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You should definitely try Cherry Fritter if you get the chance. /

So you love Apple Fritter, and now you want to smoke more strains with her genetics. Good. Because Cherry Fritter exists, and you should definitely give this rare little bud a try if you come across it. There is not much information online about it at the moment, but if you are curious about Cherry Fritter, its appearance, growth, smell, taste and feel, then you have clicked on the good item.

Here’s what we know about Cherry Fritter and all its glory.

Cherry Fritter is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Cherry Pie and Apple Fritter, then stabilizing its genetics over a series of generations. No one knows who raised him, but we’re sure they did. Cherry Fritter’s THC levels are often 25% and above, making her an absolute powerhouse.

To the naked eye, Cherry Fritter’s flowers are thick, dense and carry a heavy burst of dark purple and green coloring, buried under a trench of sticky white trichomes. Cherry Donut is a beautiful flower.

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