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OG Kush Automatic Grow Report (Indoor)

OG Kush Automatic is a crowd favourite strain, and a popular choice in the gardens of many growers. It’s a strain with a rich history and a coveted terpene profile and effects. We put together this grow report detailing the necessary conditions and a week-by-week progress update for you. We are confident this strain is ideal for novices and experts.

Flowering stage: 70 days

Total time, seed to harvest: 91 days

Final yield: 101 grams

THC content: 21.9%

OG Kush Automatic is a well-known strain, that is surrounded in mystery. The origins are widely thought to be a cross of Lemon Thai, Chemdawg, and a Pakistani Kush, but no one is certain. There is also much speculation about the meaning behind the initials OG. Is it original gangster, ocean grown, original grower?

The world may never know, but fortunately for the world, OG Kush Automatic is available from White Label in both automatic and feminized versions. The effects are a soothing, relaxing experience for the body and mind, that begins with a euphoric rush. Growers of all levels will have success with this strain by simply following a few selected parameters.

Our OG Kush Automatic seeds started in pre-moistened jiffy propagation cubes. Always remember, when placing the seeds in jiffy cubes, it is crucial to put the pointed end down. We placed the seed inside, but not too far down; roughly 0.5 cm will do. Not long after this, we saw green growth reaching for the light. Just as important, we also saw healthy white roots coming out from the sides and bottom of the jiffy cubes. At this point, the new seedlings are ready to be placed into the soil.

The jiffy cubes containing OG Kush were then transplanted into a 3-litre pot filled with our selected soil for the grow, BAC Lavasoil Growmix. We left a 2.5 cm gap from the soil surface to the top of the container to allow for easy hand-watering without worrying about overflowing the pots. Because this is an automatic strain, it does not require a particular light schedule, but it should have a consistent one. We set our light schedule to 18 hours on / 6 hours off.

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