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North Carolina Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill To House, But Questions Loom About Further Action This Year

The North Carolina Senate on Monday gave final approval to a bill to legalize medical marijuana on Monday, sending it to the House of Representatives, where its prospects are uncertain.

Days after giving initial approval to Sen. Bill Rabon’s (R) bill at second reading, the full Senate passed the North Carolina Compassionate Act in a third reading vote of 37 vote against 6.

The legislation went through four committees before finally hitting the ground this month. Now all eyes are on the House, where his chances of adoption as drafted are in question based on recent comments from leaders in that chamber.

House Speaker Tim Moore (right) told WRAL last week that “there are a lot of concerns about this bill right now.”

“I think that’s something that’s really going to need further study,” he said. said, echoing comments he has made in recent weeks about not wanting to resume measurement until the next session. “The Senate quickly introduced this bill. It is one of the most controversial topics in our state and in our nation.

The comment about the propriety of the Senate’s approach to this bill is questionable, as it has been the subject of much debate in committee

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