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How Tom’s Tumbler Generated $100,000 in Sales from Direct Mail

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Tom’s cup is a manufacturer of bladeless trimmers. The PYTHON soft mesh, continuous feed discontinuous cup series is available in eight sizes, wet or dry trim. The technology works quickly while preserving flower structure and trichomes. Tom’s Tumbler products help growers with small to large crops save time and money at a lower price than competitor’s mowers and deliver better results.

To connect with cannabis and hemp licensees across the United States by phone, email, and direct mail, Tom’s Tumbler subscribes to the Cannabiz Media License Database and uses it to support the company’s sales, marketing and business development initiatives.

The problem

Tom’s Tumbler wanted to generate more orders for its cutters than it received from its marketing investments, including its direct mail initiatives.

The solution

Following a long-term strategy of testing and narrowing its target audience to improve its direct mail results, Tom’s Tumbler used the Cannabiz Media Licensing Database to:

  1. Finding the right people to promote its products to
  2. Determine what type of messaging works best
  3. Find opportunities to improve content relevance
  4. Identify the best time to connect with target audiences based on geographic region, time of year, indoor or outdoor culture, etc.
  5. Determine the best performing direct mail format, size and design
  6. Identify the most effective ways to integrate direct mail, email and phone outreach to achieve the best results
Cyndi Wyatt
Cyndi Wyatt
Marketing director
Tom’s cup

As Cyndi Wyatt, Marketing Director of Tom’s Tumbler, explains, “We send postcards to people who clicked or opened the emails we sent, and then we send a phone call. Then we monitor the leads. We may have even seen them at a trade show, so there are plenty of brand touchpoints. We conducted many strategic tests in small areas to improve our marketing results.

Through testing, Tom’s Tumbler has developed a repeatable process that works using the Cannabiz Media Licensing Database. “Cannabiz Media is the most powerful tool in our marketing toolbox,” says Cyndi. “I use it a lot, and now we can map marketing initiatives all year round.

“We’ve worked so hard to find listings in the past, but the Cannabiz Media Licensing Database gives us so much more. If I get a business card, not all of the person’s information is on the card. I search the Cannabiz Media license database and I get more information to create a profile. Now I can plan ahead, and the Cannabiz Media support team is very helpful!”

The results

$100,000 in sales

Thanks to Tom’s Tumbler’s commitment to a long-term, integrated marketing strategy based on testing, tracking, and improving, the company generated $100,000 in sales through its direct mail program in 2021.

“In 2022, we can send fewer postcards because we have reduced what works,” says Cyndi. “It saves us so much time! For example, we know we need to send messages to engaged prospects in small areas, and the message needs to be short and to the point.

“We also try to be educational before trying to sell. You need to know your customer and talk to them about their needs in your email marketing. We really want to help, therefore, authenticity is important in our message. Then, when they receive the postcard, they are asked to schedule an on-site demonstration, and the name of the field representative is added with a sticker. Everything is very strategic.

Success Tips

After so much testing, Cyndi has a number of tips to share on using the Cannabiz Media Licensing Database to implement an integrated marketing plan. “Be relevant,” Cyndi says. “Use the Scorecards feature in the Cannabiz Media Licensing Database to be more strategic. For example, focus on a county in Oklahoma rather than the entire state. Say something first really relevant in an email campaign, then follow up with a direct mail and a phone call.

Cyndi also recommends considering seasonality if emailing cannabis growers. She explains, “Using canopy size and indoor or outdoor growing environment filter criteria in the Cannabiz Media licensing database is extremely helpful. Outdoor growing seasons differ, so target indoor growers during the first trimester. Segment by canopy size and send different mail to small growers vs. large growers. You need to know who you’re sending to and be relevant by using short, punchy statements.

Even if you’re not a seasoned direct mail expert, you can follow Cyndi’s advice to get started. She advises, “Test the mailing formats and sizes and don’t worry about the little things, like mailings that get bounced. It only takes a few sales for the shipper to be self-financing.

For more industry insights from the team at Tom’s Tumbler, listen Cannacurio Podcast Episode 25 with Tom Bruggeman and Mike Bracewell of Tom’s Tumbler.

To learn more about how the Cannabiz Media Licensing Database can help you connect with cannabis and hemp licensees to grow your business like Tom’s Tumbler, schedule a demo today.

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