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How to Become a Budtender

how to become a budtender

A bartender is an expert in understanding different drinks and spirits. In the same way, a qualified budtender knows different cannabis products, edible, oils and other upside down vaping liquids.

After the legalization of marijuana and cannabis for recreational and medical use, people have witnessed a drastic increase in aspiring jobs in the cannabis industry.

If you have a passion for marijuana and want to use valuable cannabis knowledge to facilitate customers, we have great news for you.

Do you want to know what a budtender is and, above all, how to be a budtender? Keep reading!

History of cannabis cultivation in cannabis cultivation

Before we discuss modern bud management in detail, let’s take a brief look at how it evolved. In 1992, the San Francisco Buyers Club was the very first medical dispensary to weigh and prepare buds for sale.

the Meriam Webster the official dictionary included the term budtender in March 2018. According to the dictionary, author Linda Yellin used the word budtender in 1997; however, the exact quote is still unknown.

However, the legalization of marijuana by law enforcement in the 2000s led to the opening of different medical stores in Washington, Colorado, and California.

If you consider weighing herbs to be what a budtender does, we hate to say you’re wrong. A budtender must be a multi-talented person with a budtender license. In addition, he must demonstrate sales skills to promote legal cannabis products to consumers.

Like a bartender, a budtender should memorize the marijuana products and offer them according to the different requirements of the customers.

Wondering what a budtender does and how to become a budtender? Read along.

What is a Budtender at the Marijuana Dispensary?

Generally speaking, a budtender is someone who educates customers and recommends the best cannabis products that meet their needs. Additionally, a budtender guides clients to use cannabis for recreational purposes and to treat different conditions.

Similarly, the job description of the budtender includes:

  • Educate customers about different species, strains and other cannabis items.
  • Sale of products in compliance with national regulations.
  • Update and store marijuana inventory.
  • Make sure marijuana products stay fresh in inventory.
  • Finally, complete the sale transaction and keep the records up to date.

The next important question is how much you will earn working in cannabis dispensaries. The good news is that the budtender salary is over $33,000 per year, which translates to $16 per hour without taxes.

Plus, if you provide exceptional customer service, you could land a handsome buddy salary and tip as a reward.


How to be a Budtender in the cannabis industry?

Have a solid knowledge at your fingertips of all strains, edibles, vape liquids, topicals and concentrates requires an excellent memory. Additionally, a budtender must be an excellent teacher and communicator with marketing skills to attract more clients.

Not only that, a budtender must demonstrate exceptional customer service to help them select the required marijuana products. A bud attendant must understand customer requirements and share first-hand knowledge of cannabis products.

Retail experience is always a plus, as the Purchasing Clerk must be an excellent listener in addition to being a salesperson. A budtender must make customers believe in their knowledge of cannabis products.

Only then can a budtender recommend the right marijuana products to customers. In addition, a friendly and knowledgeable attendant can help the dispensary improve customer retention.

Alternatively, a budtender must also understand the changing needs of customers based on budget, previous budget, weather, and lifestyle.

Furthermore, Maintaining customer records and products sold allows the budtender to understand and analyze the increase in demand for a particular cannabis product.

In addition to dealing with customers, a budtender must also have the following expertise:

  • Operate the cash register
  • Open and lock the dispensary

In the same way, keeping up to date with the latest trends in the cannabis industry is an important role of a budtender. That’s why a budtender should research online, interact with different growers, and visit different trade shows.

To summarize, a budtender plays a prominent role in the marijuana industry by bridging the gap between customers and marijuana products.

Cannabis businesses should hire a qualified individual with appropriate budtender certification.

How to become Top Budtenders

All you have to do is follow these five steps to becoming a great budtender:

Knowledge of marijuana and cannabis products

Budtenders are ambassadors and specialists in cannabis products. In other words, they are the walking encyclopedia of cannabis products, terpenes, cannabinoids and more. Like bartenders, they are mixologists who combine different marijuana products to enhance the psychoactive or euphoric effect.

This is why a budtender license is required which validates the following knowledge:

  • Percentages of cannabinoids, THC and terpenes in different products.
  • Detailed product description including smell, tolerance, potency, taste, visuals, strain genetics and grower information.
  • Correct methods of consuming different types of marijuana products, such as vaping, smoking, concentrates, and edibles.
  • The background of different products, such as patches, oil, vape pens, lotions, inhalers, etc.
  • Cannabis effects of different legalized marijuana products.
  • The most popular cannabis products among recreational users.

Like a medical pharmacist, the budtender is fully aware of the products available, the desired results and the side effects. What’s more, he should recommend CBD products to a medical patient in the treatment of body aches, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia.

Medical Marijuana Industry Trends

Keeping abreast of the latest cannabis industry trends and emergence is a distinct quality of the best budtender that allows them to outshine others. A visionary budtender should keep an eye out for the latest brands, products, and strains.

One of the easiest ways is to subscribe to cannabis industry magazines, read blogs online, and talk to weed experts.

Excellent customer service skills

The key to being a successful budtender is to be compassionate to customers and listen to their requirements. In this way, a budtender connects with customers on a personal level and shares their vast medical cannabis education to guide customers. In addition, he must offer satisfactory answers to all customers’ questions with patience.

Therefore, a rockstar budtender ensures customer satisfaction and helps the cannabis dispensary improve customer retention.

Budtender Certification Programs

You can become a potential candidate for different dispensaries by becoming a certified budtender. Moreover, you can opt for a budtender course from a renowned institution to learn more about different topics, such as cannabis flowers, topicals, weight conversions, tolerance, and other related topics.

It is best to check if the program is approved by the regulatory authorities of cannabis science and medicine.

Likewise, you can opt for an online course and access different course materials, dispensary trainings, e-books and other informative articles to pass the exam.

Interview Preparation for Budtender Jobs

Following the steps above will help you land your dream job at the best marijuana dispensary in town. However, it is best to prepare for the interview first by going through the list of cannabis products available at the dispensary where you applied for the position.

Additionally, you can gather comprehensive information about the marijuana dispensary, its values, and other marketing strategies.

This way you can nail your interview by sharing your vision for the dispensary and innovative ideas on improving customer services. The goal of preparing for the interview is to outperform the rest of the candidates.

how to be a budtender

You now know how to become a Budtender

If you are passionate about budtender work, first, you must undergo training before applying for budtender jobs.

A budtender is a human face that represents the entire cannabis industry. This is why a budtender should be a pro in the field of marijuana to guide dispensary customers to make an informed decision to purchase appropriate marijuana products.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to become a budtender. Hope you find a job soon!


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