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Jesus Burrola on the Intensity of Cannabis Success

The Edge is a special video series brought to you by Brutalityfeaturing thought-provoking conversations with cannabis industry leaders and innovators.

In this episode, we were joined by Jesus Burrola, longtime cannabis advocate and CEO of POSSIBLE. With 15 years of experience distributing publicly traded building materials, Burrola rose through the ranks from intern to vice president, and now he’s made his way into cannabis.

Known as the “cannabis farm of the future”, POSIBL relies on a state-of-the-art system that uses less to do more, bringing the best greenhouse technology and traditional farming expertise to cannabis, and combining it to the best possible genetics to produce a perfect flower every time.

Brutality and Burrola discussed sustainable practices, cannabis-infused beverages, and the industry’s most surprising challenges.

Burrola came to POSIBL with a wealth of experience in distribution and a great fascination for the cannabis industry.

“[Cannabis] is an industry that fascinated me. I obviously saw the huge growth and opportunity in the industry, and it was something I could leave my mark on,” Burrola said.

Just as he rose through the ranks from intern to vice president in the distribution world, Burrola quickly rose from cannabis industry novice to CEO, where he and his team grew up for 13 major cannabis brands across the California.

“We also have a major construction project underway. We are in the process of expanding an additional 100,000 square feet, as well as new processing capabilities and entering the world of extraction,” Burrola said.

Her role is to oversee all aspects of the business, while recognizing these ongoing growth opportunities and ensuring her team is happy, comfortable, and equipped with the tools they need to grow.

When asked about POSIBL’s corporate culture, the word “intense” quickly came to Burrola’s mind.

“It’s one of many efforts and dedication. I think we’ve assembled a fantastic team: very different backgrounds, from Wall Street banking, to guys who’ve spent 30 years in agricultural production, to compliance experts,” Burrola said.

“Everyone comes to this industry with very diverse backgrounds, but everyone has a well-defined area of ​​interest. I think we work very well together and a lot of decisions are made as a team.

POSIBL focuses on pure, long-lasting flower, which is arguably the cornerstone of any cannabis product on the market. His team’s incredible work translates into a variety of results, from knockouts to edibles and everything in between.

The cannabis industry has so many different types of consumers, and POSIBL provides the foundation for everyone to be happy with their preferred method of consumption.

One of Burrola’s favorite cannabis products? Infused drinks.

“I love Cann. I drink them almost daily. I think they’re social, they’re fun, they’re healthy,” Burrola said.

Although cannabis use is a daily ritual for Burrola – and many others in the industry – this daily tradition only comes after hours for the CEO, especially when very high levels of THC are involved. .

“For me, it’s after hours. I like to be sharp in making decisions, and for me, I like it when I know I don’t have very urgent and important decisions to analyze,” Burrola said.

Maybe Burrola’s answer would change when it comes to another industry, but one of the most surprising things he discovered when he started working in cannabis is how incredibly difficult it is. .

He’s not the first industry expert to admit this. Just as cannabis users have long been dogged by the tired old “lazy smoker” stigma, the industry itself is plagued by this misconception that no one actually does work in weed.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Obviously [the industry] is becoming more and more accepted, but with regulations changing day by day and inconsistencies in how to deal with that,” Burrola said.

“I was surprised how difficult simple things like writing a check or making a deposit can be. You have to be prepared to go through a lot of headaches.

Burrola is right that the industry (and the plant itself) has become more accepted over the years, but many non-consumers are still wary of cannabis due to decades of anti-weed propaganda that were constantly force-fed to society. .

To those who remain hesitant, Burrola asks that the importance of proper dosage should not be underestimated.

“The dose is important. I think if I had tried drinking a bottle of vodka the first time I drank, I probably wouldn’t have had a very good experience, and I probably wouldn’t have wanted to drink a lot after that,” he said. Burrola said.

“You really have to be comfortable with your dosage to have a good experience. Less is more, initially.

It takes a lot of time and dedication to really get to grips with the ins and outs of cannabis, from terpene profiles to cannabinoid composition to indica versus sativa versus hybrid. And while there is to learn as a consumer, there is still more to learn as an industry operator.

When asked who his past or present cannabis hero was – someone who really helped Burrola understand the industry – consultant and greenhouse expert Eric Brandstad immediately came to mind.

“[He] came to consult us and I learned a lot about the factory thanks to him,” said Burrola.

“I didn’t come from a growing background myself, so it was really important to get these simple terms, in a simplified way, on how to understand the plant.”

Although Burrola had a long way to go in cultivation knowledge when he first started out in the industry, he was already quite familiar with the basics of cannabis consumption.

He remembers the first time he smoked weed – at age 19 in Colorado, with a pipe.

“I grew up in Mexico, and it’s very stigmatized there because it’s linked to the cartel. It was very scary and taboo,” Burrola said.

“So it was in the States through a friend’s dad, which I think was the weirdest thing that could have happened. I thought I was kidding myself on camera or something like that.

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