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Patapeake Shortbread – Maryland Cannabis Reviews

This hybrid’s name is most likely a concatenation of Patapsco, as in many Maryland wooded trails. Patapsco Valley State Park and the historic watershed of the Chesapeake Bay.

The “high altitude mission” strain
MEDIUM: Flower
FARMER: Always
TO CLASSIFY: Sativa/Indica hybrid structure
BOUGHT: Ethos Catonsville Medical Dispensary (formerly Mission Medical Dispensary)
THCa 27.32%
THC 0.517%
LINE: X Kush Mints Wedding Cake


Combines the sumptuous floral candy aromas of cake strains with an instantly boosted cerebral uplift and motivation. This is to be expected when you consider that Durban Poison and African varieties fill
His ancestry on both sides including the parents of the wedding cake (GSC x Cherry Pie). The full head-on, whirlwind-like acceleration and high-altitude clarity that Kush Mintz is known to impart. After all, Kush Mints is a cousin of GSC and related to both Master Kush and The White.
Kush Mints well deserves its mouth-watering name and this head buzz can hit hard. to the Kush Indica capable of melting away anxiety as your mind is taken on its journey to an effervescence of all
Outside bliss.


Facing forward is an immediate burst of cerebral stimulation imbuing with an uplifted state of mind that is then clarified and refocused by Kush Mintz’s own uplifting and clarifying cerebral stimulation.
Sooner rather than later, Pattapeake releases an equally powerful body buzz that can send some into an immediate drowsy state depending on one’s tolerance, but generally provides inner peace allowing the mind to freely disengage and engage at will.

Medium to high level of cerebral lift/accelerated cognition, although sometimes blurry
High potential to increase the ability to concentrate
Stimulates creativity

Haze-daze potential
Sedation and sleeping pill


mild to medium cranial and facial pressure attributed to Headband strain influence
potential for dry eyes some medium level physical euphoria but rather weak in its power to fully calm
dry mouth at higher doses
small appetite stimulation
Dizziness / mental confusion /
Sedation +++



In the past, I’ve said that Evermore seems to hold the secret to curing Maryland’s most aromatic flower, and Patapeake Shortbread is its hallmark.
The outer bouquet of the floral and confectionary arch tempts the senses. As the nose draws closer, a deeper level of nutty and honeyed sweetness rises; As the scent mingles with itself and then projects outward, it develops a sharp citrus aroma and an ever-present, even more elemental scent of black Moroccan hash and a fine Afghani Indica loaded with limonene; quite complex when you get down to it. The overall robustness of this hybrid is definitely based on a set of aromatics that are likely familiar to most with some cannabis exposure; very reminiscent of “cake” strains like its relative neo-classical standard, Birthday Cake, as well as one of its relatives, Wedding Cake; or many other “dessert” varieties even.

Patapake Shortbread shares the main aroma of Deadband (another Evermore strain – review coming soon) is a vitamin-like taste.
But unlike Deadband’s “grassy lemon, sandalwood, skunk and hashish”; a well rounded and classic smelling cultivar overall”


  • Strong fruity and floral notes
  • Citrus lemon lime
  • A tangy note like honey and syrup
  • A strong floral canopy with grassy lemon fringes
  • Pervasive, pungent chewable vitamin (purple “Flintstones” flavor (especially when buds are broken)
  • An underlying but gradually lingering aroma of Skunk, skunk…..and more skunk


  • HoneyNutty
  • herbaceous lemon


  • Spice (various)
  • hashish
  • Fruit Loops / Fruit Loops cereal milk
  • some harsher aspects of a chemical or petrochemical taste that didn’t really feel out of place or unfamiliar at all.

REMARK: Expire PataPeake Shortbread can sometimes be somewhat chemically aggressive for weaker people. For me, it delivered a deep and somewhat petrochemical musky hash lingering on the roof of the mouth.

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