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Indiva’s Guide to a Career in Cannabis

If five years ago you had told people that you worked or wanted to work in the booming cannabis industry, you would probably have encountered a lot of strange looks, questions about job stability and questions such as “which cannabis industry?” Until 10 years ago, the idea of ​​cannabis legalization was considered a pipe dream or a hot election topic to garner votes. But here we are in 2022, with a much greener cannabis landscape both literally and figuratively. One of the most appealing aspects is the dozen or so industries to choose from, which means your cannabis career can be extremely personalized to your interests and skills. With industries like agriculture, marketing, packaging, shipping, food and beverage production, tourism, and more, the cannabis industry has something for everyone. Working in cannabis can be an exciting and fulfilling experience for many, but where do you start when joining this fast-paced and ever-changing landscape? We got some insight from Indiva Human Resources Specialist Amanda Jamieson on what cannabis industry hiring managers might be looking for. “Overall, the cannabis industry is no different from any other industry when it comes to applying for jobs. You need to have relevant, recent, relevant experience,” Jamieson said. “Although I can’t not speak for other LPs, Indiva generally tends to look for candidates with CPG [Consumer Packaged Goods] experience.” Jamieson added that the best way to get the job you want is to emphasize any relevant expertise you may have in the area you’re applying for. “If you’re looking for a job in marketing, don’t hype up all your financial experience,” she said. “My advice is always to tailor your resume to the job posting and the company.” The process of applying can be similar to any other job, but questions about work experience in the cannabis industry come up frequently Jamieson said that in many cases it’s a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment. , which is no doubt due to the fact that the industry itself was only legalized in 2018. base But, while it can be stressful, working in cannabis can be rewarding, especially when all those you work with have the same goal. “It’s the industry most challenging in which I have had the pleasure of working. I’ve been with Indiva for almost 3 years and I still love my job. I learn something new every day,” Jamieson said. Another common question is whether you need to be a cannabis user to work in the industry. “Absolutely not,” Jamieson pointed out. “Don’t get me wrong, having personal experience doesn’t hurt, having some basic product knowledge can help in many ways, but it’s not necessary.” The types of jobs available in the cannabis industry have also changed. We reached out to Jerome Hoyte, the co-founder and managing partner of White Ash Group, a very active cannabis recruitment company based in Ontario. “When we started, some companies were still waiting for cultivation licenses,” Hoyte said. “So obviously [in that scenario] you are looking for a lot of growers, cutters and everyone else on the farming side. Hoyte added that since the industry has progressed, he sees more vacancies in the cannabis retail sector and positions in ancillary businesses, such as cannabis manufacturers, as opposed to Culture. “You look at people from the extraction side, and [candidates] coming from the beer and beverage side,” Hoyte said. There has also been an influx of sales positions now that cannabis companies have passed their initial growth stages. “A lot of great LPs have their sales licenses, so they build sales teams. There are a lot more roles on the sales and marketing side. Whether you’re a packer, a chef, a salesperson, a finance expert or another vocation that isn’t even listed here, chances are there’s something available in the industry for you. So if you feel like it’s time for a job change , come say “high” to cannabis.

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