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Kitchen Sink Strain Information & Review [Updated ]

Cannarado Genetics bred Ice cream sundae driver and GMO cookies to give birth to Kitchen Sink, a powerful and full-bodied variety ready to take on the biggest.

Sativa/Indica Indoor performance Outdoor performance Flowering period
50%-50% 1 – 2 oz/ft² 10-15 ounces/plant 55-63 days

The Kitchen Sink strain contains myrcene, phellandrene, terpineol, humulene, and bisabolol, so you know you’re in therapy (and delicious) smoke.

And that’s before we even get to THC. But that’s further in this review of the Kitchen Sink strain – let’s talk about looks first.

About Kitchen Sink Cannabis Strain:

Right off the bat, it’s easy to see that Kitchen Sink is a well balanced hybrid. Her cone-shaped buds are elongated, pointed and compact, honoring both sides of her heritage.

The nuggets are mostly olive green, with sapphire undertones and a range of orange and blue hairs.

A thick, frosty layer of tiny trichome crystals hints at her potent THC content. So don’t be surprised if the price of the Kitchen Sink variety is higher than what you are used to.

This premium weed is worth a few dollars more.

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Kitchen Sink Strain Information

Origin GMO Cookies, Sundae Driver
Plant type 50% Sativa, 50% Indica
THC 18%-19%
CBD Almost 0%
Effects Happy
Fragrance Earth
Spice up
The flavours Vanilla
Undesirable effect Couchlock, anxiety, paranoia, slurred speech
Flowering period 55-63 days
Yield 1-2 oz/ft² (indoor), 10-15 oz/plant (outdoor)
Increase the difficulty Moderate

Kitchen Sink Strain Yield

Kitchen Sink is a med-high yielding strain that you can grow indoors and outdoors.

Indoor yields produce 1-2 Oz/Ft2 (400g/m2), while outdoor harvests are 10-15 Oz/plant (400g/plant).

For best results, arm yourself with as much information about growing the Kitchen Sink strain as possible.

Girl Scout Cookie Strain

Girl Scout Cookie Seeds

  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • High THC levels of up to 21%
  • Big yields for indoor and outdoor growers
  • You feel both relaxed and euphoric

Kitchen Sink Strain THC Content

The THC percentage of the Kitchen Sink strain is a moderate 18-19% on average but can reach 23% with a more experienced grower behind the shears.

Although modest compared to some, these levels still offer powerful effects. Consume with caution if you are a beginner or have a low THC tolerance.

Kitchen Sink Warp Effects
Kitchen Sink Warp Effects

Kitchen Sink Warp Effects

The THC percentage of the Kitchen Sink strain is not only effective, it also guarantees a fast acting top that nestles for the long haul.

A review of the Kitchen Sink strain noted how quickly the strain replaced a pounding headache with a feeling of relaxed and elevated concentration.

In addition to its long-lasting effects, you can expect an increase feelings of happiness, creativity and inspiration. You may even get a little giggly.

And let’s not forget the full body high. As intense as it may be, it doesn’t knock you out.

Instead, it will leave you physically calm and relaxed while your mind settles into cerebral bliss.

This combination makes Kitchen Sink tension effects ideal for relieve persistent painanxiety or depression.

It’s the ideal morning strain, leaving you feeling relaxed, motivated and focused – ready to embrace the day without a care.

Kitchen Sink Strain Scent
Kitchen Sink Strain Scent

Kitchen Sink Strain Scent

The Kitchen Sink variety is known for its aroma. Some even think that is how it got its name.

You know the smell that wafts over your kitchen sink when it’s piled high with dirty dishes from a good meal? The Kitchen Sink strain is the weed version.

A puff displays a range of contrasting flavors that work one way or another. It’s earthy, herbal, spicyand fruitywith sweet wildflower notes.

If you’re looking to bring out the creamy dessert flavors, vaping is the way to go.

Kitchen Sink Strain Flavors

Just like its popular aroma, the creamy dessert flavor stands out.

He has a strong vanilla taste blended with an earthy and fruity nutty flavor. Kitchen Sink is a sweet but pungent marijuana.

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Kitchen Sink Weed Strain Negative Reactions

The Kitchen Sink strain is a weed strain that you should use with caution.

It’s the perfect mix of flavorthe flavor and the high, but abuse can lead to couchlock, anxiety, paranoia, and slurred speech.

Too much, and that otherwise ideal daytime strain will make you see stars.

If you plan on being functional and need focus, take it slow as it might knock you over. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Kitchen sink growing stump
Kitchen sink growing stump

Growing the Kitchen Sink Strain

Seeds of the Kitchen Sink strain produce plants with indica and sativa, making them moderately difficult to grow, even for seasoned growers.

Fortunately, there is enough information about growing the Kitchen Sink variety available to help you produce healthy and bountiful harvests both indoors and indoors. outside.

The Kitchen Sink strain grows true to its sativa genes, with slender, branching plants reaching 2ft to 5ft indoors and 5ft to 7.5ft outdoors.

Her indica heritage is equally prominent, with dense, tight and resinous buds.

Maintain and control the branches during the vegetation stage will better prepare you for the flowering phase when the plant begins to stretch.

Techniques such as topping, pruning and stalking adapt to plant density and height, increasing ventilation, exposing more buds to light and encouraging growth.

Climate kitchen sink voltage information is not available.

Although you usually turn to parents for advice, Sundae Driver likes the heat and humid climateswhile GMO Cookies likes it dry, which makes it more iffy.

No one can confirm which climate is best, but growers advise maintaining temperate conditions with humidity.

Buds this dense can be susceptible to mold, and maintaining a regulated environment can go a long way in maintaining plant health.

Stick to organic fertilizers – The seeds of the Kitchen Sink variety do not react well to synthetics.

Flowering of the Kitchen Sink strain
Flowering of the Kitchen Sink strain

Kitchen Sink Strain Flowering Time

Some growers report a flowering time of 55-63 days, while others suggest it’s closer to 72-77 days.

This conflicting information about the Kitchen Sink strain is likely due to the fact that the plant has different flowering times depending on whether or not it is grown indoors or outside.

Harvest time is said to be 9-11 weeks indoors. Depending on your location, outdoor crops will be ready in 7-9 weeks or beginning of October.

Genetics of the Kitchen Sink strain

Kitchen Sink is a well balanced hybrid strain mix of popular GMO Cookies and Sundae Driver strains.

GMO cookiesalso known as Garlic Cookies, combines two well-known strains; Scout cookies and Chemdog.

GMO Cookies is a potent indica-dominant strain recognized as one of the best strains of 2017.

As indicated by his name, Ice cream sundae driver is one of the best dessert strains on the market, known for its powerful relaxing and euphoric effects.

One of the reasons Sundae Driver is so popular is its 50/50 blend of sativa and indica.

Kitchen Sink Cannabis Strain FAQs

Is Kitchen Sink indica or sativa?

Kitchen Sink is a hybrid, which means it has both indica and sativa traits. Her 50% indica/50% sativa ratio makes her a balanced strain that offers the best of both worlds. Sativa is cerebral and psychedelic, sending you into mental bliss. The indica produces a pleasant body high that will leave you feeling relaxed and in some cases a bit couchlocked.

Why would a marijuana strain flower faster outdoors?

The reason marijuana is said to grow faster outdoors is because it is influenced by the seasons. There is less control outdoors, whereas indoors the grower controls when a plant flowers so that it can receive more light and a longer vegetation period. Indica plants naturally flower early and avoid frost. Kitchen Sink’s indica genetics allow her to fire faster.

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