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Marijuana and weight loss: what is the association?

Historically, marijuana use has been linked to inducing snacking behaviors in people. Commonly called the ‘cravings effect‘, users have experienced a sudden increase in appetite after smoking one or a few strains. We all know that marijuana use increases appetite; how could this lead to weight loss? Let’s read about that and much more here.

Can medical marijuana help with weight loss?

Yes, medical marijuana can indeed help with weight loss. There has been a lot of back and forth about the possible benefits of medical marijuana for weight loss for some time now. Due to the lack of proper research, it was not possible to propagate this benefit earlier, but with new emerging evidence, it does.

This is especially after the publication of the research study titled “Cannabis and body weight‘ published in 2014 which backed up the weight loss claims. According to the results of this study, weight gain due to marijuana use was found to occur only in patients with serious conditions like HIV/AIDS and/or cancer. For healthy people of average to heavy body weight, marijuana use actually worked well in reducing body mass index (BMI).

This became a groundbreaking study in terms of the main cause of using marijuana for weight loss. Let’s find out the symptoms of marijuana use that lead to weight loss in people.

How Does Marijuana Work For Weight Loss?

The therapeutic benefits of marijuana are not hidden from anyone. From a severely debilitating condition like Cancer to something as common as Anxiety, marijuana can cure everything. How does marijuana contribute to weight loss, let’s find out?

Treats insomnia

Weight loss isn’t just about eating what’s good and what’s not. Of course, eating habits and behaviors make a difference if you want to lose weight, but these are not the only factors that matter. Getting good sleep is one of the underestimated and lesser known things that have a huge impact on how much weight an individual loses or gains.

Sleep is the body’s recovery time, which involves burning a lot of calories. So, if you don’t sleep properly every night, the chances of you gaining weight increase dramatically. In addition, due to the phenomenon of nighttime snacking, the appetite-enhancing effect of poor sleep is also well known.

By smoking the right CBD-rich strains, the relaxing and calming effects of CBD hit you quickly, helping you sleep peacefully through the night.

Helps reduce obesity

chubby woman in sportswear with measuring tape

It was a study conducted on mice in 2015, which hinted at the incredible obesity-reducing effect of THC. It was discovered that via ingestion of THC, the heaviest mice experienced a huge reduction in body weight. The method of administration was the point of emphasis here. Ingestion of THC has shown better results in terms of weight reduction whereas smoking induces the craving effect.

Despite the short-term induction of the cravings effect, it is notable that in the long term, marijuana use has been shown to be linked to lower body weight. This then means that THC-rich strains can be successfully consumed for effective weight loss. Of course, the user should also keep proper precautions in mind and not go overboard.

Helps to exercise properly

CBD or Cannabidiol as we all know is a compound that helps in recovery from severe joint and muscle pain, which is why athletes and sports people use it frequently. In addition to this, CBD can also treat inflammation. Now these two advantages can then be put to use when training. The person can consume it before or after completing their exercises.

What also adds to the experience is the focus-boosting benefit that often comes with CBD consumption. Also in the case of weight loss, if the person is well focused, he can achieve the body weight he envisioned after training. So, for reasons of pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and high potency, CBD-rich strains work impressively.

Cannabis Strains That Lose Weight

There are many varieties of cannabis that can be smoked for weight loss benefits. Let’s check the main ones below.

Northern Lights

A useful strain for both medical and recreational users, Northern Lights has a THC content of 16%. This means that smoking this strain will give users a moderately high effect but will also work effectively to reduce their weight. So what’s better than that? You can smoke this strain to dispel insomnia and depression.

Durban Poison

Another major strain that has gained popularity due to its significant benefits is Durban Poison. Now this strain is quite special. And its specialty is due to the presence of THCV or Tetrahydrocannabivarin. THCV is a revered cannabinoid due to its weight loss benefits. The effects of this strain resemble a shot of espresso, refreshing and fast.

Blue Dream

A Sativa-dominant strain, Blue Dream is another great choice to use for motivation and intense energy. This will provide a range of medicinal benefits that will keep users motivated and inspired.


Harlequin is a very potent CBD strain that cuts the appetite-enhancing effects of THC consumption. This is a must-have strain for people trying to lose weight. With a CBD content of around 15%, people are less likely to feel the need to snack excessively.

The blends of aromas and flavors of this strain will excite users and keep them happy. With no bitter aftertaste, this is one of the best strains to smoke.

Charlotte’s web

Charlotte’s Web is a real rarity in the world of cannabis strains. With a THC content of less than 1%, only the beneficial calming effects will be felt by the smoker. Since the CBD content is high here, it’s easy to miss the appetite-boosting effects of THC.

Final Thoughts

Consuming cannabis for weight loss is then a huge possibility. To explore it, you need to research it properly and also ask for a online medical card. Applying for an MMJ card will ensure that what you do is done under the medical direction and guidelines of legitimate physicians.

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