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MMJRecs 9 Marijuana Strains To Help Chronic Pain

As its medicinal benefits are increasingly recognized, marijuana continues to gain greater acceptance in the United States. Various state laws are gradually beginning to adopt the plant as a recreational hobby as well. Regardless of legality, however, MMJ cards still provide patients with numerous benefits, ranging from tax savings to greater freedom in purchasing, possessing, and growing medical marijuana.

Marijuana strains for chronic pain cover sativa, indica, and hybrid races. Although research is limited, anecdotal evidence suggests that a variety of marijuana strains can be very effective in reducing chronic pain to manageable levels. This article will help demystify MMJ for pain relief, and which strains might be best to use CBD for pain.

Generally speaking, sativa strains are characterized by euphoria, heightened creativity and awareness, and mental highs, while indica strains emphasize calming and sedating body highs that can promote rest and relaxation. the sleep.

Although the relaxing tendencies inherent in indica strains lend themselves to pain reduction, the properties of both can be helpful in addressing chronic pain. The conversation between sativa and indica for nerve pain, for example, seems to lean towards the soothing nature of indica.

Medical News Today describes that while THC stimulates, CBD “does not induce a high”, but “interacts with pain receptors in the brain to exert analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects”.

Eligibility requirements for MMJ cards vary from state to state. You can explore your state’s requirements and the application process on our portal.

Picture by add grass on Unsplash: Once your card is in hand, MMJ painkiller is at your disposal.

For anyone interested in the world of medical marijuana and those already familiar, here is a leafy list of nine marijuana strains for chronic pain relief.

1. Afghan Kush

Hailing from the Hindu Kush mountain range, Afghan Kush is a popular sativa strain to approach general pain relief. Famous for its soothing nature and abundant resin, Afghan Kush is an excellent choice for relaxing the body and calming the mind all at once. It has generated a series of spin-offs that only testify to the historical reliability of the strain.

2. LA Confidential

With a lower THC content, LA Confidential is a sweet and inviting strain for those new to MMJ for pain relief. She’s 95% indica-dominant, naturally leans into a sedative role, and is a safe choice for dealing with chronic pain. LA Confidential is said to be excellent for calming busy minds and aching joints for all-around comfort.

3. Harlequin

A fragrant and delicious sativa mix, Harlequin’s high CBD content reduces the cerebral high for a pleasant and mellow effect. It is often prescribed as an analgesic for headaches, migraines, arthritis, and muscle spasms. Besides its fruity taste, Harlequin is popular for being a calm, unrestricted relaxant that covers patients with a soft, warming glow. If this is the kind of treatment you would like to work for you, let’s start your application today.

4. Bubba Kush

With a THC content of up to 7% above average, Bubba Kush delivers a light haze with a deeply tranquilizing body high. It is best to accommodate the abilities of this strain with free time and a comfortable space to relax. Users often report that this indica strain is an effective treatment for everything from muscle spasms and cramps to chronic pain and stress.

5. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is an energizing and uplifting sativa strain. It is an ideal choice to regain the vigor often depleted by chronic pain. With its pungent and zesty aroma, it’s no surprise that Sour Diesel can also provide a mood boost. It is often reported as a preferable option for conditions such as nausea, muscle pain, and inflammation. Sour Diesel is an awesome strain that can actively balance sativa vs indica talk for pain relief. It might even make your morning coffee redundant!


ACDC sits nicely between sativa and indica mixes as a lemony and sweet MMJ favorite. The strain has positioned itself as a top option for medical use; she was awarded the Cannabis Cup for her unparalleled prowess as a therapeutic strain. Its very low level of THC minimizes psychoactivity and underlines the benefits of CBD for pain. Containing a terpene called myrcene, ACDC is considered elite in the treatment of pain and inflammation.

7. Ice Cream Cake

Euphoric and tasty, Ice Cream Cake breeds two popular strains – Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 – in a highly acclaimed formation. Its sweet and creamy taste combines with a strong medicinal application; the Leafly community reveres Ice Cream Cake for helping with chronic pain, sleep disorders, and anxiety. It is known to induce a cerebral rush before gently transitioning patients into a peaceful and elated state. It’s dreamy, right? Here’s how simple it is to sign up and get ready for your very own magnificent ice cream cake experience.

8. Blueberry

A cult classic, Blueberry champions the simplicity of early strain development. Her legendary status dates back to 2000, when she won the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica. Beyond the spotlight, her juicy, full-bodied character continues to soothe chronic pain patients with a powerfully relaxing high. Bilberry is a proven option that also offsets stress with graceful ease. It has also been highlighted for its treatment of neuropathic pain. Without a doubt, Blueberry is a key contender for the fundamental benefits it offers as a classic calming indica.

9. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an indica strain that deserves to be grown slowly. Patients often note the rewards of an authoritative, quiet body high that reduces chronic pain. This award-winning strain has a strong relationship with MMJ patients as a powerful pain reliever. Its sleep-inducing properties may also be helpful in combating pain that keeps patients awake at night. The earthy sweetness and powerful body high are credited with bringing sore muscles into deep relaxation.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, we hope you feel confident about starting or continuing your journey of using MMJ for pain relief. Marijuana strains with chronic pain are more important than ever, so why not start free yourself from weird pills and pharmaceuticals and explore the natural radiance of medical mariajuna? Tackling chronic pain can be as simple as registration Where renew your MMJ card today!

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