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Pair these tempting strains and songs on Valentine’s night and beyond

Warning: this mix of strains and songs can lead to love, marriage and Scorpio babies in the stroller!

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Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time of year when you should be looking for a romantic vibe. With the right mix of songs and beats, you can be sure that love is in the air any day of the year, if you know which buttons to push.

Just in case you don’t have time to update your Quiet Storm playlist ahead of tonight’s festivities, we’ve done the dirty work for you by lining up the perfect combinations of sultry swear words and seductive songs for you. occasion, or any other intimate occasion.

Gifts and reservations are your responsibility. But even if you’re practicing self-love on this fifth day, our February strain is designed to get you all the good juice that night or any night that calls for romance. Just be careful how you handle things from there, or you might find yourself welcoming a new bundle of joy in mid-November.

“Sativa” – Jhené Aiko, Rae Sremmurd

“Oh my God, I’m so glad you came / You came with that sativa / Indica to be stuck / You know how to get up / You know it, you better believe it.” – Jane Echo

Don’t bother setting up a romantic scene, then end the night prematurely with a soothing strain that kicks you and your partner out before the event. This happy Sativa name might not sound very exciting, but strawberry cough This is one of the best collapsible breeds to get the party started and keep it going all night long.

“Purple Kisses” – Dream

“Girl, be locked up for me, though, no, baby, leave her lips / Footprints on me tonight / Lie on your back and let your eyes find the stars / Be Venus, love is Jupiter, I’m your March.” – the dream

The right love will take you out of this world, but you have to choose the right spaceship to reach your desired destination. new Zeno Dynasty aliens in Alien Labs It will take you and your lover from this world to another planet if you know how to drive the HTC spaceship.

“Anytime, Anywhere” – Janet Jackson

“Dancing on the floor / I’m feeling slow / My mind started to burn / With forbidden thoughts” – Janet Jackson

It’s a song that evokes all-time love, so pair it with an aphrodisiac style like Candy To bring out your bad side, anytime and anywhere. According to Leafly reviews, this strain will have a powerful impact on your particular areas. More than half of Leafly viewers said that this strain had an interesting effect on them, and that its coloring and good looks would also go a long way in appealing to weed porn lovers.

“Trina Smoke” – Jhené Aiko

“I’ll have to plant the seed someday / Then let it grow / Inhale, exhale more / Heaven in hell / If you know, you know / This shit is beautiful / Just let it go / It gives off a high-pitched spark and smoke.

One of the most intimate things you can do with your partner is let go of the stresses of the day and melt into their arms. Relax, talk, cuddle and treat yourself to the comfort of sweet love while enjoying a slice of London pound cake. This strain will help you bring out your sweet side, no matter how sour your day is.

“Make You Feel” – Alina Baraz

“Breathe, breathe, savor my words / Let me impress you / I’ll take you, I’ll make you feel good / You gotta want it and chase it / Until you get close enough to taste it” – Alina Baraz

strawberry banana Not only is it a great juice blend, but it’s also one of the best tasting. If you want a sweet and salty taste on your tongue moments before committing to that special kiss, this strain will satisfy all of your senses and your partner.

James Joint – Rihanna

“I’d rather smoke weed when we’re breathing / Whenever you kiss me / Don’t say you miss me / Just pick me up.” – Rihanna

While we all wish Rihanna and A$AP Rocky the best in their new parenting adventure, we can’t pretend to see two of this generation’s darlings exit the dating market with a devastating pregnancy announcement. If you need help coping with the pain, CGC This is one of the best strains to smoke to rise above that broken heart and keep looking for the true love of your life.

“The Church” – BJ The Chicago Kid, Chance the Rapper, Buddy

“She said she wanted to drink, do drugs and have sex tonight / But I came to church in the morning, ‘Church in the morning / She said she wanted to drink, do drugs and have sex sex tonight / But I got church in the morning, church in the morning. — Bj Chicago Kid

double dream It’s known to get you high, but not too high. Basically, it’s the perfect setting for drinking, smoking and having sex all night long. It can be difficult to find mind-body balancing effects in today’s industry that maximize THC. So if you get your hands on this smooth launcher, hold on tight.

“Love Song” – LTD

“Lovers come and then lovers go / That’s what people will say / Don’t they know? / They won’t be there when you love me / Take me and say you care. – ltd.

Your parents may have rolled one of these songs back in the day, but the eternal lyrics are still relevant right now. Especially if you’ve ever felt the kind of love singer Bob Henley III represents. Pair this all-time slow cooker jam with a smooth smoking strain like Large Smoothknown to uplift mood, ease pain, and put you in the perfect state of mind for old-fashioned lovemaking.

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