn Tucker)

Nagoya Protocol

About James Lanthier

Jacques Lanthier is the CEO of Mindset Pharma, and is a seasoned technology executive with strong expertise in corporate finance, public procurement, and mergers and acquisitions. More recently, Mr. Lanthier was co-founder and CEO of Future fertility, an innovative developer of AI applications for human infertility. As a C-suite leader, Mr. Lanthier has contributed to the growth and successful exit of numerous technology-focused companies into the public markets, including mood mediathe world’s largest in-store media provider, and Fun Technologiesa pioneer in online casual games.

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