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Oro Blanco Nature’s Heritage – Maryland Cannabis Reviews


Oro Blanco by Nature’s Heritage burns a deeply etched reminder that structural indica cannabis strains can be quite cerebral in the effects department; as was the case with the effects of NH’s Sour Bobby.

Oro Blanco’s cerebral intensity is inherited from Green Crack; adding fuel to the fire in waves as its current carries the expansive Oro Blanco high into near-oceanic levels of boundless euphoria that seems to increase with every puff.
This base level of cerebro-physio-euphoria can push stress and worry to the margins as the head and body stabilize.

From this point, the high takes on a decidedly stony, almost spatial height; Like The White’s double dose of Oro Blanco genetics that seem to turn limitless high into an easily manageable kind of awake sedation.

At higher doses, it can cause feelings that some may call disorienting; while still others may experience a welcome alteration in perception and depth both physically and mentally as thoughts begin to unfold and meander.

Many red hairs covering small round bud of oro blanco with other buds in background


  • Energizing / Uplifting / Mood Uplifting +/++
  • Facilitates and improves concentration needed for creative endeavors, reading/studying, etc.+/++
  • Increased auditory awareness; the sound is intensified or more easily drawn into the auditory focus; where certain ambient sounds may be more pronounced or easily heard above the rest.++/++/+++
  • Defuses anger/stress/tension+/++
  • Increases concentration/mental acuity+
  • Promotes patience/calm state of mind+/++/+++
  • Can pivot ego-based thinking to an externally-focused selfless reference point helping to maintain calm+/++/+++
  • Instills feelings of motivated serenity+/++
  • Promotes productive thought patterns while reducing negative recursive thinking +/+++
  • Ultimately provides a serene and relaxed state of mind that relieves stress+/++/+++

+ mic 1 breath
++ medium dose 2-3 deep breaths
+++successive sessions over 6-12 hours great inspirations


  • slight sensations of eye pressure / may provide relief for people with glaucoma +/++/+++
  • Promotes mild to moderate sedation +++
  • Potential to increase physical arousal +/++
  • Relaxes tense muscle groups / tense muscles tightened by mental stress +/++/+++
  • Sedation and sleep +++
  • Some dizziness at higher doses+++
  • May cause some disorientation +++
  • Mild to medium level of appetite stimulation (stomach/abdominal muscle relaxation ++/+++

+ mic 1 breath
++ medium dose 2-3 deep breaths
+++successive sessions over 6-12 hours great inspirations

rounded bud of oro blanco with bright orange pistils

red haired covered bud sindle d'oro blanco
Oro Blanco definitely features a blanket of milky white to creamy colored trichomes to live up to its name. Dense, well-cured, compact buds yield just enough and are pretty much what I expected from Nature’s Heritage, which seems to be a head above most of their competitors when it comes to curing.


  • Before breaking…
    • Generic fuel Petrochemical smell
    • Woodland Peat Moss Aroma
    • herbaceous lemon
  • After breaking up…
    • Chewable vitamin aroma
    • Pine
    • sour smell


  • Made with Afghan hash
  • lemon-pine
  • Soil – Dirty but rich soil

oro blanco rusty bud by natures heritage


INHALE; Made with Afghani hash, slightly oaky, with a lemony pine flavor

to EXHALE; a bit harsh exhalation that can cause a severe cough, but you’ll be all the better for it as Caryophyllene d’Oro Blanco as it washes away fitness with a soothing warming sensation heralding the cerebral stimulation that will soon follow.

oro blanco by natures heritage buds

Nature’s Heritage does a great job of keeping the pot from looking overdone, preserving the flower and with a natural, simple and elegant brand aesthetic. At least it’s opaque right? Anyway as usual I dig it and the test tag is easy to read and doesn’t disappear on the slightest touch like some other flower houses…Rhythm ahem…Verano.

Anyway, always a pleasure.

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