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My Medical Cannabis Journey of Healing

My healing journey with medical cannabis began in 2018 when I was going through my emails and came across a communication from the United Patients Group. In it, they explained how cannabis proves to be extremely useful for a wide range of diseases and health problems, including all kinds of inflammatory conditions.

Since 2010 I have been dealing with (on and off) a very lower bowel inflammatory condition (ulcerative colitis/proctitis) and because I am super proactive in always exploring first any holistic healing avenues that might be available there Low, for years I had tried different holistic approaches to bring about healing. I was open to reading all about what medicinal cannabis could possibly have to offer me, as it wasn’t even on my radar until the moment I opened this email.

Very quickly, I dove deep into everything I could learn from UPG about the world of health and healing using cannabis. The information was always presented so well, and it all really started to click for me and I really connected with John Malanca’s passion and sincerity. I learned that his advocacy was rooted in the mission of UPG as originally conceived by John and his late wife Corinne when they founded the organization.

From there, my knowledge base grew tremendously as I learned everything I could from some of the top professionals and presenters in the medical cannabis space with names like Dr. Allan Frankel, Dustin Sulak, Ethan Russo, Bob Melamede and Dedi Meiri just to name a few.

After all the extensive research I did, it didn’t take long (summer 2018) to apply for my medical marijuana card in Florida. As soon as I could, I started shopping at the dispensary based on everything I had learned from UPG and all those wonderful practitioners.

I am delighted to report that a week after my treatment with medical cannabis, everything started to improve as my system began to calm down and my condition began to clear up. I enjoyed better health and have remained so ever since. To say I simply couldn’t be more grateful would be an understatement!

So, THANK YOU with all my heart to Corinne and John, and all the dedicated professionals and activists who continue to work in the field of medicinal cannabis in the name of truly serving humanity.

Your hard work and dedication is VERY appreciated and GREATLY appreciated.

Mitch G.

South Florida

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