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Levo II Review – All You Need to Know About Everyone’s Favorite Cannabutter Machine (2021)

There’s nothing more enjoyable than making your own batch of DIY edibles right in the comfort of your home. You get a whole lot of goodness that you can proudly share with your friends at a fraction of the price of what you spend for the same amount at a dispensary. And if you have your own infused cannabutter in a jar in the fridge, you can wake up and cook with a big schmear on your pancakes. You can make Bubba Kush Balsamic Vinaigrette or peddle Heady Garlic Grilled Cheese on Phish Batch. The possibilities are literally endless.

Here’s the thing though – if you tinker in your oven, chances are everyone in the building or your neighborhood will smell that crap. Seriously. The kind of weed we’re lucky enough to get our hands on these days aren’t the schwag schwiggity of yesteryear. It’s legitimately potent, can stink your whole car from inside a sealed plastic dispensary container, and that’s before you even try to decarboxylate it.

It is precisely for these reasons that we contacted our friends at VO to be seen on taking one of their machines for a test drive. Besides the fact that their fully contained units are damn sexy (it’s not often you can buy a machine that not only matches your coffee mugs and dishcloths, but can also help you get really, really high), we wanted to see how this stacked up against the more basic DIY strategies for creating your own infused oils and butters (I’m looking at you, slow cooker!) Read on to find out what we liked, what we learned, and how you can get your hands on one of these bad boys.


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The first thing you’ll notice about the Levo II is how perfectly innocent it looks. It’s a machine you might have on your counter when your very nice (and very square) parents drop by for a visit and they’ll one hundred percent buy your story that it’s a machine for making bath bombs infused with lavender. Which, technically, it is. Or it could be either way. It’ll go a lot better than the time you tried to pass off the bong on the coffee table for a vase that didn’t have any flowers in it yet. Because who puts water in a “vase” and forgets the flower? (look what I did there?)

But it’s when you get down to using that bad boy that the Levo II really shines. It’s simple. Truly idiot proof. While there were obviously instructions in the box, we completely ignored them in favor of a trial and error approach, and quite frankly there weren’t many mistakes. We loaded the power module with an Apple Fritter flower grown in the garden of a Hail Mary Jane team member, pressed Activate, and forgot about it. It was a little less odor resistant than we expected, but it also might not be the best idea to degas weed in a shared office space, even though the wholesale brokers of cannabis down the hall regularly heat up their office.

Freshly decarburized flower, let’s get to it then make our own nerd strings. And again, the Levo II made it ridiculously easy. We took the flower out of the pod, spread it on the floor of the tank and loaded the rest of the tank with coconut oil, then retired to the terrace to drink White Claws while the machine was doing its magic. We couldn’t figure out how to change from Celcius to Farenheit (as I mentioned, direction pamphlets aren’t our thing here at Hail Mary Jane) but we googled the conversion so it didn’t really slow us down . Once the machine went through the brew cycle (for our coconut oil it took a little over an hour) we just pressed the button with the drop of oil on it and goodness infused with sweet cannabis has elapsed. All told, the process of making cannabis oil required our active attention for maybe 15 minutes. When I say the Levo II simplifies oil infusion, I mean it.

But really, the best part of the Levo II is…the cleaning! If you’ve ever tried to make cannabutter yourself at home, you know that shit gets messy. There’s cheesecloth and oil all over you, your floor, your counters. His. A process. And it’s really awful. But with the Levo II, you hit that little oil button, bang the leftover flower in a trash can, and drop the reservoir in a dishwasher. That’s it.

The Levo II currently holds the top spot in Hail Mary Jane’s Favorite Cannabis Butter Machines. It’s sexy, simple, and makes cleanup a breeze. We have an Ardent sitting in the office waiting to be judged, so stay tuned!

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