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More Than 6 In 10 Missouri Adults Support Legalizing Cannabis As Initiative Heads Toward Ballot, New Poll Says

With cannabis legalization set to be on Missouri’s November ballot, a recently released poll indicates strong support in the state. Of those polled, 62% said they support legalizing marijuana, while 25% said the drug should remain illegal. Another 13 percent said they weren’t sure.

Support for legalization was strong across all parties. Although majorities of Democrats and independents have long been more supportive of the policy change than Republicans, the new poll also indicates that more GOP voters support legalization (49%) than oppose it (38%). .

Investigation follows Legal Missouri 2022 activists earlier this month handing over what they said is more than double the number of signatures required necessary to qualify a legalization initiative. Provided the signatures are cleared by election officials, the measure would be presented to voters in November.

Through SurveyUSA.

The New SurveyUSA surveyproduced on behalf of TV stations across the state between May 11 and May 15, asked 2,175 Missouri adults questions about a variety of political issues, including law enforcement and public schools.

Across nearly every demographic group — including race, gender, age and party identification — more respondents favored legalization than opposed it.

Overall, a larger proportion of men (66%) than

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