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How to Roll a Joint

I told my 7and English teacher that I would never use the lessons she taught me on explainer speeches – I did mine on “how to play the drums” because I was a nerd in the band – but I was wrong. Thirty years later, it seems today is the big day, because I’m going to teach you how to roll a joint.

And that’s an important lesson to learn because the skill slowly dies, which is unfortunate, but to be expected. Here at our Durango dispensary, we sell four different types of flower pre-rolls, a solvent-free infused joint, a BHO joint, and the brand new Blunt boxwhich contains six awesome blunts that you don’t have to roll yourself, so why would you ever need to roll your own?

Well, according to the late great Anthony Bourdain, “apart from making a great omelet or wiping your ass, rolling a joint is an essential skill for any self-respecting member of society.” I agree. What happens if you find some great bud in our store that isn’t available for pre-roll? What if you break your pipe or want to mix varieties in a joint or want to roll something special for a friend? You will have to do it yourself. And really, can you even call yourself a smoker if you can’t roll your own joints to smoke? No. So, keep reading and learn.

Backing up a bit, when I say I’m going to teach you how to roll a joint, I mean a real cut. A classic joint. One without a “filter”, because if you know what you are doing, they are superfluous. After all, the rolled up cardboard “filters” that people put in joints really don’t “filter” anything at all, and they will make your joint taste like cardboard instead of pot, which sucks. Back then, we called them “crutches” because they were used by people who needed them; people who needed a “crutch” because they couldn’t roll a joint without it. If you roll a joint correctly, the wrapped flower will stay in the tip it belongs to instead of ending up in your mouth like a snack, and using a cardboard crutch won’t leave you with a cockroach, which deprives you of the possibility of rolling a joint of generation (click on HERE to know what it means).

And I won’t teach you how to roll one of those arts and crafts joints either. It’s an abomination, something free that comes from the showboating that followed legalization, and it’s useless. I’m sure you’ve seen them. People spend hours these days rolling a joint that looks like an animal or something crazy like a spaceship, but those things never smoke. They’re used for social media posts and the wow factor, and more often than not the guy who rolled it opens it up after posting the pic to smoke the weed inside normally, because smoking a joint entire spacecraft is a waste.

However, as a final warning before getting to the “how to” part of this blog, I must warn you not to roll a joint if you’re trying to save your weed. A joint takes about three times as much pot as you can fit in a pipe, so joints are for gatherings or for people with high tolerances who don’t think a single bowl will do. Alright…let’s go. The first thing you will need is grass:

I chose two Grown in greenery strains for my “exhibitive” joints because there’s nothing better in Durango, and I wanted them to be perfect buds – on the left is a 2g head of Bruce Banner, and on the right is a 2.5g bud of Blue Dream. Again, I got three joints of those four grams because I wasn’t worried about preservation. The same two buds would have filled my pipe at least ten times, so consider that if you’re on a budget.

Next, you’ll need papers (obviously), a rolling tray, and a grinder. For the record, you can roll a much better joint without a grinder because if you carefully remove all the buds from the stems in small pieces with your index finger and thumb, you won’t get any stems in your joint. The rods can poke small holes in the paper which disrupts the airflow/draught, and the rods give joints a bitter taste. I’ve gone 20 years without using a grinder, so I promise that’s true, but I’ll drop that particular point because everyone uses a grinder these days, so might as well show you how. Here is the setup:

Granted, you don’t really need the Gandalf pipe pictured in the background, but I like to smoke before I smoke (and then I smoke a little more), so that’s a bonus. For the tray, I chose an antique plate, but anything will do as long as it has raised edges to keep the pot where it’s supposed to be. And back to the grinder, the example pictured is three chambered as it has a small screen in the bottom which allows the kief (the crystals/trichomes covering the flower) to fall into a separate section, but I still empty the chamber of kief after each grind instead of saving it, and if you think about it, you’ll probably start doing the same thing. Because if you don’t, you’re taking some of the awesomeness out of your joint. It just doesn’t make sense to roll ten or fifteen joints that are slightly less wonderful than they might be just so that you can use the kief from each of them to roll a super wonderful joint later, of as much as we sell Lebanese Hash (which is made from kief) right here in our shop. If you buy some and grind it too, all your joints can look even better.

Moving on, the next step is to grind your weed. Break the buds off the main stem then put them in your grinder in a small circle around the magnet:

If you cover the magnet, you’ll get the dreaded “bud patty” right in the middle from the pressure created when grinding, and that’s annoying. As for the crushed flower itself, it should be cut finely, and a properly crushed flower will look and act like kinetic sand when you pour it onto your tray; it will drain slowly thanks to the fine particles and oil content (by the way, if you’ve never played with kinetic sand, you should do it after smoking because ASMR is wonderful when you’re stoned). Next, take out a paper and fill it evenly from end to end like a small burrito with the glue strip facing up and away from you:

I chose the Raw Black papers that we sell right here in our shop because they’re natural and not bleached with chemicals, and they’re ultra-thin, so they’ll let you taste the terpene-rich flower. in your joint rather than the paper itself. Next, you’ll want to pinch the paper together, forming a little teardrop shape:

Then you will begin to form a perfect cylinder from the flower inside the paper by rolling it back and forth between your fingers in both hands. It’s a bit like making a worm out of playdough; it needs to be done evenly from end to end so your joint doesn’t end up looking like a pregnant snake. Start by applying pressure in the center to avoid this, then roll from the middle outwards – the extra flower will fall evenly from each end onto your tray, which is a good thing as even distribution is key:

Once you have a perfectly symmetrical weed worm in your paper, like this…

…you’ll need to tuck in the glueless side, making sure the exposed paper is free of little jar bits (otherwise they’ll end up stuck between the paper rolls and your airflow won’t be perfect), like this:

Then all you have to do is lick the glue strip evenly and wrap it around with light pressure – insufficient pressure will cause your joint or “canoe” to sink while you smoke it; too much pressure will cause you to not be able to pull your joint because it will be rolled too tight. It takes practice.

Finally, all you have to do before smoking is choose which end will be the mouthpiece (if you’ve done your homework, it’ll be a random decision as both ends will be the same) and then tap the mouthpiece down on your tray to wrap it up (this will keep little “snacks” of weed from ending up in your mouth. A well-rolled joint should be able to stand on its end and look like this:

I’m not kidding, just after I rolled this joint and held it up for the picture, a speckled ray of sunlight came through the window and landed directly on the joint, illuminating its perfection, which you can clearly see in the picture. image above; I was quite proud of the perfection.

At this point, your joint is ready to smoke. But if you’re not ready for your joint because you’ve rolled it for later, it’s always a good idea to close the ends, it keeps the flower from falling while it waits for you and it slows down the process. drying process. So all you have to do is grab a thin wrapping tool like the ink tube of a pen or a small stick and then push the weed in from both sides to give you a little extra paper like this:

Finally, you’ll need to either roll the paper into a small point or fold the paper to look like one of these options:

The pointed option on the left gives you a small wick to light, which is fine, but if you’re not careful when pinching it, it will compact the pot at both ends, which can clog it. So I always choose the right option where you fold the paper with your wrapping tool like a small wrapped gift. When you’re ready to smoke, all you have to do is open it, tear off the access paper, and then light up.

When you light your joint it helps to hold the flame at the end of the joint for a while in your hands before inhaling. You don’t do this with a cigarette as tobacco burns quickly as it is much drier than oily weed, but with sticky cannabis if you inhale before the end is fully lit the outside will burn more faster than your joint’s heart, which can cause runs. That, and if you fully light the tip before inhaling, you won’t be sucking butane from your lighter through your joint, which can make it taste funky. And once your joint is lit, hold it gently in your fingers and don’t bite the tip with your lips. This will keep the mouthpiece end looking perfect throughout your smoking session, and that’s why you don’t need a kickstand:

And that, my friends, is how you roll around and smoke a joint. I would like to especially thank Mrs. Byrd for teaching me how to give explanatory speeches in college, as those lessons have been useful to me today. It’s nice to know that even though this skill is fading from our collective know-how thanks to pre-rolls, a permanent record of how joints are Assumed to ride will forever remain in the annals of the Internet thanks to this blog. So if you’re reading this in the year 2050 via the internet chip implanted in your brain, please keep the classic hand-rolled joints alive and say “no” to all robot-rolled joints from this dispensary on Mars ; I would appreciate it.

And if you’re reading this here right now, thank you for taking the time to do so. Check back regularly to learn everything there is to know about cannabis in Colorado, and remember that here at The Greenery (which is Durango’s top-rated dispensary), we’re your best friends!

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