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Illicit Vs. Legal: What Are The Real Benefits Of Buying Weed From A Licensed Dispensary?

Many of us have had a close relationship with our cannabis dealers, especially before weed was legalized. Dealers are often the first point of contact for buying pot from someone you’ve known for a while. Even better, if you have a long relationship with them, they’ll probably give you good prices for some decent weed – even if you already have some. several dispensaries in your area and access to online cannabis deliveries.

In many cases, dispensary cannabis is slightly or significantly more expensive, depending on the strain. So why should you buy weed from one of them?

Quality control: A licensed cannabis dispensary gives consumers peace of mind knowing that you can buy not just flowers, but a whole range of cannabis products that meet certain safety and quality standards.

Many dispensary products are required to undergo laboratory tests, and even list potency as well as other useful information such as cannabinoid and terpene content on its label. This way, you don’t have to guess how much THC or CBD is in your pot, which is crucial, especially for medical patients who need cannabis to treat symptoms of various illnesses.

Cannabis dealers generally do not grow their own pot – they are just intermediaries who profit from the sale. This means that they do not provide their customers or patients with important information or guarantees regarding safety and potency. Meanwhile, licensed dispensaries must adhere to national regulations so that they can guarantee quality to you. They must comply with state standards to continue to run their business and earn profits honestly.

Variety of products: The cannabis industry is now more sophisticated than ever. This means for consumers that the range of choices is so overwhelming. You can now choose from dozens of strains, cultivars, and consumption methods, many of which can even be customized to suit your needs.

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Established dispensaries even have warehouses where they always keep a stock of good products. You can find an assortment of marijuana ranging from affordable to high end depending on your budget and needs. Being able to shop at a dispensary, online or in person, also allows you to compare products and make an informed decision based on your own preferences and research.

Discounts and loyalty programs: Just because you’re buying from a licensed, reputable dispensary doesn’t mean you’ll always have to spend a lot more money.

You can still enjoy discounts and save money while enjoying all the other benefits of a cannabis dispensary, especially if you participate in their loyalty and membership programs. These allow you to take advantage of a variety of money-saving offers such as rewards, dollar offers, free merchandise, daily specials delivered straight to your inbox or phone, cash back and more. Moreover.

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these Loyalty programs are carefully designed by dispensaries to grow their clientele, and there is always something for you.

Personalized recommendations: Unlike resellers, budtenders and dispensary staff must undergo training to be successful in their jobs. This means they are educated and in some cases even certified by organizations to sell cannabis professionally.

The dispensary staff are an excellent source of information when it comes to cannabis. They are up to date with the latest products, strains and consumption methods, so they are even better placed to build relationships with your dealer. They know questions about THC content, first time dosage guidelines, and many other common issues they are equipped to answer and you can be sure their recommendations are safe.

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The more you develop a relationship with your budtender, the more they will know about your personal preferences and unique needs. Over time, they can make great recommendations and get you the help you really need. You will benefit from getting referrals based on your budget, specific health goals, and lifestyle.

Safety and health risk reduction: If you’re buying from a dealer or someone you don’t know very well, there’s no real way to tell if the pot you’re about to smoke was produced synthetically.

The rise in synthetic cannabis is extremely dangerous and has caused hospitalizations and deaths. Dealers are only looking for a profit. As mentioned earlier, cannabis sold in licensed dispensaries should be tested somewhat, to ensure that you are consuming cannabis that is safe and free of harmful substances like mold and toxins, all of which pose serious health risks.

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You will not support criminals: Buying cannabis on the black market means your dollar goes to support violent crime, while buying from a dispensary supports local businesses and the economy while helping the healthcare system improve.

Also keep in mind that illegal cannabis growers don’t care about the environment and the quality of the products they produce. They use tons of herbicides and pesticides that are so dangerous to consume because they don’t care.

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That said, there are things to keep in mind before visiting a dispensary, especially if it’s your first time.

For one thing, budtenders will want to know what effects you’re looking for. Do you want a strain that will energize you or calm you down? Are you looking for drug relief for a specific disease? Knowing what you are looking for will allow them to tailor a recommendation based on your needs. Never be afraid to ask questions because it’s always so much better to know that you walk away from a dispensary with a purchase you made because you were educated and informed.

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