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PLUS Strains Gummies With Full-Spectrum Cannabis

It stands to reason that gummies are a cornerstone of the legal edibles market, especially on the West Coast. When convenience, discretion, and precise dosing are the name of the game, there’s not much that beats a quality candy. Even for those of us who still prefer an old-fashioned joint rolled up with a flower of the sun above all else, gummies can be an invaluable resource for getting the upper hand at a crushing social gathering or for getting a boost. moderate daily dose of THC. and CBD.

Many gummies are infused with THC distillate to ensure a more consistent effect. If the product is of high quality and comes from a reliable source, this is not necessarily a problem. But, as I put in a review for The lost farm of Kiva Confections chews last year, “I like to feel that my experience is rooted in the plant. What I mean is, half-ass chewing gum sprayed with cheap cannabis oil is not my idea of ​​a good time, no matter how potent the “high”. The more you preserve the integrity of the plant […] the closer you get to a physical, mind-altering experience created by Mother Nature.

When I’m ready to stock up on gummies, MORE is a brand I return to regularly. Consistency and reliability are hallmarks, in my experience at least, which is why the prospect of a strain-specific, full-spectrum PLUS gummy is particularly appealing – a potential to have your cake and the eat also situation. The new PLUS line from gummy strains marries “pure, full-spectrum oil with real, all-natural fruit ingredients and fruit-specific and cannabis-derived terpenes” to pay homage to classic cannabis strains like Pineapple Express and Granddaddy Purps.

While “paying homage” to a strain-specific experience isn’t the same as infusing a gum with live resin from a strain, opting for a full-spectrum oil and cannabis-derived terpenes instead. that artificial distillates and flavors can go a long way to honoring the herbal experience in a convenient, precisely dosed package.

For this review, I sampled the three main flavors in the Strains line: Pineapple Express, Granddaddy Purple, and Lemon Jack.

First impressions

In my last PLUS eraser review, I mentioned that PLUS always does a great job of presenting its product lines in modern, practical and very accessible packaging. Like the majority of PLUS gummies, the Strains range comes in round, silver-coated plastic boxes with a sturdy, functional screw-on cap.

Flavor, dosage – total and per gum – are all available on the label. Each label also displays the three prominent terpenes included in the gum to inspire the strain-specific experience. There’s a lot of information contained on the label, almost an overabundance, but I appreciate the presentation as a neat collection of everything that separates these gummies from its direct competitors.

purple grandpa

As I am a daily cannabis user, I tested each of these gummies by sampling three pieces at a time for a total of 15 milligrams of THC. If you are a semi-regular to infrequent user, follow the advice on the back label and start with one candy, then wait 90 minutes before continuing to consume.

the Granddaddy Purple Gummy Strains stands out as an “indica” treat, so I took some in the evening to see how well they would hold up to a nighttime experience. Although it doesn’t necessarily have a strong indica-like punch, it calmed my nerves and cooled my senses for a quiet night. The terpy-grape flavor was deep and extremely pleasant, setting the tone for a slightly penetrating high that carried me into slow relaxation for the next few hours until I was ready to fall asleep.

Pineapple Express & Lemon Jack

Bearing in mind the infinitely subjective nature of virtually all cannabis products, my experience with Pineapple Express and Lemon Jack the flavors were incredibly similar.

Both immediately impressed me with a light, tart flavor that mimicked the fruity, herbal flavor and aroma of a good cannabis bud. Both came on slowly and subtly, ultimately culminating in a winning ground high that uplifted my day and uplifted my mood without totally lighting me up. the Gummy express pineapple, in particular, made an ideal alchemy boost while hiking in Joshua Tree during the holidays; my energy and sensory input high enough to make the most of the eerie and imminently accessible landscape of my favorite national park.

At the end of the line

PLUS Strains gummies offer a sort of “background high,” but not one that will go unnoticed. The flavors in this gummy line — more tart, tart, floral, and terpy than sweet and sugary — pull a lot of weight in complementing the nature of the buzz, amounting to a full experience that’s as subtle as it is pervasive.

If you’re looking for something to incorporate into your daily routine that won’t leave you couchlocked, Pineapple Express and Lemon Jack gummies will fit you like a glove. Want something to help you relax into the night and sleep soundly without feeling groggy the next day? You could do much worse than Granddaddy Purple.

Overall, PLUS Strains gummies deliver the nuances and sensory subtleties of plant-centric euphoria.

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