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Make no mistake, marijuana edibles are legal now in Minnesota

ST. PAUL, Minnesota — A new Minnesota law that took effect Friday allows people 21 and older to buy edibles and beverages that contain a limited amount of THC, the high-inducing ingredient in marijuana.

Lawmakers have attempted to regulate delta-8 THC. They legalized delta-9 THC instead. Bank error in your favor!

Edibles, like gummies, and beverages can contain up to 5 milligrams of THC per serving and 50 milligrams per package by law. Five milligrams is about half the standard dose found in recreational marijuana products in other states.

By law, new THC products must be derived from legally certified hemp. But, industry experts say 5 milligrams will produce the same effect whether derived from hemp or marijuana, the Tribune of the Stars reported.

“This stuff will get you high, there’s no doubt about it,” said attorney Jason Tarasek, founder of Minnesota Cannabis Law and a board member of the Minnesota Cannabis Association. “Everyone calls it hemp-derived THC, which makes it look like something other than marijuana. But I went on social media and called it adult-use marijuana, because it is what most people will consider to be that.


Cannabis-infused edibles 101: What to know about dosage, potency and labeling

How did it happen?

Apparently, in their zeal to regulate hemp-derived cannabis products containing compounds like delta-8 THC and THC-O, Minnesota state lawmakers passed a bill earlier this year. which inadvertently legalized edibles containing delta-9 THC. This bill took effect as state law on July 1.

Delta-9 THC is what most people refer to when they say THC. It is the compound that occurs naturally in cannabis and is intoxicating when smoked.

Hemp, by legal definition, contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by weight. Thus, in order to obtain delta-9 THC from hemp, processors must undertake a number of steps to first extract CBD from hemp and then convert that CBD into delta-9 THC.

Hemp itself is federally legal and is also legal in Minnesota.

Hemp stores are selling it now

Steven Brown, CEO of nothing but hempsaid it will begin selling a dozen new THC products on Friday at its six Minnesota retail locations, with a few dozen more over the next month.

“In a way, we legalized cannabis,” Brown said.

Nothing But Hemp operates stores in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Forest Lake, Maplewood Mall, White Bear Lake, Cloquet and Chaska.

This pop-up appeared on the Nothing But Hemp website over the weekend:

All six Nothing But Hemp stores became de facto edible cannabis outlets on Friday morning. (via

Govt. Walz: You made it, now wear it

Cannabis advocates say they are surprised the law will pass the Minnesota Legislature given Senate Republicans’ opposition to the legalization of recreational marijuana. Republicans blocked a bill to legalize cannabis earlier this year.

The Tribune of the Stars reported that Republican Senator Jim Abeler, chairman of the Senate Social Services Reform Finance and Policy Committee, said he did not realize the new law would legalize edibles containing delta -9 THC. He thought this only regulated hemp-derived delta-8 THC products.

Abeler would like to repeal the new law. But Democratic Gov. Tim Walz and the Democratic-controlled House are in favor of legalizing cannabis. So there could be interesting negotiations in the near future.

Where to find products this weekend

If you’re interested in enjoying the legislature mess, here’s a list of Nothing But Hemp store locations:


take it easy

And remember: Start low, go slow. Eat a single food, then wait for the effects to kick in. It can take up to an hour. For adults who have never felt the effects of edibles before, just one 5mg candy can be surprisingly potent.

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